FULL HOL NAME: Mairead Danielle Falcourt
BLOOD: Pureblooded
YEAR: First year

Mairead's father is Lucien. He comes from a pureblooded family. He believes in equal rights for all magical folk. Her mother is Madam Lavitsca; a pureblood who hate those who are not the purest. And their marriage was very strained. So strained that her mother poisoned Lucien to get out of the marriage.

Mairead was three when her father became deathly ill. Her mother took her and left him at St. Mungos. A year later she remarried to a want-to-be author/artist, Russian Wizard, Donathan Kuloff.
Mairead hated her life, she missed her father more than anything, he had been her star. He had been kind and gentle, and read her bedtime stories. He even looked like her; dark brown hair, gentle features, pale skin, soft but not to soft of a voice, and above all emerald green eyes. The only image she had left of him was a locket with a picture of her as a small child sitting on his shoulders.

When she attended Hogwarts for the first year, her first stop was the library. She rummaged for hours through eight years worth of Daily Prophets searching for some clue as to wether or not he had survived. Then she found it; LUCIEN FALCOURT TO WED ALURA GRIMM, in the announcements six years ago. With out heed she sent an owl to the address of the happy couple.

It took a week during winter break to convince her mother to allow her to visit her father, whom she had continually been witting to since that day during her first year. She met her wonderful; American witch step mum Alura.She also met her two step siblings; Jakob Lucien who was five, and Anna Louise who was two. She was overjoyed to finally re-meet her father.

WAND: Willow,12" core of a phoenix wing feather and unicorn tail hair.
PET: Exile her mangy tabby cat

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Dark brown slightly curly shoulder length hair, fair (Irish by her father) skin with dozens of evenly spaced freckles, her friends claim she is a vampire or a werewolf(or some other part animal)[of course she isn't it is just here friends way of teasing her] for she has great nocturnal eye sight. She stands at an average height of 5'1 (depending if she slumps or not) and weighs about 110lbs.

PSYCHOLOGICAL DESCRIPTION: She was always depressed until she got in touch with her father again. She loves the out doors and being free, for she found be crammed into a French style artist's flat for nearly all her life. Due to this she hates her mother and stepfather because she was never aloud out of the flat until she was nine(she met many Muggles and became great friends with them) She hates being told what to do and is very bossy. She is a rebel with out a cause, and a sarcastic brat. Her attitude, how bad it may be sometimes, never frightens away her true friends. When she is mad at you, you know it. Between the cold shoulder and eerie silence, or the loud screaming; you know. And now that I mention it, she talks a lot and fast. You have only seconds to get a word in edgewise. She loves spouting information about correct pronunciation of verbal wand commands, and or her other favorite subjects Muggle movies and actors, and Hogwarts' boys(and yes even though she is only 10 she has been liking guys since she was 4). She lives with her head in the clouds, living out magical movie fantasies(as if she doesn't truly live in one), or thinking through an upcoming potion's exam. When she is in love she IS in love, though this has yet to happen. She forgives easily, every week except that one week during the month, so you better watch out!

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS: Her cat; was a gift from her father. A black crystal statue of a unicorn and rider, a gift from her step mum. A dagger(which is of course back at home) and a golden hair clasp; gifts from her mother. As well as her locket, the thing valued highest. As well as her Comet broomstick which was a first year gift from her step grandma (step mum's ma).

CLASSES: All the core classes as well as Care of Magical Creatures, Equinology, Astrology, music, and Divination, Ghosts: Muggle Side Term 2, and World Domination.

WHAT IS YOUR BEST MAGICAL TALENT? Transfiguration, creature care, DADA, Astrology,and wand work

WHAT IS YOUR WORST MAGICAL TALENT? Divination(who is good at it?) and potions.

WHAT IS YOUR BEST NON-MAGICAL TALENT? Witting, Piano playing, and Muggle technology.

WHAT IS YOUR WORST NON-MAGICAL TALENT? Singing, behaving, keeping her mouth shut, dancing, and ice skating(or anything that involves grace)

LIKES: Her father, he step mum, her step siblings, animals, magic, Muggle movies, Muggle and Magic books, the Muggle world, Ireland, Scotland, England, friends, writing, reading, food, life at Hogwarts, mischief, and being goofy with her friends.

DISLIKES: Her mother and her step father, enemies, back stabbers, authority figures, Russia, France, being in trouble, loads of homework, Divination class; pain, suffering, death, illness, trauma, and torment(she classifies her life P.F.(pre-father) this).

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Ratings and Comments

#1Scarlett Gabryella's AvatarScarlett Gabryella (rated this 9)

I thoroughly enjoyed this descriptive.
Reading about her relationship with her father was quite a tear jerker!
Love it. well done.

#2Lera Kamerat's AvatarLera Kamerat (rated this 5)

Wow this is a nice description, And an Emotional too.
How ever Putting other countrys as Deslike makes it sound a little out of hand.

#3Nina Messersmith's AvatarNina Messersmith (rated this 10)

I loved it! You are a very fascinating student! I love how detailed you are :)

#4Lux Healy's AvatarLux Healy (rated this 7)

Some spelling errors, but anyway... interesting and you put a lot of work in it. Nice.

#5Keety Rhea's AvatarKeety Rhea (rated this 9)

Really like the history part. Very well done.

#6Marie Thenes's AvatarMarie Thenes (rated this 7)

A familiar format, what you've put in it is quite comprehensive and telling of your character.

I can't help but think you've left nothing uncovered! :)

#7Adrasteia Kersey's AvatarAdrasteia Kersey (rated this 8)

Very thorough!

#8Nadine Borovicka's AvatarNadine Borovicka (rated this 10)

Very good. Very detailed and lots of specifics about her life. She has drama, which is important to having a believable character.

#9Ani Snape's AvatarAni Snape (rated this 8)

Its good and really descriptive.

#10Prof. Ulol Kimil's AvatarProf. Ulol Kimil (rated this 7)

Nice description but pity you didn't mention anything about the actual character, just gave background.

#11Olive Snitzberry's AvatarOlive Snitzberry (rated this 7)

I think this was excellent and I am sorry about your mother and step-father! I think a wider use of vocabulary could have been used and I think it was slightly basic but other than that a great profile!

#12Lorelai Lavington's AvatarLorelai Lavington (rated this 7)

Wow, that's sad about your parents.

#13Ashlee Sully's AvatarAshlee Sully (rated this 8)

#14Nassa Dikaios's AvatarNassa Dikaios (rated this 7)

#15Jenna Hathaway's AvatarJenna Hathaway (rated this 7)

Quite an interesting history!

#16Anastasia Chang's AvatarAnastasia Chang (rated this 5)

I like your story and your family background.

#17Prof. Charles Pendragon's AvatarProf. Charles Pendragon (rated this 9)

Very nice. Nice layout and nice separation and organization of your character.

#18Zia Stonebury's AvatarZia Stonebury (rated this 8)

Interesting life...

#19Lalaith Lomion's AvatarLalaith Lomion (rated this 8)

Very detailed and creative. This character has also flaws, she is not perfect, and this makes everything more realistic. A very good job.

#20May Moon's AvatarMay Moon (rated this 9)

You were thorough, this is very good.

#21Rorey Padfoot's AvatarRorey Padfoot (rated this 7)

#22Bev Grey's AvatarBev Grey (rated this 10)

Very descriptive… I like all the details. Great Job!

#23Momoko Asakura's AvatarMomoko Asakura (rated this 7)

It's a nice and complete description. But I'd prefer to explain it in paragraph, I think, not per point. I think you take the guide from Writing Workshop Class, don't you? (sorry if you don't *g*). But if it does, it'd be better if you use other kind of description (story or something). But it's a nice description :)

#24Raphaela Guoan's AvatarRaphaela Guoan (rated this 7)

I liked the start of this a lot, all about your parents and everything...but then I sort of got the picture of someone else telling your HOL character's 'life-story', not yourself.
There are a few grammatical errors and few spelling errors. Sorry, I have to point this out, but is "witting" supposed to be "writing"?
Overall, I really got the picture of your HOL character and what she is like.

#25Rosanna Gullveig's AvatarRosanna Gullveig (rated this 8)

Wow, this is very detailed! You put a lot of time and effort in your description... maybe adding a few unusual tid-bits would really put this over the top!