If i could choose to chaange valentines day, I would change it to National Bellatrix Day. National Bellatrix Day would consist of multiple things, First everyone that celebrates itmust wear something that represents her, or an article of clothing that has her face on it. Next you would be required to make all sorts of goodies such as cupcakes and cakes with the letter B on it. Cookies that are in the form of a B, and lastly eat special chips that are the shape of a B. On National Bellatrix day There would be events such as "Who is the best Bellatrix" Which would be you would go on stage infront of your town and do your best Bellatrix impersenation. The another event would be "Who looks like Bellatrix" which would consist of individuals dress up like bellatrix the best they can then have ther town vote on it. Then there would be poem contest such as "Ode to Bella" and "A Sonnet for Bella" There would be cake contest which be an individual would have to make a cake, nbut the cake would have to look like Bellatrix. This holiday wont only show awareness of how great she is it would also show how much we love her and how much we love how loyal and awesome she was. This holiday would be celebrated everywhere across the globe. The holiday would only last for 24 hours. This holiday is for all ages, because no mattter how old you are everyone should celebrate the great Bellatrix. National Bellatrix Day would have its own spot on the calendar and would be on the last friday of november. The day that happens to be on would be a light shade of silver and green to represent the fact that she was a slytherin. If you choose to go out for dinner on National Bellatrix day the waiters at the restaurant of your choice would all be dressed like Bellatrix even the guys. So that is my choice of a holiday that should be replace Valentines Day

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Ratings and Comments

#1Evelyn Wilson's AvatarEvelyn Wilson (rated this 4)

Work on your spelling and grammar in the future, and it would be wonderful. Other than that, I like it.

#2Catriona Watson's AvatarCatriona Watson (rated this 6)

I think you have an interesting idea though I do not fancy celebrating a death-eater day but it is very original. Good job.

#3Juniper Perch's AvatarJuniper Perch (rated this 5)

Great idea! It is very original and I have never heard of anything like it! The only thing is all of those gramatical errors...I had to read every sentence twice.

#4Layla Wolf's AvatarLayla Wolf (rated this 6)

Interesting idea.... especially the Sonnet for Bella.... but those pesky typos / spelling mistakes etc made your entry very tiring to read through

#5Luis Colon's AvatarLuis Colon (rated this 6)

This is an awesome idea! I agree with Emilie Beaulieux. Your idea is kinda funny but you need to check your spelling! Nice job!

#6Erin Jean's AvatarErin Jean (rated this 6)

This is a cool idea (I want B-shaped chips!), but your sentence structure and grammar need to be edited.

#7Ardeliah Longbottom's AvatarArdeliah Longbottom (rated this 8)

Interesting idea, take a day that celebrates love and affection and turn it into a special day for an evil witch. Does kinda turn the holiday on its ear.

#8Dahlia Demone's AvatarDahlia Demone (rated this 6)

I like the idea, though your grammar is not completely accurate. Run it through a spellcheck next time, before submitting.
But, the last Friday of November? I'm not completely sure, but, since you're replacing Valentines day, wouldn't the holiday need to take place on February 14th?
Though, mistakes aside, it's a unique topic, and I'm sure every Slytherin would enjoy it.

#9Cassie Verandez's AvatarCassie Verandez (rated this 7)

This is brilliant! I dont like bellatrix, but still! Brilliant!

#10Emilie Beaulieux's AvatarEmilie Beaulieux (rated this 10)

I think this is awesome idea. i mean who wouldn't want a male restaurant staff in bellatrix outfits ;]

#11Amanda P. X. Sim's AvatarAmanda P. X. Sim (rated this 7)

Ah, contrasting comments... Oh well, in my opinion Bellatrix isn't really the best thing to celebrate, but still it's up to you :) Overall it's a creative piece, based on the celebration ideas you suggested, but it's still Bellatrix. So.

#12Amber Equine's AvatarAmber Equine (rated this 2)

It would be better if it was something that wasn't evil. A bit more detail woul be more successful. Making everything look like bellatrix is cool but could get a bit overwhelming.

#13Hermionie Miranda 's AvatarHermionie Miranda (rated this 9)

Very interesting holiday idea. This is a nice idea.

#14Holly Muse's AvatarHolly Muse (rated this 7)

The idea is kind of funny, so I give you credit for that. You might want to look at your spelling though, as you made a few mistakes.

#15Sofia Leela Grimmett's AvatarSofia Leela Grimmett (rated this 5)

I don't really like Bellatrix much, she doesn't have her own opinions, rather than blindly follows. I don't see why anyone would want to teach anyone else to act the way she does. She love sin a lustful matter and she hasn't got any mother sort of qualities I find inspiring. I'm rating this five because the ideas to celebrate were quite creative.

#16Sophie Jullien's AvatarSophie Jullien (rated this 4)

Naah. Seems fun its just that I don't get why you should celebrate the Queen of pure evil. Creative though.

#17Stella Rand's AvatarStella Rand (rated this 9)

That's such a good idea for a new holiday. Bellatrix is probably one the character that I most like to dislike!! She is mad crazy, but struts it with pride, so go Bellatrix, you do deserve your own national day!!

#18Rose Azria Zeller's AvatarRose Azria Zeller (rated this 10)

Your story is really good, the best so far!!!
For when the fist annual Hol Bellatrix day??

#19Silde Owen's AvatarSilde Owen (rated this 7)

I wouldn't want to celebrate Bellatrix! Also one little thing - you called it National Bellatrix Day, but said it would be "celebrated everywhere across the globe" - which would make it International in fact.

#20Kristen McKenna's AvatarKristen McKenna (rated this 8)

I love Bellatrix, this is a brilliant idea!!!

#21Danae Green's AvatarDanae Green (rated this 10)

Oh, I love it, it's sooo funny and you have great ideas! It would be great to have a National Bellatrix Day!

#22Alek Natan's AvatarAlek Natan (rated this 9)

This is so funny, nice one, really.