If I was Headmaster for a day I would do multiple things. I would make all students wear rainbow outfits. I would also make all prefects, professors, head of houses, deputy head of houses, and junior prefects wear pink sparkly outfits. I then would change the colors of the houses. I would make Hufflepuff pink and purple, Ravenclaw would be purple and silver, Gryffindor would be pink and gold and Slytherin would be silver and indigo. I would then change the name of the greenhouse to rainbow lot 1, 2, 3 and so on so forth. Next, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner I would make sure that rainbow goodies are at every table. I would make class only Monday through Thursday. I would order each student to go and have fun from the days of Friday through Sunday, and if you’re not having fun I would deduct house points. I would order that each student have rainbow covers on all their textbooks and that their names be on them in diamonds. I would add classes like Rainbow Studies 101. I would insist that on the last Friday of each month all the houses throw an inner house party. On Christmas I would make each student do a secret Santa with someone from a different house. If anyone is caught not supporting their new colorful house colors that student will be give 2 weeks’ worth of detention and 50 points will be taken from their house. I would order that every student do a project on someone from another house which would consist of you picking someone ask them question about them, their family, their likes, dislikes, favorite food, favorite color, favorite magical subject, and non favorite magical subject and then you present it to your head of house. That would be a mandatory project. At the start of each week I would give every student a handful of chocolate frogs. I would give each house numerous tasks like scavenger hunts, and hard puzzles to do so that each house can earn house points. Last but not least I would make it mandatory for you to show up at quidditch matches if your house is playing.

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#1Katelin Ross's AvatarKatelin Ross (rated this 7)

Cute story. I especially like the part about the different house colors, pink and purple are my favorite colors!

#2Ronja Liek's AvatarRonja Liek (rated this 6)

Though it seems nice enough to order someone to be happy, and it does not seem like a bad thing deducting points fro people that are not, in reality it seems a tragedy in waiting.

Suppose someone has a real good reason to be sad, like they were ill or something bad happened to someone they loved, so they were not feeling happy in the first place.. punishing them then because they did not join the forced festivities seems rather harsh does it not?

#3Finn Cullen's AvatarFinn Cullen (rated this 8)

"If anyone is caught not supporting their new colorful house colors that student will be give 2 weeks’ worth of detention and 50 points will be taken from their house"


"Punishment will continue until morale improves" eh?

I like the colourful shenanigans in this new world but I can't help feeling there will be an awful lot of painted on smiles and secret resistance movements going on behind closed doors.