Wizard Battleship

In the wizarding form of Battleship, two players pit their armies of magical creatures against one another. Every army contains a Dragon, a Giant, 2 Elves, a Fairy and a Phoenix. 5 additional pieces that are used during play include a Portkey, a 2 Halves Potion, 2 Mandrakes and a reflecting spell. The point of the game is to destroy the other player’s army entirely.


1. This is a 2 player game only.
2. There is no looking at the other side of the board until the placing process is done.
3. Youngest goes first.
4. Every creature on the opponent’s side must be destroyed in order to win.
5. Not every additional piece must be struck to end the game.


1. Take all 6 game pieces (watch out, some may hurt you!) and place them in different locations of the battlefield.
2. Also, place the 5 additional playing pieces on separate squares of the field.
3. When every player has placed each of their 11 pieces onto their side of the field, the screen dividing their halves of the field will disappear, leaving a solid red line in its place.
4. The pieces that were there before will sink into the field, leaving a green grassy lawn covering the entire area.
4. Each player will take turns guessing where the other player’s army could be, every time a spot is selected, the square will be hit by a red light.
5. When the square is a miss (nothing had been placed on that square previously), then the spot will be marked used and it will be the other player’s turn to guess a space.
6. When the square chosen is a hit (hits part of the opponent’s army), then when the red light comes to strike, there will be a cry of pain and the spot hit will glow white.
7. In order to completely destroy an opponent’s piece, the player must hit every part of the creature they struck. This will vary depending on which magical creature was hit.
8. When the square hit contains an additional piece, then depending on the piece hit, both players must follow instructions for that particular piece.
9. The game will continue until one player has had all of their army pieces completely destroyed. This does not include the additional pieces or the empty spaces.
10. The player who destroys the other player’s army completely wins the game.


Portkey - Let’s the opponent attack another space on the owner’s side of the playing board, thus giving the opponent two turns in a row.

2 Halves Potion - A potion that when the opponent strikes it, the same space on their side of the playing board is hit too

Mandrakes-When hit, Mandrakes let out a loud wailing noise that causes the opponent to lose a turn.

Reflecting Spell – Reflects the space hit on the owner’s side back onto a random space on the opponent’s playing field.

ARMY PIECES (Please Note: "X" is used to show the rough shape of the piece while "." is used to space the pieces out.)






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Ratings and Comments

#1Colm Scar's AvatarColm Scar (rated this 8)

Wow I Love Battleship And This Sounds
Like A Really Good Idea.
Its LIke Battleship With A Twist.

#2Lera Kamerat's AvatarLera Kamerat (rated this 9)

it sounds like a cross of trading cards and battle sheep! good job!

#3Ardeliah Longbottom's AvatarArdeliah Longbottom (rated this 10)

I love it! Battleship has always been a favorite of mine, even if I can't find anyone to play it with me.

#4Kath Snape's AvatarKath Snape (rated this 9)

Fantastic Game !! I loved the wizarding creatures and items.
Exactly like the Muggle Game, with out the ships!!!

#5Marguerite Davenport's AvatarMarguerite Davenport (rated this 8)

I always liked battleship, You have some really interesting ideas. I think this game would really rock as a magical game.

#6Gabby Morgan's AvatarGabby Morgan (rated this 9)

That's a great game! I really wish I had it!

#7Jenna Hathaway's AvatarJenna Hathaway (rated this 8)

Great twist on the Battleship game.. makes me wish we could see it for real!

#8Rose Alstien's AvatarRose Alstien (rated this 8)

Good job redoing it. That does sound exciting. However, regular battleship is also.

#9Monica Greyman's AvatarMonica Greyman (rated this 10)

My favorite so far! This game is unique and entertaining. I wish I could play it right now. Great work!

#10Adam Malfoy's AvatarAdam Malfoy (rated this 8)

i like it the whole idea is magnificent

#11Rowan Dream's AvatarRowan Dream (rated this 9)

hehe soooo funny, I want to play it right away, although I am not that much in a game that can hurt you to

but still very kdos and well descripted :D

#12Bere Lee's AvatarBere Lee (rated this 10)

I loved the formatting on this one, the fact that you included rules and instructions, the different pieces you chose and what the additional pieces can do to the opponent. I would definitely would like to play this game :)

great job!!!!

#13Zoki Phantom's AvatarZoki Phantom (rated this 9)

This is nice, it's something between a trading card game and battleship.

I'd only like to see more creatures in the game, I simply think it could be more interesting with a bigger army.

Great job though!

#14Eidref Vicente's AvatarEidref Vicente (rated this 10)

Its like a trading card game...i like it very much...

#15Eno Thomas's AvatarEno Thomas (rated this 10)

I really love this game. You have done a wonderful description of it. All rhe rules were very interesting. Good Job!