My pet would be a Basilisk named Poseidon (the Greek god of the sea). The reason why I chose the name Poseidon is because I love Greek mythology. My basilisk is special because it eats depending on its mood. If he is sad then he will only eat blueberries. If he is mad he will only eat strawberries. If he is happy then he will only eat peanuts, and if he is just in an ok type mood then he will eat any one of the fruits mentioned above. He also eats grass, weeds, and little flowers that grow around the house such as lilies and daisies. He also eats meals that I personally cook for him, such as potatoes, certain types of meats like chicken and beef (he hates pork). He drinks water and has a love for pumpkin juice. He likes eating sweets such as chocolate frogs, gummy worms, and candy corns. He mainly loves foods that have a sweet taste to them like candy, fruits, and juices. He certainly does not like sour foods.

The things I do to take care of Poseidon are I take him walking around or in his case slithering around the Forrest, I bathe him in a lake, a play fetch with him by levitating a huge log and throwing it, and I also take him to this huge hill and we both watch the sun go down. We also play this game I came up with called Ball 3. It is where I levitate 3 balls in the air and he tries to catch them. I also read book to him that I get from school. I also let him help with my day to day chores so that he will get some exercise and does not end up lazy and with little or no energy. I also take him with me when I go running so that he can be as active as much as possible.

Poseidon is not dangerous. Yes people might think he is for the simple fact that he is a basilisk, but he isn’t dangerous I trained him to be kind and helpful to others. Poseidon will not attack anyone, but if he senses that I am in a great deal of danger and I call for his help, then he will take charge and try to help me in any shape or form. He also does not like to be provoked, so don’t think it is funny to throw rocks and try and tease him because then he will get very angered. So I highly recommend that you do not do anything that will upset Poseidon, but other then that he is a very gentle and very playful creature, that just loves to play and have fun all the time.

Poseidon was given to me as a gift from my parents. They always knew I had a fascination with snakes, and I always talked about owning my own Basilisk, so they decided to give me one for my 14th birthday. But since my mother is hugely afraid of them they said I can take the gift if only I took care of it by myself.

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Ratings and Comments

#1Kiri Galdor's AvatarKiri Galdor (rated this 7)

Nicely written, very creative

#2Anastasia Huang's AvatarAnastasia Huang (rated this 8)

Very nice and detailed.

#3Askeron Kyle's AvatarAskeron Kyle (rated this 7)

Very good

#4Albus Fitzgerald's AvatarAlbus Fitzgerald (rated this 8)

Interesting and Creative

#5Prof. Esmerelda Knotwise's AvatarProf. Esmerelda Knotwise (rated this 6)

#6Bev Grey's AvatarBev Grey (rated this 8)

Vegetarian basilisk...different but unique!

#7Castora Grimsby's AvatarCastora Grimsby (rated this 8)

Sounds like a lovely pet! I enjoyed reading about how you spend your time together. :)

#8Selindy Granger's AvatarSelindy Granger (rated this 8)

very good... WELLDONE! oh by the way, love your pets name!

#9Jennifer Kwan's AvatarJennifer Kwan (rated this 8)

A very unique basilisk!!! and I really love the name! It sounds so nice... Poseidon...

Well yeah... I agree with Prof. Ceit Uiseag though. I think you used a little too much alsos... But I really liked the story though!

#10Prof. Ceit Uiseag's AvatarProf. Ceit Uiseag (rated this 6)

That's one unique basilisk ;)

Too many uses of 'also', though.

#11Arnel Arevalo's AvatarArnel Arevalo (rated this 7)

#12Marie Dark's AvatarMarie Dark (rated this 8)

I think it is very good in creativity. It's fake so of course you make it your own.... Hence the story telling.... I think you did a great job. Keep them coming. =)

#13Helena Lovegood's AvatarHelena Lovegood (rated this 7)

Your pet is basiliks???
I not believe it

#14Faye Roderick's AvatarFaye Roderick (rated this 7)

Hmm a vegetarian basilisk. An unlikely idea, but you can hope. *G* Are you sure it's not actually a cow in disguise though? :P

#15Jacqualine Snape's AvatarJacqualine Snape (rated this 8)

Nice story but I can't get CoS out of my mind.

#16Ayahzy Nahki's AvatarAyahzy Nahki (rated this 7)

You have some interesting ideas, but realistically you would die if you looked directly at your pet's eyes.

#17Megaera Selwyn's AvatarMegaera Selwyn (rated this 7)

#18Zoki Phantom's AvatarZoki Phantom (rated this 7)

Good effort, but it would have been way better if you also mentioned how you escaped the eye curse.

#19Endang Potter's AvatarEndang Potter (rated this 8)


#20Barbara Phoenix's AvatarBarbara Phoenix (rated this 6)

I noticed a couple of grammar mistakes, and I just cannot imagine a basilisk eating fruits and vegetables. But that's just me! Other than that, nicely done.

#21Achip Silvia's AvatarAchip Silvia (rated this 7)


#22Nikki Walker's AvatarNikki Walker (rated this 7)

#23Cam Yousefpour's AvatarCam Yousefpour (rated this 7)


Nice writing thoug

#24Bere Lee's AvatarBere Lee (rated this 8)

nice story

#25Tarma Black's AvatarTarma Black (rated this 7)

#26Annette Picolt's AvatarAnnette Picolt (rated this 8)

Interesting pet. Must be pretty creepy though... hehe

#27Bill Garanhir's AvatarBill Garanhir (rated this 7)

Very cute! I suppose a pair of dark glasses would take care of that...little problem... basilisks tend to have in public?

#28Alva Saint-Clair's AvatarAlva Saint-Clair (rated this 7)

#29Rorey Padfoot's AvatarRorey Padfoot (rated this 7)

cute, but again the eye thing causes a problem

#30Lilian Carter's AvatarLilian Carter (rated this 7)

Interesting choice. I am curious about how you deal with Poseidon's eyes. Also there were a few mistakes and the flow is slightly off in the 2nd paragraph.

#31Kenzie Jones's AvatarKenzie Jones (rated this 6)

Nice story.
But, It's a pet "basilisk" that doesn't bite, or kill... Likely!

#32Finn Cullen's AvatarFinn Cullen (rated this 7)

Nicely written. Never trusted basilisks as pets though, not since the unfortunate incident with "Scowly" my sister Megan's pet... Oh the trouble we had getting postmen to call again.

#33Serenity Thomas's AvatarSerenity Thomas (rated this 8)

Good job, I want a nice basilisk now!

#34Ardeliah Longbottom's AvatarArdeliah Longbottom (rated this 9)

What a cool pet. I think I would have trouble stopping myself from setting it on my enemies.

#35Tara Aurelium's AvatarTara Aurelium (rated this 6)

Cute story. What bothers me, like many others, is how do you deal with his eyes? If you look at the Basilisk's eyes - you die. If you see its eyes indirectly, you turn into a prettyful stone statue. It's a pretty big issue, right there.

#36Lily Charmer's AvatarLily Charmer (rated this 6)

Lovely and lively story! It is an extremely imaginative story, I just wish the grammer was a bit better and that less sentences began with "I also".

#37Kiora Quigley's AvatarKiora Quigley (rated this 7)

Aw come on guys, so it's a special basilisk without the killer look. Nice story!

#38Setephani White's AvatarSetephani White (rated this 7)

Nice Story

#39Catriona Watson's AvatarCatriona Watson (rated this 7)

Nice story and a gentle dangerous pet.

#40Darik Limewire's AvatarDarik Limewire (rated this 7)

nice one..

#41Jenna Hathaway's AvatarJenna Hathaway (rated this 7)

Nice, but not entirely believable like a few people have commented

#42Henry Johnson's AvatarHenry Johnson (rated this 9)

I like it alot, but i wonder do you put some sort of special sunglasses on Poseidon?

#43Yavanna Basham's AvatarYavanna Basham (rated this 7)

Really cute, but I thought Basilisks are very dangerous.

#44Daniel Zaz's AvatarDaniel Zaz (rated this 8)


#45Sarah Evans's AvatarSarah Evans (rated this 7)

#46Zuvona Miska's AvatarZuvona Miska (rated this 7)

It was a nice creature and sounds like a lot of fun. There were a few grammar errors and you did use the word also a lot. Great job.

#47Kath Snape's AvatarKath Snape (rated this 8)

Great story, but don't you die if you look into it's eyes????!!!
Or did your parents find a newly breed species , that does not do that??

#48Holly Muse's AvatarHolly Muse (rated this 7)

I really like it, it's creative. however, you could try to use different words instead of also, for that i noticed was a little repetative throughout the story. Other then that good work!

#49Brenna Westfeld's AvatarBrenna Westfeld (rated this 7)

He must be a very rare creature to be so kind and playful! I agree with some of the other comments about his gaze though. I am curious about how you deal with it!

#50Ivorie Windton's AvatarIvorie Windton (rated this 7)

Good idea. I would have never chosen a basilisk as pet, but I guess if you really like snakes. The only thing is that it's just so hard to picture a basilisk going around and eating flowers and fruits and being so nice.

#51Prof. Angelus Darklost's AvatarProf. Angelus Darklost (rated this 7)

A very nice entry, though the lack of explaining how to not die when he looks at you was something I noticed.

#52Angel Phoenix's AvatarAngel Phoenix (rated this 9)


#53Thoth Van's AvatarThoth Van (rated this 7)

#54Mia Vardales's AvatarMia Vardales (rated this 8)

Very original story. Poseidon is a little too kind and gentle to be a basilisk anyway, you should advertise the name of his trainer.

#55Ashlee Sully's AvatarAshlee Sully (rated this 9)

Its very good. I'd like to know how you avoid his deathly stare, does he wear sunglasses?