Educational Decree Number 38

Educational Decree Number 38 states that all students, prefects, professors, head of houses, deputy head of houses etc. must wear a sparkling, rainbow gardening outfit when in the greenhouse. Everyone must also be wearing their rainbow gardening hat that has the letter ā€œGā€ in the middle which stands for Greenhouse. Every must have proper gardening tools before entering the greenhouse, and they must be properly cleaned before leaving. Your greenhouse lot must be immaculate, and must sparkle and dazzle once the sun hits. Make sure your lot is also clean, because no one wants to step in dung. Once your plant is done growing and it is time to harvest it you must pull it up, and then either plant a new one or clean it up and have it ready for whoever will use it next. Lastly anyone who is using a lot in the greenhouse must make sure to water and treat your plant with love and respect.

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Ratings and Comments

#1Felicia Hartwick's AvatarFelicia Hartwick (rated this 6)

This one did give a quick chuckle, and the image of Edward Cullen doing some gardening, though not in rainbow colored clothing. The wording was fine, making it sound like the Decrees from the books, but Umbrighe-like, I'm not totally sure... she didn't actually want anyone to be having any fun and dressing up in colorful clothing I would consider being fun.

#2Jacqualine Snape's AvatarJacqualine Snape (rated this 8)

A nice effort, it put me in the mind of Luna Lovegood.

#3Jenna Hathaway's AvatarJenna Hathaway (rated this 7)

Such a hassle... let's hope this one never gets implemented, shall we?

#4Ramona Operandi's AvatarRamona Operandi (rated this 8)

Ah this is great!
It's so funny and rediculous! I can just imagine the glittery suit and the silly hat with the "G" on it!
Great job!

#5Kylie Joel Lonerins's AvatarKylie Joel Lonerins (rated this 8)
it's a great work! Though, It isn't sound really like Prof. Umbridge
ahaha, anyway Herbology and greenhouse always nice ^.~

#6Jinxy Jo's AvatarJinxy Jo (rated this 8)

It would be totally like Umbridge to make up some silly rule about plants, I mean her office was weird! Nice work :D

#7Bere Lee's AvatarBere Lee (rated this 8)

very good effot, but I must say is way too nice to be from prof. Umbridge.

good job :)

#8Samantha Wanzo's AvatarSamantha Wanzo (rated this 8)

I agree with most of this Decree up until the last sentence. Prof. Umbridge talking about loving plants and giving them respect? That sounds more like Prof. Sprouts type of thing. Good Work though!

#9Tara Little's AvatarTara Little (rated this 8)

Has an appropriately bossy tone but the outfits should be pink, not rainbow, and with kittens rather than the letter G, lol.

#10Cam Yousefpour's AvatarCam Yousefpour (rated this 8)

I wouldn't have thought Umbridge would write this, but still very good :)

#11Prof. Gwyd Aerlyn's AvatarProf. Gwyd Aerlyn (rated this 7)

[Written as if to Delores Umbridge] Wear a "sparkling, rainbow gardening outfit?" To garden is to become one with the soil as you turn it with your spade, feel the moist dirt between one's fingers while picking out stones and making friends with the earthworms prior to planting, kneel while weeding with bare hands to make sure only weeds are pulled! I will NOT ruin my loveliest outfits just so the gardens shine like rainbows - that is accomplished when the plants blossom! I do feel I should point out that the Decree does bring up some very good points as well. One should always wear a hat - even cloudy days can cause sunburn, which turns into wrinkles and sometimes worse things, and a good rain hat will let you garden even on rainy days. However, I fail to see how our rainbow hats will accomplish any of this, being made primarily of gossamer. And bravo for bringing up the importance of cleaning your garden tools immediately after use. Rust can ruin a trowel almost overnight! I whole-heartedly agree with the post-harvest rules for lots, as well. Nothing is sadder than a neglected, overgrown little lot with a dead plant at its middle. Oh, and treating your plant with love and respect - an inspired observance that touched my heart. But what do plants love nearly as much as water? Dung! A plant given plenty of dung is guaranteed to feel loved and reward you resplendently. All in all, while there are several constructive rules in this Decree, some rather glaring contradictions make it clear that its *hem hem* author does not herself garden. (Probably due to all her time spent at the Ministry.) I, alas, cannot bring myself to abide by the Decree due to the dress code and lack of dung, and so will give my little garden plot to anyone who would like it.

#12Pat Griffin's AvatarPat Griffin (rated this 8)

Oh dear, we will spend all the time cleaning up. No fun anymore. But I guess the sparkling rainbow outfits will bring at least some colour into our lives *laughs*

I really like this one. Very amusing.

#13Sam Clause's AvatarSam Clause (rated this 8)

This is funny and outrageous!by the time we have managed to clean our lots the sun will have come and gone!

#14Catriona Watson's AvatarCatriona Watson (rated this 7)

Wow, amazing rainbow outfit and sparkling too! Good idea!

#15Klassisa Vernette's AvatarKlassisa Vernette (rated this 7)

Sparkling rainbow outfits? Oh the horror that is Umbridge! I'm just surprised it's not pink and fluffy...

#16Amber Woodlock's AvatarAmber Woodlock (rated this 8)

I like it, but will we need to buy our own sparkling gardening outfits or will these be provided? x

#17Roseanna Wolfe's AvatarRoseanna Wolfe (rated this 8)

This is really good! I love the sparkly outfits! Great job.

#18Ellie Peters's AvatarEllie Peters (rated this 8)

Cute :D i liked the sparkling robes. It reminded me of Umbridge's horrid fluffy pink cardagon from the book ;) it made me laugh good job.

#19Serenity Thomas's AvatarSerenity Thomas (rated this 8)

This is cute, I love all the detail to the decree too. Even better it made me chuckle, good job!

#20Jessica Blue's AvatarJessica Blue (rated this 9)

I love it. Plus I love Herbology so it kinda won me over, Heehee.

#21Askeron Kyle's AvatarAskeron Kyle (rated this 8)

I thought it was really funny and just the sort of thing Dolores Umbridge would say.

#22Zoki Phantom's AvatarZoki Phantom (rated this 8)

Shiny-Sparkly!!! :o

Well overall nice and funny, I just miss the punishment. Good job!

#23Eno Thomas's AvatarEno Thomas (rated this 9)

Nice, it's very original idea from you. This is like respect yourself by respecting the nature.

#24Rose Alstien's AvatarRose Alstien (rated this 9)

heh. cute. i like it, and the robes part sounds especially umbridge-ish

#25Ashlee Sully's AvatarAshlee Sully (rated this 9)

Heh. I couldn't imagine some of our HoH or Prefects donning sparking, rainbow garden outfits. Myself included. Overall the whole decree was humorous but something that would make me quit Herbology and start an illegal greenhouse patch in my dorm.

#26Rowan Dream's AvatarRowan Dream (rated this 8)

very amusing nice typical from Umbridge

check your plants people and harvest so others have a change for a greenhouse spot :p

#27Sarah Evans's AvatarSarah Evans (rated this 9)

Good idea! I love the sparkeling robes bit. I think it's a very good thing to follow because some people's plants are not harvested, and they should harvest them.