HOL… I’ve only been with this place for a year and it’s taken up a good spot in my life. I participated in games, taken a few classes, submitted stories, participating in HOL Idol but the most I did was talking about it to my family. My mother and brother got really sick of me talking about it. I can’t help it? I love this place.

One thing I remember the most was meeting my HOL best-friend : Castora Grimsby. I remember we started talking through private messaging in the Gryffindor Common Room. We got along real well. I don’t remember much of what we first talked about, I hope you forgive me, however I know the reason why I was interested in getting to know her : she lived in Germany. I was born in that country, and I was curious where she was living. The funniest thing is that she lived not too far from where I was born. The town was maybe an hour away by car. It really is a small world out there.

I eventually joined the PenPal Club, and my first assigned penpal was Castora. What a coincidence? I guess we were meant to be friends somehow. We continued talking through private messages. We got to know each other a lot. We would share our experiences, her moving from Germany back to the USA, and vise versa with me moving from USA to Germany. We are crossing routes, it’s funny I think.

The other best memory I have from HOL is actually several memories. Where should I start? I don’t want to go into too much details. It would take me forever to type it all. But I could share a couple.
From the point that I entered the common room of Gryffindor? There are so many things that happened in the Den I was sorted into like creating bonds or spamming the game threads. I think I was the queen at doing that. No wait! I am the Queen of spamming, my ex-den partners would partially agree I guess. I mean I was basically living in that Den, literally.
Or how about the endless questions I had for Professor Chutney? I think I bugged her at least once a month with a question I had. I thank her patience for that. It’s not much of a memory, but it’s nice to know that you have someone to count on.

Memories are fun to have and I hope to make many more. With new Gryffindors arriving in our common room, I hope they will be part of those memories. Maybe meeting someone new, and have another HOL best-friend? Or simply make new friends? Or hopefully continue my duty at teaching a class… That was definitely the adventure and something I enjoyed.
But no matter what memories I make, I hope they will be enjoyable and maybe have a couple life lessons. After all, this was my first year and I already had one life lesson with HOL Idol. It was still worth it.

So HOL bring it on! I am ready for my second year!

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#1Thoth Van's AvatarThoth Van (rated this 7)

#2Amanda Summers's AvatarAmanda Summers (rated this 10)

#3Anastasia Huang's AvatarAnastasia Huang (rated this 10)

Very good, well written, and it really made me feel like I want to spend lotsa time here. I'm new, but I can tell I'll love this place! :)

#4Albus Fitzgerald's AvatarAlbus Fitzgerald (rated this 10)

Very well written and a wonderful job done!

#5Anabeth Underwood's AvatarAnabeth Underwood (rated this 10)

#6Iselilja Mira Mickelsdottir's AvatarIselilja Mira Mickelsdottir (rated this 7)

#7Luna Jecklewood's AvatarLuna Jecklewood (rated this 9)

This is a lovely memory for you to put down and it was spirit lifting hearing about such friendship!

#8Irvinia Throop's AvatarIrvinia Throop (rated this 9)

Hehe, this makes me so excited to be a part of the HOL community. :)

Good job!

#9Castora Grimsby's AvatarCastora Grimsby (rated this 0)

Brilliant, as always! Becoming friends with you is my favorite HOL memory too! Well that and the time we drug the hippogriff into the den! Great inspiring exerience! I hope you have many more along your journey. *hugs* :)

#10Tallula Perry's AvatarTallula Perry (rated this 8)

You really did a good job.

#11Nicole Intrieri's AvatarNicole Intrieri (rated this 9)

#12Jenna Hathaway's AvatarJenna Hathaway (rated this 7)

#13Kath Snape's AvatarKath Snape (rated this 9)

Wonderfully written and so happy for your friendship!!!

#14Sophie Delacour's AvatarSophie Delacour (rated this 10)

You did a great job. Sounds like you had a fun year.

#15Kiora Quigley's AvatarKiora Quigley (rated this 8)

I only just signed up for this wonderful place and you make me want to spend a lot of time here. Keep having fun!

#16Rorey Padfoot's AvatarRorey Padfoot (rated this 8)

Wonderful Job!

#17Ron Cory's AvatarRon Cory (rated this 8)

I thought it was very good!

#18Marguerite Davenport's AvatarMarguerite Davenport (rated this 8)

Wow... Nicely done.

#19Evelyn Night's AvatarEvelyn Night (rated this 7)

Good job.

#20Bethnay Ritz's AvatarBethnay Ritz (rated this 9)

#21Zoki Phantom's AvatarZoki Phantom (rated this 9)

Exceed Expectations!!! *giggles* Great!

#22Daniel Zaz's AvatarDaniel Zaz (rated this 9)

Great job

#23Nina Gav's AvatarNina Gav (rated this 9)


#24Julia Weflynn's AvatarJulia Weflynn (rated this 9)

These are all great memories, and making new friends is always the best part. :)

#25Kiri Galdor's AvatarKiri Galdor (rated this 8)

You had a great year.

#26Catriona Watson's AvatarCatriona Watson (rated this 8)

I think these are really very best memories ever.

#27Terry Potter's AvatarTerry Potter (rated this 10)

I liked most your friendship Memory, it's inspiring.

#28Ardeliah Longbottom's AvatarArdeliah Longbottom (rated this 9)

Yay, go second year. I'll see you there.

#29Prof. Iruel Riddle's AvatarProf. Iruel Riddle (rated this 9)

Your entry is very well written, and it's very obvious you love HOL. :). Hopefully, the next 6 years are just as much fun as this year was for you. :)

#30Ashlee Sully's AvatarAshlee Sully (rated this 10)

Don't worry, I bug Prof. Chutney as well! Every week nearly for the past month or so! haha. Sounds like you had a great year with more on the way!

#31Ashley Denver's AvatarAshley Denver (rated this 9)

Great to see your first year at Hogwarts was memorable. I hope the next six years will be. Great job.

#32Zuvona Miska's AvatarZuvona Miska (rated this 10)

LOL...you are the spamming queen in the game world...although I beat you this year in our summer RV. :) I still loveth you though!!! I love the memories too. I miss being a first year.

#33Breanna Abernethy's AvatarBreanna Abernethy (rated this 8)

I found this to be an interesting and compelling story. Good Job! Those are the memories that make HOL a wonderful place to participate in. Thank you for sharing. :)

#34Serenity Thomas's AvatarSerenity Thomas (rated this 10)


#35Endang Potter's AvatarEndang Potter (rated this 10)

Waw....this is very insteresting and add my knowlodge for HOL

#36Ivorie Windton's AvatarIvorie Windton (rated this 9)

Very good memorys!! I hope I get to experience the friendship you did.

#37Askeron Kyle's AvatarAskeron Kyle (rated this 9)

You obviously love HOL, and it shows :)

#38Yavanna Basham's AvatarYavanna Basham (rated this 9)

Very good!

What an enjoyable first year you've had. :)

#39Lera Kamerat's AvatarLera Kamerat (rated this 10)

I love this one! That makes me want to write my own and reminds me a lot about my first year!
Thanks for sharing that!