Hi there. My name is Indizzle Andromeda, and no, that is not my hip hop name. My mother thinks that adding the word 'Izzle' into my name is somehow going to make me adorable. Well, it works until I reached school year.

I am a pure blood. Both of my parents are well-graduated from Hogwarts. I think my dad would make a good wand-maker. He's really talented. But instead he focused on being in Ministry. When my mom was in Hogwarts, she was always in the top of her class, especially in potion. She's really good at mixing. Then she focused on being a candy maker. Well, if you think about it, candy making and potion mixing are still in one route.

My grandfather is the person who inspire me the most. He's an Auror. He dedicate his whole entire life to serve good and fight the death eaters. He died in The First Wizarding War, it was the saddest moment in my life. He taught me to be brave and not to be afraid of standing for the truth. Based on that, I decided that I want to be an Auror.

In NEWT, I need to get at least EE on Auror's related classes, which means, I have to work really hard. In holidays like Christmas, I will visit my parents house. I'll ask my mom to teach my A-Z about candy-making. I fell in love with candy making since I was a little girl, my mom used to teach me how to make a simple lolly.

After I graduate from Hogwarts, I will apply to Auror Office in the ministry. In my 3rd year the ministry will promote me to be the Head of Auror Office. In my years of work, I've faced a lot of dangerous obstacles. Auror is a full time job, but when things are getting calm, I will organize my candy store. I have employees who will take care of my shop when I was gone battling death eaters. My mom will be too old to run her own shop, so I will collide my store and her store to become one gigantic candy empire. My mom will be the Head Candy Maker, she will be in charge of making of a traditional candies and keeping the traditional secret recipe alive. My job is to create new ideas for candies, which means, it allows me to work a short period of time in the candy store so I can focused on my Auror career.

If somehow my dad turns his path into wand making, I will provide him a wand store that is located far from Ollivander (I respect Ollivander, he's a part of my childhood. He's been real kind to made me my reliable Unicorn Hair wand. I don't want to run him out of business).

And that is what I wanna be when I grow up!

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Ratings and Comments

#1Zoki Phantom's AvatarZoki Phantom (rated this 8)

I really like the idea behind this, it's rather cute. :)

There are some spelling/grammar errors, and it's a few words short of the minimum, but it's still nice. Good job! ^^

#2Sarah Evans's AvatarSarah Evans (rated this 8)

Sounds like a great plan for the future! Good Luck!

#3Samantha Lykins's AvatarSamantha Lykins (rated this 7)

A nice story, however, it is less than 500 words.

#4Silde Owen's AvatarSilde Owen (rated this 5)

Creative, but I don't think this piece flows very well. It jumps around a lot even within paragraphs, which makes it seem like you didn't read it over at the end. You've also made quite a few grammatical mistakes but it doesn't look like English is your first language so I don't want to rate you too low for that. As for the subject matter itself, the choice of Auror AND candy maker seems just a little too offbeat, you didn't manage to convince me otherwise within the piece. Good luck for your future efforts.

#5Estella Ravenscroft's AvatarEstella Ravenscroft (rated this 7)

I would have given you a higher score with a minimum of 500 words :)

#6Pippa Cross's AvatarPippa Cross (rated this 7)

This was pretty well written and enjoyable to read. However... there were a few grammar mistakes in there. *puts on McGonagal glasses* Tsk, tsk!

#7Marguerite Davenport's AvatarMarguerite Davenport (rated this 5)

This is very interesting. You certainly are super excited and it shows in your writing. I'm not sure you're supposed to use your name.

#8Nodoka Phoenix's AvatarNodoka Phoenix (rated this 8)

Crime fighting candy makers.... sounds intriguing... maybe like a comic book thing, where you make candy by day and fight evil by night lol

#9Octavia Meetingale's AvatarOctavia Meetingale (rated this 8)

Cool, I think it's a great plan for the future.

#10Castora Grimsby's AvatarCastora Grimsby (rated this 7)

Very interesting to have two great ideas for future plans. I like that you have even tied them together. :)

#11Sophie Orion's AvatarSophie Orion (rated this 7)

That was cute! The world needs more candy makers - especially crime-fighting candy makers. :)

#12Lucy Greyback's AvatarLucy Greyback (rated this 8)

Awwww. That's so cute. I love the combination of Auror and Candy making. Well hey, maybe after saving some kids from Evil, you can cheer them up with Candies ;)

#13Thestral Winters's AvatarThestral Winters (rated this 8)

this story was well described. i like how you explained how all of the things you talked about would be able to be tied together. good job

#14Lera Kamerat's AvatarLera Kamerat (rated this 7)

interesting! I also liked how you involved your family's history a bit.

#15Jenna Hathaway's AvatarJenna Hathaway (rated this 7)

It's a few words short of the required minimum, I think, but I love the combination of careers you've got planned for you!

#16Colm Scar's AvatarColm Scar (rated this 7)

Wow thats alot of stuff.I hope you can become all you wish.

#17Melinda Honeywell's AvatarMelinda Honeywell (rated this 7)

Wow! And Head Auror & candy pioneer! That's very ambitious. Excellent creativity.

#18Marilla Teague's AvatarMarilla Teague (rated this 8)

I think you should just pursue the candy business. Sweets are always wanted, even in the worst economies, and you can make a mint on, well, mints. . .

#19Kent Avery's AvatarKent Avery (rated this 7)

Very nice piece, cant wait to read more

#20Jezebel Rose's AvatarJezebel Rose (rated this 7)

What a liked about this was the fact that your positivity was evident in your writing. I also liked that you included the family history. It gave it a nice touch and really contributed to your story. Best of luck.


#21Violet Rubert's AvatarViolet Rubert (rated this 8)

Candy Making and being an Auror sounds like a good combination. Hope you achieve your dreams Izzle. I'll visit once you open up a candy shop and buy many sweets in support!

#22Kelly Granger's AvatarKelly Granger (rated this 8)

Interesting family background there, nice story. You described it well i'd say :)

#23Catriona Watson's AvatarCatriona Watson (rated this 8)

I feel this is a wonderful story written with passion and the bond of your family is very strong. I am sure if you do your best all your wishes will come true, so good luck.

#24Coryphee Etoile's AvatarCoryphee Etoile (rated this 8)

Neat! I love your style and the personal touches you added...fabulous!!

#25Angela Franco's AvatarAngela Franco (rated this 9)

love it!! I like the way you present to us the members of your family and how connect they jobs with yours... great work!

#26St.John Aloisius Sloots's AvatarSt.John Aloisius Sloots (rated this 7)

An excellent ambition and an interesting combination: Auror and Candy Maker. You seem to have a good handle on what is required to become an Auror and have creative flair for describing it. Keep re-reading and editing your writing as a few of your story elements need to more tightly woven into a cohesive theme.

#27Christine Draconadore's AvatarChristine Draconadore (rated this 8)

Your family sounds wonderful and I'm certain you'll succeed as long as you do your best! :]

#28Ariana Droledumb's AvatarAriana Droledumb (rated this 7)

You write your wishes and about how you'll show your love to people around you. Includes Mr. Ollivander

I glad him too to give me Phoenix Feather wand.
Well done ^^b

#29Andrea Caroline's AvatarAndrea Caroline (rated this 10)

I think this is a very original story. I like that you incorporated your parents and your grandparents jobs and how they influenced you to become who you are.

#30Mallory Dawson's AvatarMallory Dawson (rated this 7)

This is a nice story, I liked all the family sentiment. However there were a lot of minor grammatical mistakes, some of which made it difficult to understand the tense.

#31Ben Bratton's AvatarBen Bratton (rated this 7)

Aw, I think your story is really cute. You have some pretty ofty ambitions, wanting to join the Ministry and all. Hope the wand shop thing works out - I respect Ollivander too - but competition is always a good thing!

#32Chloe Dwyre's AvatarChloe Dwyre (rated this 8)

This is really creative. I like how you had a full plan that included something for your whole family to be apart of.

#33LillyRed Elfenhaus's AvatarLillyRed Elfenhaus (rated this 9)

You have it all mapped out! Way to go on being focused and goal oriented. You will definitely succeed!

#34Celia Quigg's AvatarCelia Quigg (rated this 8)

This is pretty detailed, and I'm sure you'll go far. :)

#35Daryl Michaels's AvatarDaryl Michaels (rated this 8)

Very Interesting, I wish you best of luck in the future! and maybe I'll take time off from my 'busy life' to go and buy some candy. :p

and maybe even get some on the house. ^.^

#36Ely Granger's AvatarEly Granger (rated this 9)

I hope for you that you will become an Auror.Good luck!

#37Genevieve Leshire's AvatarGenevieve Leshire (rated this 8)

You did very well on this. Great job! I wish you the best of luck when you grow up!

#38Gabrielle Cadeaux's AvatarGabrielle Cadeaux (rated this 9)

What a cute little story! I love the idea of a wizard candy maker. Those are the best.

#39Mikhail Suracuse's AvatarMikhail Suracuse (rated this 8)

This is a really good story. I think wanting to be an Auror is a great choice for a career. Someone has to police all the bad guys in the wizardry world!

#40Kristen McKenna's AvatarKristen McKenna (rated this 7)

I like it. It makes sense and everything, and it's actually really interesting!