New and Amazing News!!! Newly spotted Magical Creature!!

The Ministry of Magic didn't want YOU to Know!!!

Latest breaking news: Discovered in Pembrokeshire! New! Rare!

The Amazing Carne-Shelled Wolverinster!

Little did tiny Simon Jones, in St. David's Wales, know what he would find when out practicing quidditch this past week. In this tiny Welsh hamlet, all seemed serene and safe.

But while taking a break for pumpkin juice, little Simon, just 10 years, old, heard a ferocious growling and snuffling! Looking for the source in the rocks of west Wales, what should Simon discover, but a never before seen
Carne-Shelled Wolverinster! Nothing like it has ever been seen on this continent!

Of course, the Quibbler was there first to interview little Simon:

"I was just drinking my pumpkin juice," says the diminuitive Jones, "when I heard the sounds. I thought it was our dog, or maybe a few gnomes after my snack!" Lucky for Jones he never investigated too closely, for like their mammalian cousins the wolverine, Carne-Shelled Wolverinsters must be fabulous fighters.

"It might have been hunting," explains the 10 year old Jones. With rare foresight, Jones took the photo at right of this rare Magical Creature, never seen or discovered before! Notice how quickly this newly discovered creature moves!

"It looked like a growling rock with massive teeth," explained Jones to our reporter, as ever, the first on the spot for this breaking story. "When the Wolverinster moved, you could see it had a shell that looked like a pebble beach, all in motion! It shot past me like a Cornish Pixie!"

Quick to learn more about the rare and never before seen or discovered Wolverinster, the Quibbler went to Care of Magical Creatures Professor Rubeus Hagrid, of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We askd Professor Hagrid about this amazing discovery.

"I jus' wish I'd been there," said Professor Hagrid. "Som'n new and discovered like this don't come along every day."

Asked about the possible relatives of the Wolverinster, Professor Hagrid explained the Wolverinster might be related to nifflers.

"Sounds like this Wolverinster moved a bit like a niffler. Now, rightly speakin', a niffler isn't a danger. This Wolverinster sounds more of a threat," cautioned Professor Hagrid. "I jus' know I want one for Hogwarts," sighed the committed teacher.

As often the case, the Department of Magical Creatures at the Ministry of Magic has little to say about this important and amazing new discovery. We sent our reporter to the Ministry for an interview, and found, sadly, that the Department had little to say.

"We have not verified the existence of the so-called Carne-Shelled Wolverinster," said assistant director Benjie Marsupius. "We need members of the Department of Magical Creatures to verify this finding in west Wales, and until further investigation, we have no further comment."

The Quibbler's sources inside the Ministry, however, say that professional jealousy is preventing any insightful research into little Simon Jones' discovery.

To readers of the Quibbler, such misdirected policies are hardly new. Readers will remember the Ministry's reaction to Crumple-Horned Snorkacks and Wrackspurts! Clearly the Department is still holding to its traditionalist views.

"Well, the Ministry doesn't want to admit that a little boy can find a creature they've never discovered," said Lindsey Pryor, who runs the Little Whining Rescue for Magical Creatures.

"Clearly the Ministry doesn't want to take on the work to set new standards for this wonderful sounding discovery! It will be us rescue workers up and down the country who will have to step in should these creatures face ignorant treatment from the Wizarding community!"

Annabelle Burley, of the International Magical Creatures Fund, spoke of the immediate need to set up international laws to protect this new find. "Something this rare and never before seen, will need protection from the entire Magical community. It is a shame that the Department of Magical Creatures is neglecting its duty to this animal!"

In terms of day to day interaction, the Quibbler asked Professor Hagrid about precautions the Wizarding community can take with this newly discovered, and potentially dangerous creature.

"Well, now, most creatures won't hurt ya," said the Professor, "but with teeth an' all, ya might wanta jus' stay back a bit maybe. What we need, tho, are more pictures."

So there you have it folks! A new and exciting discovery here in the Wizarding community. To help with further scientific research on this rare Wolverinster, the Quibbler offers a 20 galleon reward for anyone who can find and capture on Wizarding film this amazing new creature.

And Annabelle Burey has already started a fund to protect and ensure the survival of the rare Carne-Shelled Wolverinster. You can send contributions to this fund through our Quibbler office.

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Ratings and Comments

#1Zuvona Miska's AvatarZuvona Miska (rated this 7)

#2Andrea John's AvatarAndrea John (rated this 8)

Very good

#3Mynci Mars's AvatarMynci Mars (rated this 8)

Great detail and great immating Hagrid!

#4Masha MaIfoy's AvatarMasha MaIfoy (rated this 9)

Whoa.. Good job!

#5Endang Potter's AvatarEndang Potter (rated this 10)

You are briliant because you can detail of interview with your source

#6Caitlin Hewett's AvatarCaitlin Hewett (rated this 7)

Imaginative. I really liked it and it was well thought out.

#7May Moon's AvatarMay Moon (rated this 9)

Very interesting.

#8Nadine Borovicka's AvatarNadine Borovicka (rated this 7)

not enough words.

#9Rory Brooks's AvatarRory Brooks (rated this 8)

#10Yavanna Basham's AvatarYavanna Basham (rated this 9)

I thought this was an excellent story.
Very well written,and fun to read.
I thoroughly enjoyed it.

#11Deborah  Goldman's AvatarDeborah Goldman (rated this 7)

#12Jacqualine Snape's AvatarJacqualine Snape (rated this 8)

very good, just a few spelling mistakes let it down.

#13Castora Grimsby's AvatarCastora Grimsby (rated this 8)

Very well written. I really liked that Hagrid was included!

#14Marguerite Davenport's AvatarMarguerite Davenport (rated this 6)

Interesting and creative I like that Hagrid was in it.

#15Lalaith Lomion's AvatarLalaith Lomion (rated this 7)

#16Ariana Wolfsbane's AvatarAriana Wolfsbane (rated this 6)

I think it was interesting to say the least.
The magical creature had very Original naming...

#17Dara Muthia's AvatarDara Muthia (rated this 9)

wow you have a potency in journalistic

#18Alassandra Volkov's AvatarAlassandra Volkov (rated this 6)

#19Daniel Zaz's AvatarDaniel Zaz (rated this 10)

I thought it was very descripted

#20Prof. Opal Dragonfly's AvatarProf. Opal Dragonfly (rated this 8)

Inventive, but the name is a bit awkward (I am wondering if it was supposed to be "Cairn"--a rocky area??). Well-written, in good reporting style, and displaying humor. A couple of punctuation problems exist and, perhaps, a bit more description would be nice (but, if it moved that fast. . .).

#21Annabelle Pollifax's AvatarAnnabelle Pollifax (rated this 6)

Interesting, but how did he come up with this name if it is a new creature? A few grammatical errors.

#22Morag McQueen's AvatarMorag McQueen (rated this 10)

Amazing! A true Quibbler Story.
I loved every letter of it :)

#23Askeron Kyle's AvatarAskeron Kyle (rated this 6)

Very good and interesting.

#24Amy Moon's AvatarAmy Moon (rated this 9)

Well-written as well as entertaining. I'm just happy I didn't meet this Carne-Shelled Wolverinster.

#25Penelope Garrido-Mitchell's AvatarPenelope Garrido-Mitchell (rated this 5)

#26Bella Grenze's AvatarBella Grenze (rated this 5)

#27Fujiko Ankyo's AvatarFujiko Ankyo (rated this 7)

#28Shilohe Faux's AvatarShilohe Faux (rated this 5)

It is okay.But I think it should have the writer's name not the real id but something made up.I may be wrong as I am a first year.

#29Kath Snape's AvatarKath Snape (rated this 9)

WOW Fantastic!! I don't think I would want to run into this new creature though!!

#30May Lee's AvatarMay Lee (rated this 8)

nice story

#31Clearana Hosker's AvatarClearana Hosker (rated this 6)

Really enthusiastic.

#32Iman Usman's AvatarIman Usman (rated this 8)

really interesting

#33Isabella Andromeda's AvatarIsabella Andromeda (rated this 6)

#34Darcey Goode's AvatarDarcey Goode (rated this 7)

This was fun. Your quote from Simon reads too mature for a 10-year-old though.

#35Debora Lace's AvatarDebora Lace (rated this 5)

#36Aylarah Scale's AvatarAylarah Scale (rated this 7)

I thought this was good - I liked the comments from the ministry and from Professor Hagrid, I thought they were well written. The only negative thing I have to say is that I thought there were too many "tiny"s in the first paragraph, and then you call Simon "Little Simon" twice very close together. I think that another adjective should have replaced one of these, because it makes the beginning sound a little repetative. All in all though I liked this!

#37Ashley Denver's AvatarAshley Denver (rated this 5)

This is really good. You have it in a good interview style as well. Good imagination for this creature.

#38Coryphee Etoile's AvatarCoryphee Etoile (rated this 7)

I idea and the vivid descripitions. Love little Simon!

#39Opal Curare's AvatarOpal Curare (rated this 8)

This story was very entertaining! The only thing that made me hesitate from giving it top marks was the repetitive use of some words, such as 'tiny'. Good work =D

#40Angel Arcinaass's AvatarAngel Arcinaass (rated this 10)

amazing work! keep it up!

#41Ellie Warhol's AvatarEllie Warhol (rated this 6)

#42Colleen Lem's AvatarColleen Lem (rated this 9)

i loved it. It was really funny

#43Rose Alstien's AvatarRose Alstien (rated this 9)

you were two words short, and at one point, you made it sound as if someone else was the reporter, but other than that, I loved it.

#44Zach Goldenfarb's AvatarZach Goldenfarb (rated this 8)

That was an excellent interview

#45Zia Stonebury's AvatarZia Stonebury (rated this 9)

VERY well written! Made me chuckle quite a bit! Only, the exclamatory marks were perhaps repeated too many times. But, anyhow, I suppose that's what made the story so amusing...good job.

#46Bev Grey's AvatarBev Grey (rated this 9)

I love the detail

#47Thoth Van's AvatarThoth Van (rated this 7)

#48Ashlee Sully's AvatarAshlee Sully (rated this 6)

It was an interesting discovery but I found the paragraphs and sentence structure to be rather choppy. Good job.

#49Evangeline Harper's AvatarEvangeline Harper (rated this 9)

It was very cute and i didn't find anything wrong. I loved it.

#50Gwen Juniper's AvatarGwen Juniper (rated this 10)

Very funny ! Realistic Quibbler report, interesting magical creature ! I really liked it.

#51Leigh Van Voreen's AvatarLeigh Van Voreen (rated this 10)

Excellent job!

#52Dan Ward's AvatarDan Ward (rated this 7)

Pretty Good I'd Say! :) WELL DONE!!

#53Daniela Alonso's AvatarDaniela Alonso (rated this 6)

#54Andrea Slate's AvatarAndrea Slate (rated this 7)