No one believed you
But here they are
Walking half dead and half alive
The zombies you expected are
Coming this Christmas in your town.

At first you’ll want to play it brave.
“Hello sir Zombie, what’s your name?”
It’s zombies, man, so be aware
That even if you don’t find it fair
They won’t discuss or talk or laugh
just eat your brains, so stop with that!

Some might even find it swell
The Zombies came at last, they’ll say
And take a gun and say “Hurray,
Let’s go for zombie hunting”

Others will panic and freak out
Others will try to scream and shout
Some might kill and some might die
And lastly there’s another kind
Who will, most likely, survive.
They’re weird they’re dead and yet alive.
You can not kill them so don’t try
Just join a group and stay alive.

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Ratings and Comments

#1Darcey Cumberland's AvatarDarcey Cumberland (rated this 9)

Humour, good rhythm. Really cool, I think this poem is really good.

#2Ember Starsong's AvatarEmber Starsong (rated this 8)

How unique and what fun! It was a great poem!

#3Amelia Hart's AvatarAmelia Hart (rated this 9)

I thought this was very funny. Especially the first two lines on the second paragraph

#4Madeleine Benner's AvatarMadeleine Benner (rated this 10)

Really good! It was really entertaining!

#5Scarlet Black's AvatarScarlet Black (rated this 8)

Very good! I was very entertained by this. It gave me goosebumps!

#6Nina Messersmith's AvatarNina Messersmith (rated this 9)

Nice work. I thought it was funny. I love how it rhymns.

#7Ariella McManus's AvatarAriella McManus (rated this 10)

It was really well written and entertaining! I would totally love to keep a copy of this one.

#8Leo Deschain's AvatarLeo Deschain (rated this 10)

haha loved it. It was sort of funny, it made me picture a cartoon or something. Now that I think about it I may even draw something, inspired by your poem.

#9Olivia Carter's AvatarOlivia Carter (rated this 9)

I really liked it! It was amazing and I have never heard such a great poem about zombies!