I was about seven when it first happen.

I was in the living room with my favorite stuffed animal Berny. My Berny was all that I ever loved and wanted. I was so happy, because next week was my birthday so I knew I was going to get a big surprise, so I started out by looking at all places inside the house for hidden presents or objects, Berny was at all times to help me with the findings. I suddenly thought "things that are not here should appear, things that are meant for me should appear" Then all of a sudden a big letter from my parents, a balloon in the shape of a tigger (ooh I just loved tigers too!), a big birthday cake with strawberry toppings and chocolate nuts, a can full of candies and gummy bears flew into the living room.
I was suddenly surprise to where all things things had come out from. I asked Berny:
- Berny? Did you do all of this?
Berny nodded
I was happy and relieved that I had found my presents for this year.
All of a sudden I heard a noise. I was a bit frighten, because I wasn't suppose to be there, specially with all those things for me.
I then said
- Berny! We have to hide all this things! And Berny suggested to me to disguise them all as a chameleon does. So I thought. Chameleon, chameleon, chameleon!! I sang 3 times and 3 times more
Then all my presents went away and transformed themselves like if they were another sofa, a table, even myself and Berny had transformed into a piece of furniture, but I hadn't noticed
My mom came in.
I smiled and then started walking to her, like nothing had happen.
Obviously she didn't saw me, as I was in disguise.
I said: - Mom, I love you.
But she didn't seem to have heard me
I said it again - Mom, I love you, this time so much stronger
Again, she didn't seem to react.
Se left the room and went outside again.
I sigh, and then went to sit down next to Berny. I was kind of confused and sad, because usually when I said: Mom, I love you, she would turn back at me hug me, carry me. And said it again I love you more Phillip. And she would go on and say the nicest thing a Mom can say to a child. It always make me happy
It's time she didn't turn around. I began thinking in my preoccupied thoughts: "It must have been the presents I found. And she is disappointed and angry at me."
I cried a little, but thank God Berny was there to comfort me.
I hugged Berny and Berny hug me back.
He all of a sudden made me feel like everything would be alright. I thank him. And said in my chanting happy mode. "Let's go out to play, l have to go bathe, I don't want this toys, I just want mom's love"
Just like that all the presents went away, and Berny and me transformed into ourselves. I went out to play.

I never really figure this out, until the day of my birthday. I was happy and sad at the same time. I knew exactly what I was getting, but I still knew that my mom was angry at me for discovering those presents.

Everything started out fine.
The guest arrived, my friends arrived, they sang me happy birthday, my house was decorated really nicely...And then it was time for opening the presents...
We gather round in the living room like we always did, but this time I was a bit surprise, because my parents look a little worried, they hadn't presents this time, they could find them.
I was surprise too, confuse again and began to cry. Not because I didn't had presents, but because I still had the idea that my mom was angry at me and wouldn't now give me anything, for ruining the surprise she had for me.
My parents sat next to me, hug me, and said:
- Phillip don't cry, you're presents are misplaced, but you will get something my dear child.
- I stop crying, turned my head up and said to my mom: - you're not angry at me?
My mom shocked by this, and said - No, how can I be angry at you? At the contrary, please don't be angry at us for misplacing your gifts
I then sigh, and told my story.
They where happy and relieve at the same time. I was a bit confused, because they acted so sweetly to me, but were too jolly.
They hug each other and everybody was happier than usual.
My mom hug me and smile.
Se said:
- Phillip, this is what happen. And now we know where are the presents.
My dad sang something I didn't quite understood, but my gifts appeared immediately. I was surprised and my mom said again
- Phillip, we are from a very magical world, we can use powers and we are so glad that, at your seven years old, now eight, you have finally discover them. Now your challenge will be to control them and learn how to use it wisely your entire life. We will teach you, so don't worry a thing. But this is really great news.

I was happy too for hearing this news and I was so reassured my mom wasn't angry at me or disappointed for having ruined her surprise.
After that I tried my best to be a perfect wizard and to use my powers wisely. I never tried to find afterwards what presents I've got, for my birthday, so I would always feel that my mom loves me very much.

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Ratings and Comments

#1Sonea Harrison's AvatarSonea Harrison (rated this 9)

Its alright nice story but abit too clustered for

#2Vasilisa Knight's AvatarVasilisa Knight (rated this 8)

Its interesting but many grammar errors that made it a bit annoying

#3Sierra Potter's AvatarSierra Potter (rated this 8)

Good (:
But there's a typo, "se" must me "she".

#4Bull J. Johnson's AvatarBull J. Johnson (rated this 10)

Good job kinda rough in the writting, but very good especially for someone who just started out writting. Or has not written anything in a while. But loved it.

#5Michelle Erickson's AvatarMichelle Erickson (rated this 9)

Great story, great idea. Bad grarmmar. You confused several tenses and had terrible punctuation issues that made this painful to read. Still, I liked it. You just have to clean it up a bit. Good luck.

#6Ian Carson's AvatarIan Carson (rated this 7)

Some grammar issues, but there was a great plot. I loved your conviction.