31.10.2007 11.30 PM

Dear Journal,
Despite my age, I am not afraid to admit how terrified I am of the dark. I might have grown up in the wizarding world knowing ghost, vampires, hags and werewolves; but that does not stop me from cowering in my bed at night under the blankets. After tonight, I know there is something out there much worse.

I blame my father more than anything; he had a love for muggle horror movies. Really, they are quite...what's the word? Cheesy, and they are incredible inaccurate. At least, that is what I try to tell myself as lay in bed at night with my lights off.

Today started out quite normal, despite the fact it was Halloween and a dark, cloudy day. I trooped behind my friend Zenix James all the way up the tower to the Clue classroom for class, chatting about music and the sorts. That was when the normal stopped. Professor Gwyd Aerlyn was not there, and in her normal seat was her custom made nerf bat, with a puddle of something dark around it. Zenix headed towards the dark puddle, while I stood there frozen, looking around the room. I quickly noticed that we were the only students left in the room.

"It's chocolate syrup?" Zenix called from the other side of the room. "Well thats odd. Why go through the trouble of making people think she has been attacked?"

"Zee," I started, shakily, "I don't think anyone else is...around." Zenix gave me a fearful look, and we both ran down the ladder out of the tower.

On the other side of the castle, things were not much better. Tara Aurelium and Joel Aireserkeiel were heading back to the castle after a long one on one quidditch match. The matched had been called to a tie on account of hunger. As they walked back, it began to pour, and they did not notice the lack of people around.

As they entered the great hall, Zenix and I slammed into them, knocking them both to the ground. "Watch where you are going!" Tara huffed, but softened as she realized it was us. "Sorry," she said, "But I am starving!"

Zenix began to tell them what we had seen, as I looked around the hall. Where was everyone? I thought. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a white flicker move into a classroom. Without thinking, I ran after it, hoping to find some answers. "Wait up!" I yelled, as I skidded into the classroom. A second later I began to back out. The white flash I had seen was a ghost, but not a normal HOL ghost. It was the ghost of the Ravenclaw Prefect Maya Winters.

I turned around and bolted back towards my friends. As I arrived, I realized that two more people had joined our group, Severus McGonagall and Adelline Aldridge. Both looked pale but okay. I was quickly brought up to speed. Sev had experienced something similar to what I had just been through. He had gone to the prefects meeting, only to find all of them ghost! Addy had a completely new experience, however.

"I was on my way to Advance Charms when I ran into Sophie St Clair. She and I began to discuss the party tonight, when we suddenly felt a dark, cold presence in the hall. Unfortunately she ran one way, and I ran the other. But I think....I think we are the only ones alive in the school guys." Addy took a big breath and leaned against Sev as I told my story of seeing Maya as a ghost.

"I think," I started, trying to get my thoughts together, "I think we need to stick together. We should find Sophie and who ever else may be out there and head to the library."

"The library?" Joel looked at me with a confused face.

"Ah...to see if something like this has happened before," Zenix added. I nodded, refusing to say that the real reason was I knew it would be well lit and safe feeling to me. Thus, we began our journey to the library.

As we crept along to the second floor, we remained unusually silent. Not once did we see any other live beings, and very few ghost were seen too. Addy eventually broke the silence. "Guys...where did Sev go?" We all turned around and looked, but he was no where to be seen.

Journal, I am not sure how to continue this story without getting completely terrified again. I sit here alone; I am the last remaining. I haven't a clue where the others have gone, nor have I seen their ghosts around yet. They just started disappearing one after the other, not returning from the restrooms, or from a part of the library. As Addy was the last to disappear, I decided to pull out my journal and began to write, hoping someone will find it and know what happened to all of us. I have lit all the lights in the library, uncertain of where to go, what to do, or if I will be---

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#1Castora Grimsby's AvatarCastora Grimsby (rated this 9)

Great! Very creepy! Loved it!

#2Noora Novel's AvatarNoora Novel (rated this 8)


#3India Jolly's AvatarIndia Jolly (rated this 8)

A few spelling errors but a great idea and a really well-written story. I love it!

#4Clio Storm's AvatarClio Storm (rated this 10)

Wow! Really spooky ideas! I loved reading it!

#5Lucy Greyback's AvatarLucy Greyback (rated this 8)

LOOOL I was laughing the whole time. It reminded me of the blair witch project XD This was really neat. XD

#6Emma Walker's AvatarEmma Walker (rated this 7)

very cute I loved it. Great job.

#7May Lee's AvatarMay Lee (rated this 8)

nice story :D

#8Askeron Kyle's AvatarAskeron Kyle (rated this 10)

This is very good

#9Mairead Falcourt's AvatarMairead Falcourt (rated this 9)

I loved it!

#10Sophie Orion's AvatarSophie Orion (rated this 9)

Definitely "spooky" and quite a fun read. I loooove the ending hardcore. :)

#11Francine Granger's AvatarFrancine Granger (rated this 5)

#12Terry Black's AvatarTerry Black (rated this 5)

#13Yavanna Basham's AvatarYavanna Basham (rated this 7)

Scary,and cute.
I liked it!

#14Zach Goldenfarb's AvatarZach Goldenfarb (rated this 10)


#15Endang Potter's AvatarEndang Potter (rated this 7)


#16Marguerite Davenport's AvatarMarguerite Davenport (rated this 6)

very cute, great job.

#17Ardeliah Longbottom's AvatarArdeliah Longbottom (rated this 8)

I loved it. Especially the unknown gooey bits.

#18Daniela Alonso's AvatarDaniela Alonso (rated this 9)

Great, I liked it a lot.

#19Jacqualine Snape's AvatarJacqualine Snape (rated this 9)

very very good, I really enjoyed this.

#20Nadine Borovicka's AvatarNadine Borovicka (rated this 10)

It's great. Now I'm a little bit scared

#21Caitlin Hewett's AvatarCaitlin Hewett (rated this 9)

I love it.

#22Joel Aireserkeiel's AvatarJoel Aireserkeiel (rated this 10)

It's brilliant, i love the last paragraph. It sounds very real, and spoooky D: Well done :)

#23Mafalda Clearwater's AvatarMafalda Clearwater (rated this 10)

Very nice! Creepy, I can feel the horrors its make me feel dread of. And the way you hang the story at the end make me more terrified of the dark than I have now.

#24Coryphee Etoile's AvatarCoryphee Etoile (rated this 8)

I loved it. Fabulous work. Your a great horror writer!

#25Maggie Leto's AvatarMaggie Leto (rated this 10)

Oh,wow...Nice job. I like how you did it as a journal entry.

#26Zenix James's AvatarZenix James (rated this 10)

OMG! CHOCOLATE SYRUP! You killed me off! Yet, I am happy I made it almost through the entire story. Awesome, awesome story, amazingly written and great detail. Spoooooky! *waves hands*

#27Tara Aurelium's AvatarTara Aurelium (rated this 10)

Brilliant. Love it. *g*