The true story of Sleeping Beauty, told by the witch herself and as reported in the Journal of Muggle Folklore; The True Stories.

Well it all started when this princess Lianora was christened. No one knew that I was a real witch, only that I was a wise woman. But I was invited to give the princess a blessing, such as beauty or something. I ask you !! If YOU had a witch to give you a blessing at your christening would you want beauty? Well, I was a seer, so as I was about to give her intelligence, I saw that when she turned sixteen Lianora would prick her finger on a spindle and fall asleep until she was kissed by the one who loves her truly. Well, that didnít go over well with her father. He banished me from the castle, never to come again, even before I could bless her.

Well of course the girl turned out stupid, with a role model like her father. She was out riding one day when she spied me spinning on my old spinning wheel. Now she came right over and wanted me to hand it over to her royalness, which I refused to do. My reasons? Number one, because it had been in my family for generations; number two, I didnít want to hurt the child, no matter how stupid she might be.

So I told her no. She insisted on having it, her father not having told her about the prophecy. I held firm, but when she got her daddy into this I was threatened with torture until I agreed to give it to the girl. Before I gave it to her, I warned her to be very careful with it and to on no account prick her finger with it. But the stupid child didnít even listen to a word I said, so of course she pricked her finger on it and fell asleep.

Now why that happened I do not know, all I know is that I didnít make it happen. But of course the king remembered that I had foreseen it, so I was once again in trouble. No one seemed to remember that I had been trying to keep her away from the spinning wheel in the first place. From then on I lived in my old hut and never came out for fear I would be seen and attacked.

One day my young nephew, a really brilliant young wizard just out of school, came along and told me that he had seen a maiden most fair through the castle window, and did I know who she was? Well I told him the whole story, and young Toby was right impressed, if I say so myself. But of course being in love with her, he refused to believe that it was her own fault, and insisted that he would go rescue her. Now he was a fine wizard, but Toby knew the dangers of using magic on muggles, so he summoned a young prince as stupid as possible to see Lianora, and of course this young prince fell in love with her as well.

Afterwards Toby told me all that happened, and this is it in his words. ďI found a young muggle, a prince who was about my age, and took him to see the princess. He fell in love with her as well, for who could fail to fall in love with such a lovely lady I do not know. He got me through, using his sword on the other muggles, and then we were in Lianoraís room. He kissed her, but it did no good as he did not love her truly, only a passing fancy he felt for her. Then he had me try, and it worked !!!

She woke up and immediately this young man pushed me aside to get to her, stabbing me with his sword. I got out through the window, and next I knew the muggle was pretending that he was the one who kissed her and woke her from her sleep. I hope that fair Lianora is happy with this young prince, but I will love her until the day I die.Ē

I really feel for poor Toby, but all in all Iím glad that he is not marrying Lianora, she is really too stupid for such a bright boy. And thatís how it all happened.

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#1Jacqualine Snape's AvatarJacqualine Snape (rated this 9)

Very good, you've made a believer out of me.

#2Alana Amour's AvatarAlana Amour (rated this 7)

This is cool! (:

#3Sirena  Baughman 's AvatarSirena Baughman (rated this 10)

Very well written! Great job!

#4Belle Black's AvatarBelle Black (rated this 9)

Very creative! I would have liked to see where the dragon fit in, but that might have made it too long.

#5Redd Hawke's AvatarRedd Hawke (rated this 7)

#6Kiri Galdor's AvatarKiri Galdor (rated this 7)

#7Madras Bubbles's AvatarMadras Bubbles (rated this 7)

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#9Marguerite Davenport's AvatarMarguerite Davenport (rated this 7)

I like it, Great Idea.

#10Eleanor Fleur Shrivelfigs's AvatarEleanor Fleur Shrivelfigs (rated this 5)

#11Catriona Watson's AvatarCatriona Watson (rated this 5)

For the effort though.

#12Alana Potter's AvatarAlana Potter (rated this 7)

#13Jenna Hathaway's AvatarJenna Hathaway (rated this 9)

I looove this. It's absolutely hilarious, great job!

#14Kane Welsh's AvatarKane Welsh (rated this 5)

#15Rose Alstien's AvatarRose Alstien (rated this 8)

I like it, I like the whole part about the two princes thing.

#16Meldrania Potter's AvatarMeldrania Potter (rated this 8)

I give this an 8 because it was very detailed and really TWISTED it around.

#17Askeron Kyle's AvatarAskeron Kyle (rated this 7)

Very good.

#18Ferrik Rowan's AvatarFerrik Rowan (rated this 10)

#19Cam Yousefpour's AvatarCam Yousefpour (rated this 8)

I think the story has a good plot and is well written. The tradtional fairytale is well 'twisted'!

#20Hildegaard Lovegood's AvatarHildegaard Lovegood (rated this 10)

great wizard twist on an old muggle story!

#21Coryphee Etoile's AvatarCoryphee Etoile (rated this 7)

Ok....I have a different view which I'll post now. Nice work!

#22Samantha Moonbeam's AvatarSamantha Moonbeam (rated this 6)

#23Ardeliah Longbottom's AvatarArdeliah Longbottom (rated this 8)

Brilliant story line! I really feel sorry for the poor witch.

#24Huda Hassan's AvatarHuda Hassan (rated this 8)

i found it o.k.

#25Daniel Zaz's AvatarDaniel Zaz (rated this 8)


#26Evelyn Night's AvatarEvelyn Night (rated this 9)

Your story is great, good writing. :)

#27Zach Goldenfarb's AvatarZach Goldenfarb (rated this 8)

very comical

#28Ariel Kingston's AvatarAriel Kingston (rated this 7)


#29Yavanna Basham's AvatarYavanna Basham (rated this 9)

I love it!
Really a great story.

#30Marilla Teague's AvatarMarilla Teague (rated this 10)

What a great story! Like real folklore!