Gryffindors are known for their courage and bravery. They step into the unknown because they fear failure more than the obstacles in front of them. They know that nothing is accomplished by remaining idle. Thus, their motto is "Fortitudo prodo laurus" meaning "Courage brings success!"

Hufflepuffs are known for their friendship and loyalty. They accept others no matter what problems they have or burdens they may bear. They are true, and they know that everyone appreciates feeling accepted. Their motto is "Amicitia concero omnis" which means "Friendship connects us all."

Ravenclaws are known for their intelligence and their wit. Their strength is in analytical reasoning. They know that using their minds will get them further in their endeavors than brute force. Their motto is "Mens dominatus potentia" which means "Minds rule might."

Slytherins crave power and domination. They consider themselves superior, and many times this is quite true. They use any means at their disposal to increase their odds of winning and becoming victorious. Their motto is "Potentia par vis" meaning "Power is our strength!"

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Ratings and Comments

#1Lera Kamerat's AvatarLera Kamerat (rated this 10)

Gryf: good!,
Huff: Good!!
Ravenclaw: Good!
Slytherin: Good!

Nice descriptions too.

#2Brenna Westfeld's AvatarBrenna Westfeld (rated this 8)

G: I think your motto is right on, though I'm not sure that all Gryffs fear failure more than the obstacles in front of them.
H: This is very apt. A fitting motto for Hufflepuff
R: Well thought out, and the motto is nicely to the point, just like Ravenclaws would want it!
S: I'm not as sure about this one. They crave power certainly, but I think maybe it's their use of power that is the strength, not the power itself. Or I just misunderstood what you meant :o)

#3Sevelyn Snape's AvatarSevelyn Snape (rated this 4)

I don't particularly agree with the Gryffindor one due to the fact that courage isn't somthing successful, thus a quality obtained. It doesn't necessarily mean success. The Hufflepuff one i don't like either because it's only friendship, but emotion,sensibility and a power strong to heal wounds. I mean friendship does connect all but i think that there is more to it than friendship. The ravenclaw one, it's okay but we ravenclaws don't only want our minds for power or benefits. But we have a thirst to learn and gain knowledge, not just for power but just to know. The Slytherin one is way to broad, i mean if it didn't say Slytherin, i wouldn't be able to tell what house. " Power is our strenght?" Well Ravenclaws have a power of knowledge, as you yourself said leads them to rule might. Hufflepuffs as you said have a connectivity of friendship that leads to a power that connects them emotionaly, thus making them strong. And Gryffindors have courage. A courage, as you said, brings them to success a success that leads to power. There is no cunningness within the motto. It was a great try though. Just look more into comparison, and being unique!

#4Olive Snitzberry's AvatarOlive Snitzberry (rated this 5)

G. Good, but I don't think it really summed up your decription of Gryffindor.

H. Very good.

R. Very accurate

S. More sterotype than opinion I think

Great Effory!

#5Olivia Charm's AvatarOlivia Charm (rated this 8)

g- that's a good motto. it's motivate you into action.
h-good one (: it shows the value of friends.
r- that's a nice motto, but it didn't speak to me.
s- good, but not very unic...

#6Bev Grey's AvatarBev Grey (rated this 9)

G-I like how you used success
H-Very nice and reminds me of them
R-Love it very true!
S-They wish Power was there strength :)

#7Stella Noge's AvatarStella Noge (rated this 8)

Gryffindor: I very much agree with this one, and there is a lot of proof.

Hufflepuff: This one is good, but it sounds a little strange. But I understand how it fits well with Huffs, because they love their friends.

Ravenclaw: This one fits perfectly. Ravies definitely have smarts, which can lead the way.

Slytherin: Power is definitely their strength. I very much agree with this one.

#8Bill Garanhir's AvatarBill Garanhir (rated this 6)

G: Well thought out
H: I think the emphisis on "friendship" shortchanges the rest of this House's qualities.
R: Very, very apt!
S: A bit confusing as written

#9Zuvona Miska's AvatarZuvona Miska (rated this 10)

Gryffindor: I love it
Ravenclaw: Great
Hufflepuff: Good
Slytherins: Great

You did a great job with the mottos and descriptions. I loved it.

#10Lucas Thor's AvatarLucas Thor (rated this 7)

G: is pretty good

H: is a little better i think

R: very true

S: sound very true

#11Catriona Watson's AvatarCatriona Watson (rated this 7)

G- I think this is quite true though there are other more important things that leads to success.
H- that is a good one as Hufflepuffs are know for being friendly
R - true for being intelligence and witty
S-i like this one very slytherin

#12Orphen Eyeless Cain's AvatarOrphen Eyeless Cain (rated this 5)

G - I'm not sure that courage always bring success
H - too plain, it can be ok also for other houses
R - interesting
S - quite unoriginal

#13Annastasia Bee's AvatarAnnastasia Bee (rated this 10)

I love your explanations behind all your mottos.
G- How very fitting.
H- True to the house they do value their friendship.
R- Simply love it.
S- It's a trend to use power in the motto but very fitting motto.

#14Kath Snape's AvatarKath Snape (rated this 9)

All your mottos are great.
The Gryffindor information is well thought out - if you don't try you can't succeed.
Hufflepuff's motto is so true to Huffies, as friendship is so important to them.
Ravenclaws motto and information is excellent. They are the thinkers and they are smart!!
Your Slytherin thoughts are perfect. Malfoy may have that motto tatooed on his arm!!

#15Adelline Aldridge's AvatarAdelline Aldridge (rated this 8)

G: I like the explanation; very original motto.

H: That was sweet; i like this one the best.

R: Very true...

S: Not a big fan of this one...but it makes sense

#16Lalaith Lomion's AvatarLalaith Lomion (rated this 8)

Gryffindor: Excellent. This motto is very suitable for Gryff house, and I love also the explanation.

Hufflepuff: I like this one too and it is suitable with your explanation

Ravenclaw: I love this one, although a little bit less creative than the previous two

Slytherin: I would have used a different way to display Slytherin house, anyway the motto is quite suitable and I like it.

#17Alexandria Faethorne's AvatarAlexandria Faethorne (rated this 10)

I really like how you explained each house's characteristics and why they reflected the motto that you gave them!

Your ideas about each houses motto are very thoughtful and represent each house perfectly. Well done!

#18Sandra Bloomwicks's AvatarSandra Bloomwicks (rated this 8)

Ooo, I like all of these, especially Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. Ravenclaw is good, but it seems a bit cliche, as does Slytherin, though that could be what you're going for, overall, well done!

#19Ireth Halliwell's AvatarIreth Halliwell (rated this 9)

Everything is really detailed here, it's nice. I especially love the Ravenclaw motto. In Latin it reads nice and when it's translated it has a good meaning. Basically, each of the mottos are nice. It's just the Ravenclaw one is my favorite. Good!

#20Askeron Kyle's AvatarAskeron Kyle (rated this 8)

I like all your Mottos. I think you have thought them out well and captured all the different House traits, especially Hufflepuff.

#21Malacai Micheals's AvatarMalacai Micheals (rated this 9)

I really liked the back story about what each house stands for made the motto make more sense. great job.

#22Rosanna Gullveig's AvatarRosanna Gullveig (rated this 8)

These were really good motos. I particularily liked the fact that you focused on positive traits for each house. My personal fave here is your moto for Hufflepuff...

#23Amber Woodlock's AvatarAmber Woodlock (rated this 7)

I like most of them, I'm just not too sure about the ravenclaw one, great job though :)

#24Morag McQueen's AvatarMorag McQueen (rated this 9)

All in all I like your mottos.

Gryffindor: How very ideal for this house, as courage is one of the virtues they praise so highly.

Hufflepuff: This too is very true to the house.

Ravenclaw: Though I agree with this as a Ravenclaw Motto, I might word it slightly differently, as it kinda sounds like something a Slytherin might say.

Slytherins: Here too you hit the nail on the head.

Well done, excellent choices.

#25Raphaela Guoan's AvatarRaphaela Guoan (rated this 10)

I really like the explainations and the mottos most of all. I especially like the Hufflepuff and Gryffindor ones as they do remind me of the actual houses. Top marks from me!

#26Ani Snape's AvatarAni Snape (rated this 7)

Gryffindor - okay
Hufflepuff - really good, I like it a lot
Ravenclaw - fitting for the house
Slytherin - again, quite fitting for the house

#27Molly Pegg's AvatarMolly Pegg (rated this 8)

Hufflepuff-I really like how you chose this one
Ravenclaw-very clever

#28Lorelai Lavington's AvatarLorelai Lavington (rated this 7)

Gryff: too simplistic maybe
Huff: Very nice, a great Hufflepuff motto
Raven: I definitely like this one for the Ravenclaws
Slyth: also a bit simplistic. I think you could get more creative on Gryff and Slyth's mottos.

#29Prof. Angelus Darklost's AvatarProf. Angelus Darklost (rated this 5)

G: I agree with this sentiment.
H: Absolutely true...but true for more than just Hufflepuff.
R: True...but this seems a little power hungry.
S: ...and weakness.

#30Claire Sebastian's AvatarClaire Sebastian (rated this 7)

I like Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin a lot, especially Minds rule might. I think Gryffindor's may be a little run-of-the-mill, but overall good job.

#31Ashlee Sully's AvatarAshlee Sully (rated this 8)

I really like the one for Gryffindor. Ravenclaws is a little confusing but the others are really good!

#32Prof. Charles Pendragon's AvatarProf. Charles Pendragon (rated this 7)

Gryffindor's motto is very fitting.
I absolutely love Hufflepuff's motto.
Another GREAT motto for Ravenclaw.
And Slytherin's motto is very fitting.

#33Jenna Hathaway's AvatarJenna Hathaway (rated this 8)

I think Gryffindor's, Ravenclaw's, and Slytherin's mottos are all really suitable. Hufflepuff's is more general, though, wish you would've focused on another trait.

#34Prof. Ulol Kimil's AvatarProf. Ulol Kimil (rated this 9)

I like how you resumed the personality of this house even if succes is not always reached.

I couldn't find a better motto for this house. If there are friendly people, that are the Huffies.

I just love it! *steals*

I think it's sad that power is a strength, but yah, I agree that many members of this house think like that.