One night in the dungeon, there were three Slytherins who found themselves very bored. So, all of them tried to come up with different ideas to make their night very interesting, fun, and exciting.
“Hey we could go make of the new first year Hufflepuffs” suggested Fayeth
“Hey no fair we are first years” Adam and Meg both said at the same time with a bit of anger.
“Oh yeah thats right” replied Fayeth in a guilty type voice.
“ How about we finish our Herbology homework?” said Meg in a quiet tone.
“ No, we have two weeks to complete it” said Adam
Then, after thinking for about 5 more minutes and looking at each other with blank faces someone had gotten a rather interesting idea.
“How about we go to Hogmeade, I heard they have this awesome new shoe store and also they just built that new coffee shop” said Adam
“Dude, the new shoe store has some awesome stuff, I mean some must buy type items I love it!” said Fayeth
“Isn't it after curfew” said Meg
“Meg live a little nothing terrible could happen I mean it is only a little shopping and a few cups of coffee whats the worst that could happen?” said Adam
“Yeah your right, I don't know why I'm thinking too much about it” Meg said in a low tone.
So, then everyone got dressed, and when I say got dressed I mean they dressed to impress. Adam wore some black jeans that fit him quite well, some green and black checkered Vans, a pair of green Kanye West glasses, and a black T-shirt that had the words Slytherins Rule written in green letters. Fayeth wore a nice blue evening dress, a pair of black flats, and a nice black half jacket. Meg went out in style she wore a nice forest green skirt, black sandal like heels, and a very nice T-shirt. Once everyone was done getting ready and looking nice they all headed to Hogsmeade for the best night of the year.
Soon after they arrived in Hogsmeade all eyes were on them. People stopped what they were doing just too look at them. They were all looking like beautiful deities. Witches and Wizards of all ages smiled when they rested their eyes on the fabulous looking slytherin students. They were all simply remarkable, they all walked like they were professional models on the worlds greatest catwalk.
They soon arrived at the new phenomenal shoe store, and Fayeths face lit up with glee. She produced a smile that kids have when they walk in a toy store. After, looking around for a bit they heard a very familiar voice. The voice was soft but very mature the three students heard the voice before but they couldn't think of who it was. Then Meg thought, and then changed her facial expression like she had just seen a ghost.
Fayeth and Adam tried to ask Meg what was wrong but she started to stutter.
Then after stuttering for about 30 seconds she finally got the strength and her speech back to say what she needed to say. The person who owns that voice is none other then Missa Matz. Then Adam looked at Fayeth with a confused face and bluttered out.
“Who is Missa Matz? Is she a new student?'
Next both, Fayeth and Meg looked at Adam and said
“Who is Missa Matz?..Dude she is like the History of Magic, and the Quidditch teacher, and not only that she is the Head of House for Gryffindor. Then after hearing the information that was told to him Adam then turned a little pale, and started to whine and cry about how they were going to get detention and get major house points deducted. Next Fayeth took Adam and cautiously told him.
“Look, you are a dude, well at least I think you are, so do not start crying before us girls, and second she isn't that terrible but she surely can not catch us here so we must hurry and get out of hear before we do get in some serious trouble.”
So, then the three students sneakily got out of the shoe store and headed back to school. On their way back to school a very interesting thing happened, a guy grabbed Meg by the arm and try to get her number, but Meg was so not interested so she tried to release herself. The guy didn't allow her to get away so Adam ran back and slapped the guy and then grabbed Meg's arm and they both caught up with Fayeth and all three students made it back to school in so they thought.
The next morning they got up got dressed in their robes,and went to sit with their other classmates for breakfast, but before they could sit down Missa Matz sent a 6th year Gryffindor to come tell the students to meet her in her office in 5 minutes. All three students looked at each other, then headed towards Professors Matz office. Once they got their they all walked in with their heads down and sat in the empty seats.
Missa told the students that she had in fact saw them in the shoe store in hogsmeade after curfew and since they broke curfew and went out without permission their punishment was that they had to scrub her classrooms floor everyday after her last class left. So, then after Missa was finished talking to them they all walked out with a sort of sad look on their face.
“See Meg I told you we shouldn't have left but no you just had to go” stated Adam in a furious tone.
“Yeah Meg next time do not get us involved, now because of you we have to scrub floors, I mean gosh Meg Hogsmeade was so not worth it.” replied Fayeth in a angry type of tone.
“But...but...I..didn't...” Meg said stuttering.

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It's quite nice

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Needs some editiing, but otherwise, NICE WORK!!! :)

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Interesting attempt. It could use a little work with spelling and maybe a proof read or two before posting but other than that I enjoyed it.

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(And that's not how Fayeyay and Meg would act, btw)

But nice try! :]