It was Monday, 3de of July in the year 2009, when I was playing outside in my yard with my wand. I was sort of practising the aguamenti spell for school. But I was utterly annoying me for I had tried so many times >.< He, I am a second year so bare with me…

Anyways, as I was trying and utterly failing at this difficult whois and flick spell, did I not see that one my most noisy neighbour around (who happen to be a muggle) was sneaking up on me. She had the horrible habit of doing that to no one else but me. I guess it was so because she had seen a quick flash of me while flying around on a broom. Ever since that is she determent to find out stuff about me.
I was whooshing and flicking my wand when all the sudden she jumped in front me and made me startle while saying AUGU…. AHHHHH!!! Of course that sudden move conjured a yet of water out of my wand. To my own horror and amusement the water flew right in the face of my neighbour. WAHAHA how funny…

It was funny until I realised I didn’t had a glass or a water hose in my hand and that my noisy neighbour had seen the piece of wood in my left hand. She started ranting about the fact that the water came out of the wood and her rant roused the neighbourhood. I knew I was in a deep pickle.
The noise made my mother curious and she stepped outside on the moment my neighbour called me “freak”. My mom quickly jumped in and asked what this was about. My neighbour said she heard me say weird words and that I was waving a piece of wood around and of course she told in detailed how I “casted” water on her. The neighbourhood hadn’t seen the this show before and they where al very amused.

My mothe’rs eyebrows lifted up while looking at me but she said in a calm voice: “Suzanne (my neighbour), my daughter is 12 and has a vivid imagination, I am sure she playing her magic game again and about that piece of wood it is just a joke toy you can buy at the new joke store but I see you are upset and I will punish my child for that!” Suzanne began to cackle and seemed overly pleased with the word punishment. I gave her a dirty look, mean old witch, I muttered.
My mom urged the neighbours to go home and at the moment they where gone she looked at me and simply said: “that was a close one…. Maybe a bit to close for your own good!”

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Ratings and Comments

#1Sandy Baker's AvatarSandy Baker (rated this 8)

A very nice story, with a simple yet effective solution. Well done!

#2Nymph Hara's AvatarNymph Hara (rated this 7)

Very creative... a few spelling and grammar mistakes but entertaining and discriptive.

#3Lera Kamerat's AvatarLera Kamerat (rated this 9)

You are so lucky your mom jumped in to help you! Did you get a letter from the ministry?

#4Jamie Flower's AvatarJamie Flower (rated this 8)

A good story, very entertaining and filled with unexpected twists, a few spelling mistakes.

#5Elise Dantes's AvatarElise Dantes (rated this 6)

Ahh, mothers. They save the day.
And about that Suzanne... I would hate having a neighbor like that.
I love the story, but the writing and organization could have been a bit better... I noticed a few spelling errors.

#6Catriona Watson's AvatarCatriona Watson (rated this 7)

Nice story and imagination but could have been better. Anyway, good writing and well done.

#7Ronja Liek's AvatarRonja Liek (rated this 6)

The plot of the story was alright, but I am not overly enthousiastic about the style you used. I don't like the use of smileys in a story, and the comment : WAHAHA how funny… in my opinion, fits better in a chatroom than in a story.

I think this story could have been improved if had been more 'booklike'' than 'chatlike. '

#8Amanda P. X. Sim's AvatarAmanda P. X. Sim (rated this 9)

Suzanna sounds so evil! *shivers at the cackle* That was pretty close... better be careful next time! Some minor spelling mistakes though, otherwise, good job! :)

#9Ezzio Xemnas's AvatarEzzio Xemnas (rated this 9)

You where very lucky that your mom helped you =D
And I find it amusing that you didn't get a warning letter from the minestery, lucky you LOL