Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Chapter 17: Bathilda's Secret

The snow was cracking under Hermione’s feet when she was walking past the grave of a person named Alibi Bang star. The faint light of the moon was shining over the frozen stones when all the sudden she felt someone in the neighbourhood.
Immediately Hermione looked for Harry and whispered: ‘Harry stop, there is some there!’
Two graves further to the left did Harry froze. He gazed around and to his own shock did he saw the shady shape of a human being near the bushes right in front him.
The shade wasn’t moving but Harry knew that if that was a death eater they’d be long death by now. He startled when all the sudden he felt Hermione’s hand in his.
‘Let us go, Harry, I don’t feel save!’ Harry nodded even he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something wrong with the shady figure.
Suddenly the shady figure stirred in its hidden place and gently it stepped forward. The moon lit the shape and revealed an elderly woman.
Harry looked at her and saw she had no wand; she seemed to be okay but Harry couldn’t shake the feeling in his stomach. Every fibre of his body was in full alert. It was a feeling Harry had felt before when Voldemort was around. Harry knew Voldemort wasn’t here for his scare didn’t hurt but still… the feeling was there.

The woman began to nod at both Harry and Hermione, urging them to follow her. Harry wasn’t so sure that was a smart idea so he stayed in his position, unwilling to move. Hermione was moving a bit uneasy next to him. She gave the woman a better look and suddenly recognized Bathilda Bagshot. She crept a bit closer to Harry and whispered it in is ear. Harry replied: ‘who ever she is, she is creeping me out and what is that smell?’ Hermione had no idea what it was but for some reason she knew it had to come from Bathilda. She gave a quick peak at Bathilda, who was still trying to convince them to follow her.
Hermione wasn’t sure what to do for she had a danger feeling all over her when Bathilda was near but on the other hand she believed that Bathilda, seeing she was an old friend of Dumbledore, might actually has some answers both her and Harry.

Neither Harry nor Hermione waned to move but some how faith had different plans for them for it was Bathilda who made the first move. She leaped forward and grabbed Hermione by her wrist, dragging her alone towards the gate. Hermione had startled and had dropped her wand on the floor. It took Harry some seconds to react and by instinct he grabbed his wand but just as he wanted to summon a spell he lowered his wand for Hermione was to close within range of it. He ducked to the ground to grab Hermione’s wand and began to trot behind Bathilda asking her to let Hermione go. Hermione’s wrist was burning in pain and she knew that the grip of this older lady was a bit too strong for her structure. The smell that Bathilda was spreading was beyond anything natural and it was very strong. It smelled like death.
Hermione began to feel afraid, she had no idea what Bathilda was up to and the fact that Harry couldn’t stop her made her very uneasy. Hermione started to talk but Bathilda didn’t seem to hear her. Suddenly did Bathilda look back at Hermione but her eyes where filled in anger but on the edge of being disgusted by the very sight of Hermione. Bathilda slipped into an empty alley and waited there for Harry to arrive.

Harry’s mind was racing he knew something was wrong and the feeling grew when Bathilda, what ever her name is, slipped into a dark alley far from any help or possible escape routes. Harry had no choice but to follow Bathilda into the alley and so he did.
The alley was dark and creepy. Harry had a hard time distinguishing the dark shades round him. A bit further into the alley, did Harry see a small light. He hurried towards it but tripped over an empty glass bottle and fell hard on the concrete. Harry felt something move in his left shoulder and screamed in pain. All of the sudden he heard Bathilda speak: ‘Master hurry, I got him, I have him!’ Harry knew she was speaking parselmouth, he recognized the hissing speech. Harry lifted himself of the ground but on that very moment did Hermione started to scream. Harry ran towards her but somewhere half way did he came to a sudden stop for the head of Bathilda had dropped to floor and the place where it normally would be, revealed a large snake’s head. The dark eyes where glaring at Hermione and with the speed of lighting did the snake bite in her leg. Hermione screamed in pain and tried to free herself but she couldn’t. Harry was only second away and he shouted ‘stupefy’ at the snake. The snake was surprised and loosened its grip of Hermione. Hermione crawled towards Harry but on the moment they wanted to escape did Harry feel a terrible pain in his scare. The pain, the pain, it was terrible. Harry could see very little but he saw Hermione fight with the snake, he threw her her wand and tried to reduce the pain in his head but a sudden flash of light knocked Harry out. He could hear Voldemort in his head and he knew he wasn’t far away…

‘GOO, Hurry, I’ll try to old him of. Lily grab Harry and go upstairs. I’ll fight him!!!’ A High laugh filled the room, fight me how amusing. A green light filled the room and a young man fell dead to the floor. His glasses slipped of and lay motionless on the flour. The dark figure stepped over his victim and crushed the glasses with his foot. ‘Oeps!’ he said. ‘Well, I doubt you will need them any day soon!’ An evil laugh filled the room and with a slow but steady trot did the dark man began his ascend of the stairs. He laughed all the way for he knew the one tread that could kill him would be dead before it even could do so.
The door to the room blasted open and revealed a red haired woman holding a crying baby. Ohhh, how he hated crying children. He asked the woman to step aside but she refused to do it. Quickly did the woman lay the baby in its crib and she stood before her child defending it. ‘Avada kedavra’, a green light filled the room and the woman dropped death to the floor. The dark man lifted his wand and shouted the curse once more but something was wrong. He felt a terrible pain and then he vanished into tin air. His mouth formed the words Harry, Harry ….

‘Harry get up!’ Hermione shouted ‘we need to go!’ Harry looked around and saw the snake lying motionless. Is it dead he asked, Hermione said no just paralyzed. Suddenly did Harry feel the pain in his head again. ‘Hermione we need to go, Voldemort is coming!’ Hermione nodded in tears. Suddenly Harry felt that here was something wrong with his wand. He looked at it and saw it as snapped right in the middle. ‘How did this happen?’ He asked. Hermione answered : ‘am sorry Harry, the flash that hit you, came from me and I think it broke your wand’ Harry felt sad but he knew there was no time to grieve his wand now. ‘Hermione, Voldemort! Hermione grabbed Harry’s hand and used Apparition to transport them to safety but the snake had bitten her so hard that she couldn’t focus so she managed to transport herself and Harry some yards further.

Hermione looked around and saw a weird looking house. It was completely destroyed and overgrown by plants. ‘Harry, look!’ Hermione pointed but she saw Harry had seen the house to. Hay’s head was still in pain and he knew Voldemort would arrive within seconds in the alley they just left but he wanted to see the house. He heard Hermione heal her bite wound and also hear her mutter thank Merlin that stupid snake didn’t use his poison teeth on me. A small sign drew the attention of Harry and when he kneeled down he saw this:
In this house, in the night of 31st of October were lily and James Potter murdered, this house is invisible to muggles but it stands as a memory for the violence that has torn this family apart.

Harry sighed, he felt Hermione place her hand on his shoulder and heard her say: and we have to go. Harry nodded and with a last look on the sign did he vanish out of Godric’s Hollow

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Ratings and Comments

#1Elise Dantes's AvatarElise Dantes (rated this 8)

You did an excellent job with writing this, but it seemed like it was a little to close to the original chapter. Good job, all the same!

#2Adam Malfoy's AvatarAdam Malfoy (rated this 9)

I liked it alot though like others said it seemed close to the book, but other then tat itwas awesomesauce

#3Hermionie Miranda 's AvatarHermionie Miranda (rated this 8)

Your chapter was good, except for the fact it seems too much like the original book to me. However, you did a great job and I could really picture everything happening.

#4Amanda P. X. Sim's AvatarAmanda P. X. Sim (rated this 10)

Agreed. I like your beginning and ending same as that of the book - though I have not been touching HP books for quite some time... I remember this chapter a bit :) It's an interesting plot, though maybe some characters and their dialogues are of your own imagination and style... It still works well. Good job!

#5Layla Wolf's AvatarLayla Wolf (rated this 10)

I love how you've built the atmosphere with the use of such excellent language - and how I could 'get into' the story so quickly. Very well done indeed :-)

#6Ely Granger's AvatarEly Granger (rated this 9)

Wow! You put a lot of effort in your story!

#7Catriona Watson's AvatarCatriona Watson (rated this 9)

I like how you rewrite this part of the story and I am really surprised at Voldemort saying 'Opps!'. I like it, very well done!

#8Serenity Thomas's AvatarSerenity Thomas (rated this 9)

HELLO, this is nice ^^ I absolutely like how you completely rewrote the Bathilda chapter to your own point of view, it has some errors in it but those are sooo easily overlooked by the depth of this story, a big kudos to you ^^

#9Crepus Culum's AvatarCrepus Culum (rated this 7)

I was really impressed while reading this. I like how it started and ended just as the real chapter did.

#10Jinxy Jo's AvatarJinxy Jo (rated this 10)

This is really good. Brilliant plot. :D