A bitter cold wind hit me as I stepped off of the Hogwarts Express. I shivered and pulled my hat farther down on my head. I wasn’t too surprised by this though; in the middle of winter, what else could I expect? Still, I was not too fond of temperatures in the freezing range so I hurried inside and tried to rush past all of the other students arriving back at Hogwarts from the winter term.

The next morning, I woke up to loud screaming and a lot of shaking.

“Get up!” a person roared in my ear. I would have jumped a few feet in the air if they hadn’t been holding me down with the shakings.

“Get off of me,” I cried, trying to stay still. “What is your…” I stopped in the middle of my sentence as my eyes opened and the clock on my bedside table was in view.

“Oh no!” I shouted. I rolled out of my bed as fast as I could and rushed around my room, trying to get ready. Clothes went flying through the air as I searched for my robes in my still unpacked suitcase.

“Forgot that we had classes today, didn’t you?” my friend said with a laugh. “You’ve already missed Potions.”

I glared at her because of the laugh but couldn’t keep it long; I was too worried about missing Potions.

“It’s hard to get used to being back, isn’t it?” my friend said and then she laughed again. Another glare came her way and she didn’t stop. “No worries though. You’ve never been a fan of that class anyway. The professor didn’t seem to notice you weren’t there either.”

I couldn’t tell if that was supposed to be reassuring or not so I just nodded and followed my roommate and classmate down the dormitory steps to our next class- Herbology.

I cannot even begin to explain the rest of my first day back at Hogwarts in the new year. It was absolutely awful, to say the least. As mentioned before, Herbology was the first class. Well, the first class I was able to attend at least. That one didn’t go so well. I left with three bandages around my fingers from attacks from an Abyssinian shrivelfig. How in the world a plant managed to attack me, I will never know, but it most certainly did. (The professor insisted that I was being careless as usual but really, those figs have minds of their own!)

After lunch (that I didn’t eat due to a late owl falling into my food), I had Double Charms with the Hufflepuffs. I had been so excited for this class. Charms was one of my best subjects and with the day I had been having so far, a good Cheering Charm would be of much help to me. (Not that my year has learned how to do them yet but I sit next to some pretty amazing people who would love to help me out. I wish.)

Charms went perfectly well. The professor asked me how to perform the Diffindo charm and because I am such a good student, I performed it wonderfully.

Now that’s what I wished had happened. If it had, it would have been a very pleasant ending to what would have become a very pleasant day, minus the cuts on my fingers. Luck had had a different agenda for me that day though. Instead of wonderfully splitting open a bag, I performed a spell (I don’t know which one. Whatever it was, it was bad.) that sent the bag flying across the room…which wasn’t the purpose of the lesson. Not only that but it actually ended up hitting the teacher in the head. Oh what fun the rest of that double period was, with my classmates laughing and professor screaming.

Sadly, my first day back did not go as planned. It wasn’t a wonderful occasion filled with beautiful snow and great classes. It was cold, I missed a class, I was almost eaten by a plant, and I hit a professor in the head. Even sadder, I highly doubt that the following few days will improve much. How could they, now that I have to spend everyday in detention for sending a bag full of bricks towards a professor’s head?

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I love it a lot!

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I like it but it seems a little random in places.

#5Lalaith Lomion's AvatarLalaith Lomion (rated this 7)

Funny and well written. The story contains many nice details.

#6Klassisa Vernette's AvatarKlassisa Vernette (rated this 10)

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Funny storie but also a little depressing :)

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I enjoyed the stile of writing in this one but it was not the best and i dont know if its the correct length

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I liked this one, I thought it was funny :)

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Nice description:)
I felt like I was in the story,

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It started off very good and descriptive, but I sort of got the impression that you were rushed towards the ending. Overall a very well-written piece! :)

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Really funny. It's quite miserable, but I guess that's still acceptable and not that drama-like :)

I like it !

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Very good - I have to think about a different beginning now :(

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Very well written! I enjoyed reading this very much. I especially liked the part to where you made it seem like something really did go well and then you said that you wished that would've happened and then told what really did. Good job.

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Well writen, but it was just a bit lacklustre - not enough fun :(. Still, a nice quality of writing.

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Not too bad, there is some things that could be expanded.

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I was going to give you a nine, but that last sentence really grabbed me. XD

Awesome story! It took me along for the ride and there were a few chuckles along the way too. Thank you!

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Simply hillarious. I loved the ironic humor of this one.

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I liked that you portrayed how hard it is to get back into the swing of things after break, but I think it would have been nice if you would have given your friend a name.

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It was very good I found myself laughing at the end. Great job!

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So fantastic to read! I would have preferred some names of other students and professors, but that's just a minor nitpicky thing. I loved all of the descriptions, and I really felt for you. Great job!!

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