The Tale Of The Lost Pig.

The night was calm and quiet as the dark sky sparkled with the small silver stars of midnight. Little Sarah was tucked up in her small warm bed cuddled up to her best friend Popper the toy pig. Sarah had just passed her fourth birthday and was the most tired little girl the world had encountered. She cuddled up to her best friend Popper and quickly hit the land of sleep. Popper awoke at the stroke of midnight to hold the casual meeting of the toy makers as she did every Friday night.

The night seemed different tonight as the entire house was filled with deathly silence which was not usual for a Friday night. Usually the dolls and toys were very much awake and alive but why was it so quiet today? Popper stood up with a silent yawn and quietly squeaked her way to the window sill gazing out into the night. Suddenly she heard footsteps approaching behind her. She turned around to see the most fearful sight she had yet to pass. Then it was gone. The light and the love she felt as the blackened material surrounded her.

The next morning poor Popper woke up alone and freezing. She stumbled from underneath the sheet of black that had been covering her. She looked around to find herself in an unknown location. The long blades of green grass all around her. Where was she? How had she gotten there? There were so many questions the lost little pig seemed to have although she knew nobody would be able to answer them. She walked in the direction of a familiar smell. The smell of warm bread rising in the oven. The smell she usually awoke with early on a Saturday morning much to the happiness of her owner Little Sarah.

It was then she heard the cries. The cry of a little girl as she called the lost little pigs name. Popper turned her walk into a run. Well as much as a toy could run. It was then she saw her. Her favourite friend and the house she had longed to see, She noticed that the window from the previous night had been ajar. Maybe after all it may not have been footsteps maybe in fact she had fallen. No longer was the little Pig alone and never would she leave that little Girl's side ever again.

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Ratings and Comments

#1Ian Carson's AvatarIan Carson (rated this 8)

Great story! Good depth and voice. I loved your word choice as well.

#2Kailey Jones's AvatarKailey Jones (rated this 10)

It was ceative and a great story.

#3Ember Starsong's AvatarEmber Starsong (rated this 9)

Beautiful! I really enjoyed reading. I love the idea that it was the toy pig that came to life during the night. And it was nice that it had a happy ending! Well done!

#4Vasilisa Knight's AvatarVasilisa Knight (rated this 10)

Brilliant! love the story, great work

#5Jenzi Darkstone's AvatarJenzi Darkstone (rated this 10)

Well written, good grammar, and nicely imagined. Well done! :)

#6Phoebe Blake's AvatarPhoebe Blake (rated this 9)

This was great, and it definitely fit the requirements. Nice job!

#7Dee By's AvatarDee By (rated this 9)

this story is really nice and interesting..., I like it!

#8Natasha Wynterborne's AvatarNatasha Wynterborne (rated this 10)

Very nice! I don't get to read many stories about devoted pigs, and this one is simply lovely. Love the name Popper, too!

#9Keith Mauldin's AvatarKeith Mauldin (rated this 9)

It really moved me. Very inspirational. It is also cute and very interesting.

#10Gabriella Coke's AvatarGabriella Coke (rated this 9)

It was very good!!! I really liked the voice you used

#11Angelo Pacis's AvatarAngelo Pacis (rated this 10)

Nice Story! I really like reading it

#12Bull J. Johnson's AvatarBull J. Johnson (rated this 10)

Wonderful story could have made it much longer, but I loved it.

#13Alex Griffinclaw's AvatarAlex Griffinclaw (rated this 9)

Your story is really awesome! It is an interesting story and I especially liked the beginning!

#14Michelle Erickson's AvatarMichelle Erickson (rated this 10)

This is amazing! Poor Popper and Sarah! Thanks for sharing this tale!