‘Welcome to the 333th Summer Quidditch League! I hope you will all enjoy the first game this season! And now, I want a standing ovation for the lovely ladies of the Holyhead Harpies!
‘Annnnd….. Smith!
‘And please welcome the Chudley Cannons to the stadium with a big applause!’
‘Annnnd….. Michaels!
‘And, not to forget, our lovely referee from the Netherlands: Ellen de Jong!

‘And theeeeeeey’re OFF! The balls are in the air! And Jackson has the quaffle! She makes a fine backpass to Johnson – Wiliams – Johnson – Jackson – Johnson! And Johnson flies to the right hoop and she – That must hurt! A good placed bludger by Hunter. And Grant catches the quaffle! He passes to Condor. Grant – Harrison – Condor – Harrison! That was a foul! De Jong gives Harrison a penalty because of cobbing by Jackson! Harrison flies to the hoop – and Towell misses! Harrison SCORES! 00 Holyhead Harpies versus 10 Chudley Cannons!
‘Jackson has the quaffle. She passes to Johnson – Jackson – Wiliams – Jackson – Johnson! And Johnson is blocked by Condor! Condor has the quaffle! He passes to Grant! And he – a bludger hits Grant in his stomach. He drops the quaffle. Harrison and Johnson both fly with full speed to the quaffle and – the bump into each other. They both fall down. And both teams ask for a time out!’

‘Johnson and Harrison are both conscious again and they fly up. And the referee whistles and the match has begun again! Wiliams catches the quaffle. She passes to Johnson and – was that the snitch? Smith and Michaels both dive to the ground with top speed! Smith pulls up in time but Michaels crashes on the ground! That must hurt! His nose doesn’t look good! Time out for the Chudley Cannons!’

‘The score is 10 Holyhead Harpies versus 10 Chudley Cannons. Johnson has made a goal while we all followed the dangerous Wronski Feint Smith performed perfectly. And the match goes on! Condor has the quaffle, he’s dodging a bludger sent by McCormic and – that is stooging! Grant and Harrison rammed Towell aside so Condor could score! And he does! De Jong should whistle – yes, she does, and she gives the Holyhead Harpies one, no TWO penalties! Wiliams and Jackson are going to take them. Wiliams flies to the hoops and… a brilliant catch of Pitch! He throws the quaffle to Jackson to let her take the second penalty. Jackson flies with top speed to Pitch, she’s flying to the right hoop, and – she SCORES in the left hoop! An impressive feint of Kim Jackson! The score is 20 Chudley Cannons versus 20 Holyhead Harpies!’

‘And the match goes on again. Harrison has the quaffle! Condor – Harrison – Cond – no, a nice backpass of Harrison to Grant! Grant flies to the left hoop, only Towell in his way. And he – a nice placed bludger by Polkins – hits Towell in the stomach. She falls down and Grant SCO – no, he misses! Mullen has batted the same bludger to Grant! Grant climbs on his broom again and Towell flies up. And JUST IN TIME, people! Condor has caught the quaffle and he flies to the middle hoop. Towell isn’t looking well, I wonder if she can have this one! And Grant is approaching her. And he SCORES! 20 Holyhead Harpies versus 30 Chudley Cannons! And the captain of the Holyhead Harpies askes a time out for their keeper.’

‘Annnnnnnd… we can go on with the match again! And Wiliams has the quaffle. She backpasses to Jackson – Johnson – Jackson – Wiliams! And they are flying with the Hawkshead Attacking Formation to Pitch, they are top-class chasers, people! Also Pitch doesn’t seem to know what he has to do with these three ladies – did I say ladies? I mean dangerous women! – rushing to him. And Johnson has the quaffle, she rushes to the right hoop. And Pitch BLOCKS! He’s a brilliant keeper! Johnson looks disappointed. Cheer up girl, you are a top-class chaser!’

‘The score is still 20 Holyhead Harpies versus 30 Chudley Cannons. Condor has the quaffle. He passes to Grant and Grant flies to the left hoop – and Jackson is cobbing again! The referee whistles twice! Two penalties for the Chudley Cannons! I would be more careful, Jackson!’

‘Grant is flying with a bleeding nose to Towell. And he SCORES! 20 Holyhead Harpies versus 40 Chudley Cannons! And who is going to take the second penalty? We’re all waiting… And Harrison flies forwards to the hoops. But Towell blocks! She must have seen somehow Harrison made a feint! We seem to have two exellent keepers today! I want a big applause for Pitch and Towell!’

‘Johnson has the quaffle. She dodges a bludger Hunter sent to her. And she’s flying to the hoops. Will she sco – And Smith and Michaels are diving again! Have they seen the Snitch? They are rushing to the ground! O, I hope they don’t crash! Michaels is stretching out his hand and – a bludger hits him full in the face! Good job, Mullen! This is Smith’s chance! Michael lies unconscious on the ground.’
‘AND SHE HAS THE SNITCH! This brings the score to 170 Holyhead Harpies versus 40 Chudley Cannons because of a great block by Pitch and a brilliant catch by Smith, and, not to forget, an exellent placed bludger by Mullen on the right time! And this ends the match! The Holyhead Harpies are going home knowing they have their first three points in this Summer Quidditch League! Give our fabulous players one more applause!’

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I love ow you made it descriptive while not going into too muc detail and keeping it realistic. Great job!

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Story was well written. Really good structure. A little wordy could of had more action.

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I thought this was very well written, and easy to "hear" while reading, which is important for written commentary. Nice job!

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Brilliant story!, but you could add a bit more details of how each event happens

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An exciting match! I did miss some humour in here though, but it was a good commentary. I was a bit disappointed that the Chudley Kannons didn't win, though..Well, maybe next time! ;)

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Very enjoyable, nice quick pace and some good fouls in there. Have you announced the Keepers first though? That really confused me, I'm so used to it being Chasers, Beaters, Keeper, Seeker.

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I liked the match. good use of Quidditch terms (formations and such).

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Aside from some misspellings and abuse of the word 'and', this was a pretty realistic commentary (well, at least from the perspective of someone who doesn't know much about Quidditch aside from the very basics).

This part made me laugh: "Also Pitch doesn’t seem to know what he has to do with these three ladies – did I say ladies? I mean dangerous women! – rushing to him."

This was a well-written commentary and one could almost imagine themselves to be right there, watching the game.

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