The Penguinators!

On the 2nd of June 2007, the FBI realised that humans were not the only mischief makers in the world.
Do you love penguins? Aren't they really cute when they walk with their little feet?
Well, after the global warming starting to effect them, they didn't think much of us. They wanted to show us what it felt like, to have the whole world around us melt away until our own race would become extinct. So, they sent their most fiersome penguin, one you probably remember from somewhere - Mumbo (you know, from happy feet) as well as his loyal puffins.
Anyway, the whole community of penguins started to be like humans, making their own things instead of making use of natural things. They kitted out Mumbo and his friends in a suit which would keep them at the same temperature as if they were at home, even in the meditteranean sea. And with them, they had a lethal weapon. An AGB (artificial gas blower)
Inside, the machine, they had added lots of gases coming from every penguin in the community (the gas, they knew, would melt away the earth under which the humans tread, so that there was only water on the planet.) Then they would freeze the ice with AFC (artifical frozen clouds, which were very large machines that could hover over any kind of water and turn it to ice)This way, they would be the kings and queens of the Earth and the humans would have to get use to the ice and learn to obey another animal's orders.
But to do all this, they needed some human help. So they decided to surf the net in order to find a cool community who could help them (with a reward of course)
They had read all the Harry Potter books and decided between them that it was the best story ever. So, they looked at every site they could find to do with Harry Potter. Disappointment after disappointment. Most sites were just one person talking about how they adored harry potter. But one day, they came across HOL, and they were amazed. They joined straight away in December 2007 and became addicts. They tried to make friends and suceeded but their interest was in one person only.
She was someone they chatted to often enough and they found out that she apparently really liked penguins and felt really sorry for them right now, with all the ice melting away. This was Annie Chandran (of course the penguins hadn't revealed their identity yet)
So, when they had sympathised with her properly, they started to give her clues and realised that she believed that they were penguins. She was very gullible and her love of penguins let her believe that these adorable little things could actually be on the internet. Why not???
But they lied to her, told her that if she did what they asked her, she would get many prizes, and in addition, she would be happy because she would help penguins fight global warming.
So they decided to meet her in London, in a little street where no one would see her with the penguins. They had given her a cover name, Candy Longbottom (such a name would probably not be known by anyone and she wouldn't be recognised if the penguins were found out. Or so they thought)
Next, she would smuggle them into her house. From there, they gave her instructions to spray the gases in the air, everywhere she could. The gases were very strong so they would spread quickly and melt one hundred square miles of ground per spray. Soon enough, she had been to every city and sprayed. They demanded that she sent them to her cousin in New York so that she could spray as well. But it happened that on the plane to New York, four FBIs had boarded and they were very suspicous about Annie, an eith grader and only accomapanied by a rattling box.
They searched her and found the gases and the talking penguins.
"Aha!" they cried, "So thats why England is mysteriously melting away!"
They told Annie and her penguin friends that if they didn't want to go to prison, they had to make another gas so that England didn't melt away.
Annie was shocked at the penguins, after she realised she had been tricked. She felt humiliated after what the penguins had done to her.
But the penguins themselves set to work straight away - they certainly didn't want to be locked up.
Within a few weeks, the penguins had produced a gas that could undo everything that the other gases had done.
Annie was sent back home and the penguins as well. And now, humans don't only supervise penguins but every creature in the world.
After all, tomorrow it could be kangaroos trying to rule the world. They could already be planning something . . .

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very immaginative i really enjoyed it

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Very wild and far fetched. Really liked it.

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This is very interesting...yes!

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Nice one :D

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Very good

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Nice story :)
Poor Annie!