Today was a rough day. At first I thought I had caught those three devils out, hanging about at Hagrid's hut when really they should've been in bed! Ha, I ran of straight to McGonnagal. Whilst I was walking to her office i remebered what I heard over heard. Something about a stone? Perhaps... When I got to her office I immediately sold out the three of them. They got dedcuted 50 points each! That'll teach Potter a lesson! Then she sentenced the 'four' of us to detention. I really couldn't figure out why that witch did such a thing, I guess I just need to be more careful when I'm catching out Potter, Weasley and Granger.
Filch gave us this really weird speech on the olde dentions but I really wasn't listening to that nonsense. He took us to Hagrid's hut though and told us that we were going into the Forbidden Forest. My eyes practically popped out! I mean it's FORBIDDEN! If it's forbidden, what must be in there?
Hagrid took us into the forest and showed us what we were looking for, unicorns.
He sent Potter and me off in one direction with Fang, which didn't give me any comfort after he told me that Fang was a whimp! He's a heck of a dog though!!! So when we eventually found a unicorn there was this hooded figure leaning over it drinking its blood! I mean, I was soo brave that I ran to Hagrid to get help. Okay maybe I was a little scared but at least I didn't get killed. Harry almost got killed though... This centaur saved him though. His name was something like..ah Firenze, I think?
It was a really scary day though but how many students will get to go into the Forbidden Forest, yeah, none! (We shouldn't have been there!)
Draco Malfoy

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Ratings and Comments

#1Ero Nex's AvatarEro Nex (rated this 7)

To me it does not sound like Draco. In my subjective opinion he would be annoyed of being stuck with Gryffindors. He would be very angry for receiving detentions because this type of punishment is something his father would never approve. The idea itself is good, but spelling makes it difficult to read. Draco is a confident type but we cannot deny he has pride and in my opinion he would not express himself this clear in a blog. Boys like to keep emotions inside of them, not all but most.

#2Maggie Greyback's AvatarMaggie Greyback (rated this 7)

Better than mine, but there should be some editing.

#3Benjamin Fraser's AvatarBenjamin Fraser (rated this 6)

Overall, a nice idea (I like reading things from Draco's point of view). I was a bit distracted by some mistakes that might have been avoided. In my opinion, it could also have been told in a more exciting way and with a bit more insight into Draco's thoughts.

#4Rhiannon Pfeifle's AvatarRhiannon Pfeifle (rated this 7)

You may have wanted to edit it a little bit, but I thought that it was very interesting. I did like how it was in Draco's point of view and made it a bit humorous.

#5Emma Weasley's AvatarEmma Weasley (rated this 4)

A few run-on sentences, spelling errors and such. Not exactly in character, but a little bit, considering part of the reason this isn't my favorite submission is because Draco was annoying, and he really was at that age. I'm not trying to be rude, I'm serious! He really was!

#6Kitty Marija Monoceros's AvatarKitty Marija Monoceros (rated this 7)

I like the idea of seeing something that happened through the eyes of one of the "baddies". A very brave decision and one I really appreciated because I got to see a different side to him - like that he felt scared and unsure of himself at times. Actually, I would have liked to have known more about his feelings, like how he felt about them after their shared detention. However, for a short piece it was insightful and original.

#7Tiffany Locke's AvatarTiffany Locke (rated this 6)

Good insight into a side of the story we never got to hear, but it feels out of character to me. Draco always gives me the feeling of being very sure of himself, and never wrong. Regardless, good topic and just a few grammar errors, so nice job!

#8Lianne Edward's AvatarLianne Edward (rated this 7)

this is supposed to be in draco's point of veiw and i don't really see that

#9Bull J. Johnson's AvatarBull J. Johnson (rated this 8)

I loved it. Some words weren't to good like saying I heard heard you only need one heard not both. But good try.

#10Demelza Westwood's AvatarDemelza Westwood (rated this 7)

Very interesting idea, but there were some spelling mistakes and I don't think that Draco would have admitted to feeling scared!!! But apart from that, well done!

#11Maxwell Shadow's AvatarMaxwell Shadow (rated this 6)

A nice entry with some insight into Draco's feelings but spelling errors in the first part (wrong word use mostly) detracted a little from the story.