It was my first year and I was sitting in Professor Miette Bynny’s class. I had got detention that day because I fell asleep in her class while she was teaching her lesson, and to top it all off I was snoring very loudly. So while in detention I start to drift off in my own thoughts. Thoughts that I found very weird because they mainly were of me and these weird situations. My first thought was of me and I had these large fluffy pink wings. I soon then realized I’m flying over a beautiful field filled with flowers. I then noticed that a bunch of fairies were flying right beside me. The wind beneath my wings, the temperature just right, and the flowers swaying back and forth topped it all off. As I’m flying I come across this huge diamond statue. I then stopped and reached down to touch it but as I reach down I here.
“Sorry Professor”
So I then continue to wash the floors and I notice some soap bubbles that quite haven’t went away yet. As I’m looking at these bubbles I start to daydream again. I then see myself in this big sparkly bubble floating around under the sea. I see all types of creatures like dolphins, mermaids, and fish. I then float to this place called YouHaveAWildImaginationantis. I then pop the bubble and swim to the entrance and enter this wonderful looking place. As I put my hand on the entrance door it gets dark and I hear something.
“ADAM!! DAYDREAMING AGAIN! That’s it since you can’t seem to pay attention and serve detention properly I’m giving you a full weeks worth. “
“Yes, professor”
Now that I think about it, I noticed I had some real bizarre daydreams. I just laugh every time I think about that day I had in detention.

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Ratings and Comments

#1Amanda P. X. Sim's AvatarAmanda P. X. Sim (rated this 8)

Interesting. You really have a wild imagination indeed! But stop those daydreams during detention, or maybe your detentions will never end! :P

#2Catriona Watson's AvatarCatriona Watson (rated this 7)

Interesting read, good imagination and creative. Not to mention a few gramatical errors but Good try.

#3Dolly Frazer's AvatarDolly Frazer (rated this 7)

Interesting idea, a few grammatical errors but quite amusing.

#4Kristen McKenna's AvatarKristen McKenna (rated this 7)

A few grammatical errors, but very, very interesting!

#5Evelyn Wilson's AvatarEvelyn Wilson (rated this 6)

That gave me a bit of a chuckle. I like it!

#6Maravillas Arrington's AvatarMaravillas Arrington (rated this 8)

I agree with the others as far as the minor grammatical errors, but I can tell you have a *large* imagination! I could picture the huge diamond statue, but wish there was a little more detail so I could picture it the way it was in your mind. It's hard to keep all those great thoughts out of your mind while in class, isn't it? :) Overall, I enjoyed this story.

#7Carla Thorn's AvatarCarla Thorn (rated this 4)

It was an interesting story, certainly with enough imagination involved, but there were several grammatical errors, and also a few punctuation mistakes.

#8Lilly Marsh's AvatarLilly Marsh (rated this 8)

I liked the whole story but there were a few gramatical errors. You also have to stay in the same tense the whole time wich you didnt do.