Martin Miggs needed some new shoes; his had holes big enough to push a wand through. So, he decided to go buy a new pair of shoes in London. However, Martin Miggs lived south of London, in a small town called Muggleville. He decided to take the Muggleville Transit (a train station) and go to London. However, Martin Miggs didn't have a car he could use! His car had broken down a long time before, and he didn't know how to fix it!* So, he decided to call a taxi** to take him to the train station. About 15 minutes later (cars can't Apparate in the muggle world), after he had called the taxi company using a telephone (a sort of communication system muggles use), his taxi arrived. He started to say, "To the Muggleville Transit, please," when, "Oh no!" – he realized he needed money to buy a new pair of shoes! So he went to the Muggleville Bank (similar to Gringotts, except there are no tunnels, carts, goblins, or any magic involved), and asked the bank teller (muggle word for what goblins do at Gringotts) for money out of his vault. He showed the teller his social security card*** and received the money needed.

Finally, Martin was on his way. He found a new taxi (the other one had left while he was in the bank!) and headed for Muggleville Transit. Finally, he reached the station! He went to the ticket booth ("One for London, please"), and walked onto the train. He found a seat by the window, and sat down. Nearly one hour later, a plump woman with the food cart came around. Martin bought a soda (a drink that makes muggles need to drink more). Finally, one whole hour after that (muggle transportation is quite slow, after all), Martin had arrived at London! He was so excited! He ran all the way to the shoe shop, ready to buy new shoes, only to find that "Oh no!"- the shoe shop was closed! It was Sunday. Poor Martin!

New shoe-less, Martin sadly re-boarded the train. As the ticket- holder came around (muggle who collects tickets from passengers), the only thing Martin could do was hand him his ticket. He was so disappointed! He left the Muggleville Transit, and found another taxi. He was almost home, when "Oh!"- Martin saw that the Muggleville Shoe Shoppe was open! Martin screamed for joy as he rushed in. All the shoes he could want! Only five minutes from home! Martin picked out his favourite pair of shoes, and ran to pay the cashier. But "Oh no, not again!"- Martin didn't have enough money to pay for his shoes! Seeing that poor Martin was at a loss, the cashier said,

"Don't worry, Martin, the rest is on me."

"Oh, thank you ever so much! A great new pair of shoes! All for me! I'll pay you back next time!"

And with that, Martin left the shoe store, wearing his great new pair of shoes. He sighed. "I love Muggleville!" And with that, and a skip in his new shoes, Martin Miggs the Mad Muggle went home.

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Ratings and Comments

#1David Dompeipen Potter's AvatarDavid Dompeipen Potter (rated this 10)

I like this story! ^_^

#2Mey Jean Simmons's AvatarMey Jean Simmons (rated this 10)

First, I give you 10 because everyone deserve it, from they hardwork. But still, your story is good, and Martin is not Mad. Haha!

#3Estin Lusiandra's AvatarEstin Lusiandra (rated this 8)

Funny story, nice work^^

#4Mey Weasley's AvatarMey Weasley (rated this 9)

Well done!Just there is no Mad Martin Miggs... But, it's ok!

#5Scarlet Black's AvatarScarlet Black (rated this 9)

Very good! The story line was really cute and light. All I would work on, thought, is word choice. Other than that, it was really good!