Harry smiled as he walked in to kings cross station, Ginny at his side, his 2 children leaping in front talking excitedly about school.
“You can’t imagine the punishments, they’re terrible,” James was elaborating loudly to a nervous looking lily.
“Ignore your brother,” harry laughed, “they won’t punish you, don’t worry, and they’re not too bad anyway.”
He scanned the crowd, searching for familiar faces, and a grin broke across his face.
"Look Ginny, there's your brother."
"Oh Ron, Ron over here," Ginny called waving.
Ron and Hermione walked quickly towards them, there son Fred running ahead, calling to James. Muggles were grumbling at him but he didn’t care, it was September, and time for school again. Hermione was holding the hand of a small, angry looking girl.
"I want to go, I want to go," molly said in frustration.
"Soon, very soon, just a few more years," Hermione soothed.
“It’ll be ages, I’m only 9, 2 more years, I can’t stand it, and I want to learn magic so bad.”
“That’s not too long, and look lily’s here.”
At the mention of her friend molly brightened up immediately and skipped forward.
James, harry's oldest son ran forward to talk to Fred, whilst Lily looked shyly at him, harry smiled to himself, hoping that James would look after lily at school; she would be a first year this year.
"So how is everything, it was such a shame I couldn't come to the world cup with you this year, but Ron told me all about it," Hermione greeted harry and Ginny.
"Oh I expect he did," harry said laughing, for Ron’s excitement over the world cup hadn't changed.
"Yes, I missed you, hopefully you'll be able to come to see us some time," Ginny said to Hermione.
"Oh, that would be really good, I’d enjoy that, and I’m sure Fred and molly would too."
"Talking of our kids the train will be here soon, we don’t want to miss it do we," Ron grinned at harry who laughed, remembering his second year at school, when he and Ron couldn’t get on to the train.
They all rushed forward towards the barrier between platforms 9 and 10, and easily their bodies went through it. In front of them was the Hogwarts express, puffing out smoke waiting on the platform.
“Oh look it’s the train, look! Molly squealed happily pointing at it.
Fred and James started to run towards it still talking loudly, looking through the windows of the train to find their friends.
"James, take your sister with you," Ginny called.
James waved to his sister who ran happily towards him. Fred pulled open the door of the train and the 3 children got on, with harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione and molly watching them.
"Have a good time," the parents called.
“Remember to get in to Gryffindor,” harry called to lily.
“Yes I will do, that shouldn’t be too hard really,” she smiled and disappeared from site.
The train started to move away, and molly ran along the platform waving.
"Write to me," molly yelled at her brother who smiled, popping his head through the window and said, "I will, of course I will."

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good try, but do try to improve grammar, spelling. Also, this seems alot like the original

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It was a good effort, but too much like the original.

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I thought it was good, I liked it, the only thing is do brothers and sisters get along like that? lol nice job! :P

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Good effort. I enjoyed the story, but the grammar/spelling and formatting were a little hard on the eyes. I really enjoyed little Molly's character!

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Great effort and nice job.

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I would have rated it higher if it had been edited for proper grammar/spelling/etc. :)

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