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Inclusivity Policy

Last updated: 26 October 2019

Accessibility and inclusivity are a priority at HOL. We are a global community that welcomes members of all races, beliefs, sexualities, gender identities and abilities. We strive to ensure that all our members are treated with respect and dignity.

This is not simply a culture at HOL. Accessibility and inclusivity are things we consider whenever introducing new features or updating old ones. For instance:

  • Our developers code the website to industry accessibility standards for assistive technology.
  • All teachers are required to do the same for their class websites
  • All classes, activities and other types of user-generated content are carefully vetted for material that might be intentionally or unintentionally offensive to a particular group, to the best of our abilities.
  • Any member is entitled to ask for and receive an alternative option if unable to complete part or all of a given assignment due to accessibility issues. The same is true of aspects of extracurricular activities.

We also seek to work with our members. We acknowledge that accessibility and inclusivity are different for each individual. We insist our teachers and activity organisers take this into account if someone asks them for accommodations: each member with accessibility needs is the best judge of what is and isn\'t helpful, useful or possible for them. Our staff will always work with someone to try to find something that suits them while maintaining fairness. This could mean granting an extension, reducing a required word count or any number of other accommodations.

We also try to take accessibility and inclusivity into account when dealing with breaches of our rules. Where someone is less capable of moderating their conduct due to something beyond their control, we sometimes waive certain disciplinary processes on compassionate grounds. We will try to work (often extensively and over a period of time) with such members to find a peaceful resolution that works for everyone. However, if someone is seriously and/or continuously putting themselves or the community at risk, then ultimately they will have to face the consequences that any other member would. This is particularly relevant when we are dealing with a serious breach of the Code of Conduct or Privacy Policy, as they supersede any internal guidelines or processes within the school.