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General Code of Conduct

Last updated: 30th July 2018

At Hogwarts Online (“HOL”), we aim to bring people together from diverse backgrounds in order to share in our love of Harry Potter. In order to protect the community and the individuals within it, we have certain expectations of you.

This Code of Conduct applies to the websites (and their subdomains) belonging to HOL including: https://hol.org.uk/, http://www.dungeons.org.uk/, http://gryff.net/, http://roosted.org/, and http://thebadgersett.us/, as well as any official HOL channels on IRC.

By accessing or using HOL and its affiliated websites, you are agreeing to this Code of Conduct. Staff members and administrators will be expected to comply with additional Codes of Conduct.

HOL Account

Any one is free to sign up for HOL. If you are under the age of 16, please ensure you have the consent of a guardian in order to be a member of the site. If your account has previously been deleted for engaging in harmful activities, you will not be allowed to create another account.

Single Account

All members of HOL are only allowed a single account. Creating multiple accounts is considered cheating. We value fair play and honesty at HOL. If you have lost access to your account or if your account has been set to ‘quit HOL’, please contact an administrator. Should we discover that you have additional accounts, we will delete them.

Should you and a sibling or friend sign up for HOL from the same computer, both of you will be required to contact an administrator so that the second account doesn't get deleted.

G-rated Content

HOL is an all ages site and we have members below the age of 16. As such, all content should be kept g-rated. There should be no indirect or explicit talk of sex, gambling, drug use, alcohol, violence, or any other harmful activities.


We are also tolerant of all races, ethnicities, religions, abilities and sexual orientations, so no bashing, baiting, intimidation or pointed criticism on any basis is allowed.

When interacting or undertaking everyday activities within HOL, you are expected to adhere to the letter and also the spirit of the rules. Our stance on tolerance extends to groups within the school itself: no bashing, discrimination or preferential treatment based on House affiliations (including House Neutral or Squib) or other rivalries or loyalties is permissible.


You are expected to be respectful towards everyone at HOL, regardless of their position, background or any personal feelings you may have towards them.

Rudeness, bullying as well as inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.


Familiarise yourself with our Privacy Policy. To reiterate, do not share any personally identifiable information (real name, city, phone number, etc) belonging to you or another person. This is for your own safety!


Do not post images or other content that is not your own creation without the explicit permission of the copyright owner. Plagiarism is not tolerated at HOL. This includes but is not limited to copying directly from a class website, another website or book or even from another student and passing it off as your own work.

HOL content and graphics are copyrighted. We will not tolerate any use of our materials outside of HOL.