It’s all fun and games until someone gets hit with a chair. There you might be, walking through the Great Hall, and you’ll start to think, “hey, this is easy. I’m going to make it. Being a socialite isn’t as scary as some people make it out to be,” then, BAM, a chair bayonets you like a pineapple at a Hawaiian cookout.

You try not to fall, but you simply cannot help face-planting straight into the four-inch tall wedge heels that you told yourself not to wear today. That’s what you get for buying a pair of shoes from Beyoncé’s new line of clothing.

Cheeks aflame like the brilliant crimson fireworks in Katy Perry’s new music video, you bring yourself to rest on your knees and try to retain any dignity you have left. (If you’re a member of the Gryffindor House, you gave up all dignity in exchange for insanity and a good time, so there’s no need to for us to bother.)

You let your gaze sweep the room. They glide over the small boy with flaming orange hair, reading a copy of Cosmo the magazine. The girl in the corner (who somewhat resembles an annoying, pop-music-stalking RQT’er) talking avidly to a Mr. Potato Head. Slowly, you start to think no one saw your debacle and you might be safe from public mockery, but, alas, that is only wishful thinking. A band of students eating those chocolate turtle things turns to stare and point at your inability to walk.

Cheeks alight once again; you make a sprinting break for the Astronomy Tower. You fling yourself up the marble steps, running like a cow from a McDonalds, and into the nearest classroom. Tears are nearly streaming from your eyes, but you bite them back. Why would you cry over falling in giant wedge heels? You’re fairly certain even Cher has done it once before. Oh, who are you kidding? Cher would never wear wedge heels.

You sniff back the burn of falling in front of a horde of people, but cannot quash your bitter thoughts over not tripping up the stairs in such heels. You hold back another sniff as someone thrusts a handkerchief under your nose. As you look up, you see the world’s most gorgeous man and as his eyes meet know that he has fallen in love with a careless man’s careful daughter.

The End.

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Ratings and Comments

#1Mandy Meyer's AvatarMandy Meyer (rated this 10)

I like the ending. It is also such full of humor and I enjoyed the celebrity and Hogwarts/HOL references.

#2Katie Tate's AvatarKatie Tate (rated this 9)

I like how you tied a real life situation with HOL/Hogwarts! It was a little bit hard to follow a bits, but I especially loved the end!

#3Ophelia Hoodhood's AvatarOphelia Hoodhood (rated this 8)

that was really good. It was a bit hard to follow, but i still liked it i loved the last line<3

#4Ernest Slughorn's AvatarErnest Slughorn (rated this 7)

It was very well written and funny, but I had a little trouble following some if it. You have a great writing voice, but I wish it were more organized.

#5Chantal Forget's AvatarChantal Forget (rated this 10)

This was beautiful. It made me laugh so hard! It was, just sheer brilliance!

#6Xiao Cheng's AvatarXiao Cheng (rated this 10)

Funny and really really cool. I'm ashamed to say I didn't get the ending, but it was great anyway.

#7Lanna Aquarra's AvatarLanna Aquarra (rated this 10)

This is pure genius work. I love it. It's very amusing and innovative. :)
The last line is my favourite. :)

#8Hermionie Miranda 's AvatarHermionie Miranda (rated this 10)!!! I just LOVE this piece! So full of humor! I love the humorous pop culture similes! The whole idea? Priceless. Too good. Bravo!

#9Madeline Emily Woodhouse's AvatarMadeline Emily Woodhouse (rated this 8)

This was great! I enjoyed immensly the writing style and it was unique and original :)

#10Constance Rigley's AvatarConstance Rigley (rated this 10)

Hahaha! This is awesome! XD I loved your similes! It made a little bit of sense, but this is a work of sheer brilliance!

#11Madeline Bronte's AvatarMadeline Bronte (rated this 8)

I thought this was really funny and I loved the last bit :D I didn't really get the rest of it however

#12Enid Blackthorn's AvatarEnid Blackthorn (rated this 9)

I really liked this as I thought it was really funny. It's very strange, but strange in a good way. I didn't really understand what was happening though.

#13Maravillas Arrington's AvatarMaravillas Arrington (rated this 10)

"Cher would never wear wedge heels." If I wasn't going to rate this a 10 before that, that pushed me over the top! (For the record it was brilliant long before Cher's footwear decisions were mentioned.) Anyway, loved it. Perfect submisson to set the tone for this project!

#14Kristen McKenna's AvatarKristen McKenna (rated this 10)

If I could give you a rating of something around, oh I dunno...ten million, I would.
That last line just made it for me. You. Just. Made. My. Day.
I just don't even know what to say right now.

#15Michael Boot's AvatarMichael Boot (rated this 10)

I love it!
This actually made me laugh.
It's just so...random and perfect.
Awesome submisson!

#16Kirra Rohan's AvatarKirra Rohan (rated this 10)

The last line made this absolutely brilliant.
Just so you know.

#17Prof. Cassandra Lobiesk's AvatarProf. Cassandra Lobiesk (rated this 10)

LOL. I just sat here scratching my head saying to myself: "WHERE IS THIS GOING?!" Then I read the entire thing again. And again.