This chapter takes place in Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. It depicts the story of Hermione learning that she is a witch and will be able to attend Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

“The Muggle Born”

Hermione lay on her bed listening to the rain hit up against her bedroom window. Despite the gloomy weather, the bedroom was well lit and full of warmth. The walls were hidden behind shelves full of books and the floor was scattered with magazines. Candles were glowing throughout the room, which emitted a most beautiful smell of lavender and rose. From down below, Hermione could hear her mother in the kitchen making dinner. Her father would be home from work at any moment. Sure enough there was the sound of a car pulling into the driveway, he had finally arrived.

“Two cavities and a root canal” said Mr. Granger. “Kids these days just can’t stay away from the candy, am I right Hermione?”
Hermione gave her dad a sly look as she passed the salad bowl to her mother. “It’s not my fought I have such crooked teeth” said Hermione.
“Not to worry dear, we’ll be able to fit you for braces come this fall” said Mr. Granger. Just as Hermione was about to say what she thought about braces, there was a knock at the front door. “Who could it be this time of evening?” said Hermione.

As Mr. Granger opened the door, there stood a tall, lengthy old man. His hair was white and he had a long beard. The man had bright blue eyes, which were hidden behind half-moon spectacles. The man wore a long purple cloak, which seemed very strange to the Grangers.

“May I help you?” asked Mr. Granger.
“Indeed you can. My name is Albus Dumbledore and I have come to deliver news about your Daughter, Ms. Hermione Granger.”
“What kind of news?” asked Hermione.
“If I could please come in, we could sort this all out.” And with a gesture of his hand, Mr. Granger welcomed the stranger into the house. “Please, have a seat, is there anything we could get you?” asked Mr. Granger.
“That would be most wonderful, do you have any tea?” and at the word, Mrs. Granger hurried into the kitchen to prepare a cup of tea. When she had arrived back into the room, Dumbledore thanked her for the tea and took a sip. “No sugar?” asked Dumbledore. “I’m sorry, sugar does a number on teeth, and we do not have any in this house.” said Mr. Granger. “Not to worry” said Dumbledore as he reached into his cloak and pulled out a stick and pointed it at his cup of tea. What looked like sugar emerged from the tip of his stick. “Now, you must be wondering why I have come here tonight.” And he reached into his cloak and pulled out a tiny envelope. He handed the envelope to Hermione. Hermione stared at the envelope for a moment before opening it. Inside the envelope was a piece of parchment that read:

Dear Ms. Granger, we are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

“What? Is this a joke? You can’t possible be serious.” replied Hermione.
“It is true Ms. Granger. You’re a witch. We’ve had your name down in the book since the day you were born.” Hermione looked at her parents. They were both wore a confused look on their face. “So you’re telling me, that our Hermione is a witch? There’s no such thing!” cried Mr. Granger. “I know this must come as a shock to you both, but it is true. Ms. Granger is a witch. There are thousands of witches and wizards all over the world. For example, you know your neighbors the Lee’s? Well, it just so happens they have a son who will also be attending Hogwarts this fall.”

The Grangers sat in silence as they listened to Dumbledore go into detail about Hogwarts. It must have been a half hour before Dumbledore stood up. “I have something for you Hermione.” Dumbledore reached into his cloak once again and pulled out what looked like a wand. Dumbledore mumbled something foreign and a book emerged from the tip of his wand. Hermione stood there, amazed and wide-eyed at what she had just seen. “This is for you and he handed Hermione the Book.” Hermione read the title out loud “Hogwarts, a History.”
“The book will contain everything you need to know about our world and the school you will be attending this fall. Once I leave, if you have any more questions, my advice to you would be to talk to your neighbors. They can answer any questions you may have. But before I leave, do you have any questions?” ask Dumbledore. “Just one question, where can I get one of them” as she pointed to his wand. Dumbledore gave a little chuckle and a wink “All within time young Hermione, all within time.”

That night Hermione lay awake in her room, reading and re-reading the letter Dumbledore had given to her. She had not noticed it before, but inside the envelope was a tiny golden ticket that read “Platform 9 ¾” along with a school supply list and directions to Diagon Alley. Had this all been a dream, was she really a witch? She reached down and picked up the Book Dumbledore had given her and she began to read. Hours later the book fell off the bed. Hermione had fallen asleep and was now dreaming about all the adventures she would have at Hogwarts.

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Ratings and Comments

#1Belle Jerango's AvatarBelle Jerango (rated this 5)

#2Darcey Goode's AvatarDarcey Goode (rated this 7)

I enjoyed this. I particularly like the explanation for Hermione's love of Hogwarts, A History. The thing that really grates, though, is the Americanisms (candy, fall etc). Within description they bug me a little, but it's not a major problem. Within dialogue they ruin the mood entirely. And in a scenario like this, where you're trying to insert a scene into an already-written story, maintaining the original style and tone is important. But other than that, well done.

#3Freddy Reish's AvatarFreddy Reish (rated this 6)

#4Jean Grenier's AvatarJean Grenier (rated this 7)

#5Seamus McFarlin's AvatarSeamus McFarlin (rated this 6)

Hmm...theres no Pizzaz as my teacher puts it. But either way it was ok. Could have been a little more interesting.

#6Jacqualine Snape's AvatarJacqualine Snape (rated this 6)

A good effort, but try to put in more descriptions to help other people visualize the story.

#7Viveca Berkley's AvatarViveca Berkley (rated this 8)

That was great!

#8Jaenelle Askavi's AvatarJaenelle Askavi (rated this 4)

#9Colleen Lem's AvatarColleen Lem (rated this 7)

the "Where can I get one of those" copied Riddle, but it was good and well written

#10Olive Vector's AvatarOlive Vector (rated this 8)

very good. This is something that always interested me, how would someone react on finding they were a witch if they had never heard of such a thing having two muggle parents. Very interesting.

#11Sevelyn Snape's AvatarSevelyn Snape (rated this 7)

Pretty Cool..I could see this in the book.

#12Ashlee Sully's AvatarAshlee Sully (rated this 5)

Its a good story in general but I really don't see Dumbledore personally telling Hermione she's a witch when he couldn't even tell Harry!

#13Amber Woodlock's AvatarAmber Woodlock (rated this 9)

I really enjoyed this one what a great idea to write about Hermione before Hogwarts :) I always wondered how people from muggle familys would react on hearing the news they were a witch/wizard.

#14Aubrey Kay's AvatarAubrey Kay (rated this 3)

#15Annabella Cullen's AvatarAnnabella Cullen (rated this 4)

though i think this was a good effort.. it didnt add anything to the story that JK Rowling wrote. it didnt clear up any issues, and could have been much more original. still, you wrote a 1000 word story, which is braver than anything i would have tried.

#16Bev Grey's AvatarBev Grey (rated this 8)

I really like the chapter you chose to write. I never thought about what happen when Hermione found out she was a witch.

#17Megan Morgan's AvatarMegan Morgan (rated this 5)

Although on topic and a good idea, there were a few spelling and grammar mistakes. All in all though, it was enjoyable to read.

#18Bobby Redfin's AvatarBobby Redfin (rated this 10)

This was really really good. I also think she should have included this too.

You have amazing writing skills.

#19Kerra Barstow's AvatarKerra Barstow (rated this 7)

A good idea and generally well-written. I suspect the Grangers might have shown rather more surprise at Dumbledore's sugar-producing stick and some of the dialogue sounds a little stilted but other than that it reads well and shows a vivid imagination.

#20Ellie Warhol's AvatarEllie Warhol (rated this 10)

Wow, J K Rowling should of had this in her book.

#21Rose Alstien's AvatarRose Alstien (rated this 10)

I like it I've always wondered how Hermione came to know that tshe was a witch!!!

#22Jenifer Stewart's AvatarJenifer Stewart (rated this 8)

#23Jade Chan's AvatarJade Chan (rated this 6)

I was wondering how Hermione got her letter and how it was explained to her parents since they are all Muggleborns... However, I would expect this as an encyclopedia entry, not in the series because it's a backstory. Still enjoyed it! Good work!

#24Lalaith Lomion's AvatarLalaith Lomion (rated this 7)

#25Krissy Baker's AvatarKrissy Baker (rated this 7)

#26Waefre Galdorgalere's AvatarWaefre Galdorgalere (rated this 4)

I think this deviates overly much from the general idea of the books. The stories follow Harry Potter, not Hermione, and thus this chapter would be out of place in The Sorcerer's Stone.

#27Thalia Krum's AvatarThalia Krum (rated this 5)

#28Ekaterina Carbone's AvatarEkaterina Carbone (rated this 8)

It was well written and touched on a subject I have thought of myself.

#29Vaynard Kent's AvatarVaynard Kent (rated this 7)

This is such a nice story :)
i like it.. and also like hermione *gg*

#30May Lee's AvatarMay Lee (rated this 8)

oH, this is a good story!

#31Barbara Phoenix's AvatarBarbara Phoenix (rated this 7)

I like the story a lot, but I think it is a bit short.

#32Scott Novak's AvatarScott Novak (rated this 9)

Hermione's father is funny "...Can't stay away from candy...".lol
So that's why she's so obssessed with Hogwarts, A History...that explains alot.:)

#33Kath Snape's AvatarKath Snape (rated this 6)

Very interesting story.

#34Emma J. Wood's AvatarEmma J. Wood (rated this 7)

I think that this missing part is really interesting as we get to see what Hermione's parents thought of Hermione being a witch and it allows us to focus on someone other than Harry. I also like that it captures her parents as the book suggests that they might be like as dentists.

#35Kiara Ana's AvatarKiara Ana (rated this 8)

It was very good. I loved the background on Herminone yet she seemed a bit like Tom Riddle and Harry and less like Herminone.

#36Giovanna Monroe's AvatarGiovanna Monroe (rated this 7)

#37Julian Bryant's AvatarJulian Bryant (rated this 9)

I always imagined how it would be for a muggle-born, finding out that they were destined for greatness such as Hogwarts and the Wizarding World. You did a good job.

#38Janet Malfoy's AvatarJanet Malfoy (rated this 6)

My rating of 6 is actually for the way it's written. I like it but...other than that, everything's wrong. It doesn't make sense and sounds very fake. There are also a few spelling mistake and loads of punctuation errors.

#39Falay Marker's AvatarFalay Marker (rated this 6)

Your way of writing speech and sentences connecting to speech needs work. And some how I doubt that Dumbledore would deliver a letter himself. Other then that, I love it to bits.

#40Alassandra Volkov's AvatarAlassandra Volkov (rated this 9)

I would have loved to see Hermoine's start of school, getting ready, etc. Great job.

#41Josh Sugartoast's AvatarJosh Sugartoast (rated this 7)

#42Heryna Adams's AvatarHeryna Adams (rated this 7)

just dream it and you got nothing

#43Callidora Doyle's AvatarCallidora Doyle (rated this 7)

I like it, gives a good look at Hr.

#44Marcella Warrick's AvatarMarcella Warrick (rated this 5)

It was all right, a good idea, but it didn't sound like something J.K would write.

#45Valerie Frankofile's AvatarValerie Frankofile (rated this 6)

I think it is a bit impossible for Dumbledore to visit each muggle-born witches or wizards' house.

#46Shayna Tulip's AvatarShayna Tulip (rated this 7)

Good story, but had some punctuation problems.

#47Lilly Stargazer's AvatarLilly Stargazer (rated this 6)

This is a nice subject to elaborate on. I'm just not so sure Dumbledore himself would have come to their house. It would have been nice to see why/how the ministry knew she was a witch.

#48Amy Jo Spiller's AvatarAmy Jo Spiller (rated this 8)

that really good, I always wanted to now about that

#49Mathew McMullen's AvatarMathew McMullen (rated this 8)

that was ok

#50Maite Perroni's AvatarMaite Perroni (rated this 9)

it was good and i liked it. Congrats!

#51Amy Haley's AvatarAmy Haley (rated this 10)

this person is a natural author. so many interesting key words. this person has a wild imagination beyond everyones dreams.

#52Julian McKendry's AvatarJulian McKendry (rated this 9)

Well written with great detail to the room, parents, Hermione and how we potray her her in the books. My only concern is I don't belive that Dumbledore himself would deliver the invitation. ALso I'd liked to seen a bit more of an accent and cheeriness in the portraying og Hermione Granger.

#53Coryphee Etoile's AvatarCoryphee Etoile (rated this 9)

Haha. I was just about to write about that. Oh, well. Great job all the same!

#54Sydney Johnson's AvatarSydney Johnson (rated this 8)

it was verry good it almost sounded like J.K. Rowling wrote it.

#55Allyson Rose's AvatarAllyson Rose (rated this 7)

I Believe this would have been a great asset to the story in full! Wonderful writing, although there were a few grammer mistakes. I also Believe that an entry had to be at least 1000 words?

This was quite a lovely story in the whole however!!!

#56Reannon Geddes's AvatarReannon Geddes (rated this 8)

Good job! I also wondered what it must've been like for Hermione to find out she was a witch. You've taken me there and given me a visual. Great writing.

#57Adrian Baker's AvatarAdrian Baker (rated this 7)

I really liked this a lot, but you should have gone back through spellcheck again, mate. Don't worry, though. I always forget spellcheck too. How did Dumbledore convince the Grangers to let Hermione go? Didn't they argue? I found the lack of resistance a little unbelievable.

#58Gabrielle Lupin's AvatarGabrielle Lupin (rated this 8)

Very well written. Only objection is that Hermione doesn't seems like the Hermione from the books.

#59Mairead Falcourt's AvatarMairead Falcourt (rated this 9)

Brilliant. It truley explained Hermione. You should look into writting Fanfics. You are good.

#60Lera Kamerat's AvatarLera Kamerat (rated this 10)

WoW thet was great!

#61Shyan Leftpaw's AvatarShyan Leftpaw (rated this 6)

That was very good! I like how he gave her the book, of course he would know how much she likes to read. ^^

#62Amber Snewt's AvatarAmber Snewt (rated this 7)

This is very well written and I love the story. However, I feel that the topic is not very imaginative. Still very good though!

#63Ethan Annwyn's AvatarEthan Annwyn (rated this 4)

Not very Rowling-y, and didn't give us anything perculiar to Hermione. It's not poorly written, but it's not a strong addition to Potterdom.

#64Nadine Borovicka's AvatarNadine Borovicka (rated this 9)

lovely, simply lovely

#65Courtney Owl's AvatarCourtney Owl (rated this 10)

Thanks for doing this. It's how I would hope it would have been.

#66Neia Black's AvatarNeia Black (rated this 10)

I think we all wanted to know a little bit more about Hermione and this is a very good idea, good!

#67Ashley Denver's AvatarAshley Denver (rated this 6)

I liked the fact that Hermione didn't believe at first that she was a witch. And I love how it was Dumbledore who gave her Hogwarts: A History.

The only thing I am confused about is the Lee's. Are you talking about Lee Jordan?

#68Clearana Hosker's AvatarClearana Hosker (rated this 8)

i liked it. it was very good

#69Prof. Ulol Kimil's AvatarProf. Ulol Kimil (rated this 7)

I liked the story, but I would love to read a little more about Hermione's parents reaction and thoughts.

#70Zia Stonebury's AvatarZia Stonebury (rated this 7)

Not bad. Not bad at all. But I just don't think Prof. Dumbledore would visit the Grangers personally... Hermione's letter would have come by owl. In book two, even Colin Creevey says he got his letter by owl.

#71Stephen Pfeiffer's AvatarStephen Pfeiffer (rated this 8)

It's not bad...but it's not long enough. Re-read the rules.

#72Askeron Kyle's AvatarAskeron Kyle (rated this 6)

I think this has been well thought out especially the bit about kids and candy *g*

I often wondered about how Hermione got to Hogwarts when she was muggle born and this could have been how.

#73May Moon's AvatarMay Moon (rated this 10)

This is great! I could really see this in the book!

#74Prof. Allie de Mauvaisefoi's AvatarProf. Allie de Mauvaisefoi (rated this 5)

The writing is clear but I don't think it's a missing scene. Harry was a "Muggle" when he found out about Hogwarts. We already saw this from his point of view :)

#75Notus Greenhorn's AvatarNotus Greenhorn (rated this 10)

Amazing! I was always wondering what it would be like for a Muggle born to get a letter like that! I'd say the grangers took it pretty well.