When I see scarlet and gold, well, first, I do think of Gryffindor, but then I think of the meaning and power behind the colors. Reds, to me, represents a commanding power and blood. What? No, I didn't just say that...While gold portrays brightness and a certain ethereal quality. The fact that it's heavy, thus making it good for smacking people with totally does not sway my opinion what-so-ever!

Colors, all simple, yet, awesome elaborate forms of expression. I believe colors and symbols can have the same, if not almost identical, effect on people no matter how different the colors tend to be. When I see scarlet and gold, the Gryffindor house colors, I feel proud to be a lion, as I'm sure the members of my house and the other houses feel proud when they see their house colors. Scarlet and gold are associated with our daring and brave (verging on the side of complete recklessness) behavior, and I love it. In the books, scarlet and gold are associated with being brave, bold, daring, (the amazing Sirius Black because he's amazing) and so on and so forth, but on HOL, I've come to relate the Gryffindor house colors to that certain dignified insanity and the pure drive to confuse every living and non-living being that exists in HOL. I think we're doing a really spectacurally good job at it.

"You might belong in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart, their daring, nerve and chivalry set Gryffindors apart."
"You might belong in Hufflepuff, where those are just and loyal, those patient Hufflepuff's are true and unafraid of toil."
"Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if you've a ready mind, where those of wit and learning, will always find their kind."
"Or perhaps in Slytherin, you'll make your real friends, those cunning folk use any means, to achieve their ends."

The characteristics listed above are representatives of each house and its colors, they are what makes each person into what they were chosen to be. Although, I truly believe Jo Rowling just simply forgot to add in "insanity" when listing the Gryffindor house characteristics as you would need to be insane to want to be in this house. Insanity is basically a prerequisite. With the colors each house represents comes the feeling of unity and pride for most. These colors are symbols that draw each member in the house together. In real life my room is very much of these colors, but that's just a handy side-effect of myself liking warm colors. If I feel the need to get dressed up, like a complete dork, and go to a midnight showing of a Harry Potter movie, you will, surely, find me in Gryffindor colors and not Ravenclaw, because Gryffindor represents the house I relate to the most, and find my home in.

Oh, and because we're basically the best house ever to walk the face of the planent. Ever, in my opinion. No point in arguing, you'll just end up losing, eventually. Scarlet and gold rock my socks!

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#1Catriona Watson's AvatarCatriona Watson (rated this 7)

Good to read.

#2Adelline Aldridge's AvatarAdelline Aldridge (rated this 6)

I liked it :) Had some 'thought' in it. Not sure that was the best last sentence though :P

#3Kadina Tigano's AvatarKadina Tigano (rated this 7)

#4Kiri Galdor's AvatarKiri Galdor (rated this 7)

#5Castora Grimsby's AvatarCastora Grimsby (rated this 10)

A truly insane and entertaining glimpse of your insight into Gryffindors colors! It rocked my socks too!

#6Josefine Sui's AvatarJosefine Sui (rated this 4)

A little trashy in the beginning.

#7Endang Potter's AvatarEndang Potter (rated this 10)


#8Alissa Kirby's AvatarAlissa Kirby (rated this 9)

this made me laugh really really hard for some odd reason. Its really well written and the heart put into it shows ^^

#9Jenna Hathaway's AvatarJenna Hathaway (rated this 7)

#10Noora Novel's AvatarNoora Novel (rated this 7)

I like your enthusiasm! =)

#11Kath Snape's AvatarKath Snape (rated this 8)

Very good discription of a Gryffindor!!!
Insane - hehehehe
This is very well thought out.

#12Askeron Kyle's AvatarAskeron Kyle (rated this 8)

Very well written.

#13Iselilja Mira Mickelsdottir's AvatarIselilja Mira Mickelsdottir (rated this 5)

#14Evelyn Night's AvatarEvelyn Night (rated this 6)

#15Marguerite Davenport's AvatarMarguerite Davenport (rated this 10)

Brilliant I loved the whole thing especially the part about insanity being a prerequisite for Gryffindor. Being a non-Gryffindor I wont agree that Gryffindor is the best house. But everyone is allowed their own house pride.

#16Lucy Greyback's AvatarLucy Greyback (rated this 10)

Gryffindor pawns all! There is not doubt about it! :D

#17Cam Yousefpour's AvatarCam Yousefpour (rated this 7)


#18Zach Goldenfarb's AvatarZach Goldenfarb (rated this 8)

#19Rose Alstien's AvatarRose Alstien (rated this 9)

It was good, but the last part i feel like was just there so you would have enough words.

#20Daniel Zaz's AvatarDaniel Zaz (rated this 9)

Great Job

#21Ariel Kingston's AvatarAriel Kingston (rated this 8)

very sincere

#22Zia Stonebury's AvatarZia Stonebury (rated this 9)

Asolutely true! Gryff rocks!!