The HOL Library is the area where writing projects run all year long. It is an opportunity for HOLers to show their creativity and writing skills. There are full year projects like "Getting into Harry Potter", where you can tell us how you got hooked in the Potterverse, and shorter projects about several themes. If you participate in any of these projects you will gain points for you and your house. The projects are open for all members - you must be logged in to participate.

We want to know how you were introduced in the Harry Potter world, so you can write a story about it. This project runs all year long. To send your story you can click on the "Getting into Harry Potter" link and then write it. Entries must be at least 100 words long and be valid to give you points (following HOL guidelines and relevant to the topic). You can only submit this once but you can edit your entry by clicking on the "Edit or Change your story" link. You will get a log entry.

A project has a start date, an end date, and a category from 0 - 3 (depending on the amount of work involved); participating in a project could give you 10, 20 or maximum 30 points. To participate in a project, you only have to click on its name, then in the project's page click on "Post your submission" and write your text/story and press submit.

Read carefully the minimum requirements before you participate in a project because you can't edit your submission after it's been sent. To read the entries you must click on "View all submissions". You will see the first entry. You can read it and then rate it from the pull-up menu.

Everyone who has a HOL ID can also instantly see these submissions, review them and vote for them and leave comments. All entries can be rated from 0 (invalid/off-topic) to 10. The ratings are automatically tallied by the system. Reviewers can flag submissions as invalid. If 30% of the users rate the story as invalid, it gets zero points regardless of the average rating. To read the other entries just click in the numbered area at the bottom of the project's page. After the voting period is over, which is two weeks after the submission deadline, every library visitor will see the project results, a ranking and the points.

In some projects, commenting is mandatory. Be sure to read the instructions before submitting your vote.