What’s that? Who’s there? Who stirs me from my sleep?
What stealthy footsteps wake me from my nap?
A writing prompt you say? Well, closer creep
And tell me more you bold intruding chap.

Oh poetry? Poetic task to try?
Well how can I resist once more the call
And what’s the task? Oh Resolutions, aye,
They’re something over which I often fall.

This year perhaps I’ll choose those I can keep
Should I resolve to always eat my fill?
Or promise that I’ll try to oversleep?
Or that those things I do.. I will do still?

Well this is fun! Bad habits now enshrined
As resolutions – surely I can’t fail!
I’ll be the man I am! But now I find
That this poor jest makes for a meagre tale.

But can I make them? Do I dare to take
A solemn vow to try myself to change?
And run the risk of failing, shallow, fake,
Unable my poor self to rearrange?

The thought unmans me. I have failed before
And countless times have tried, have risked to fly
And dreamed of how above myself I’d soar
Yet but to falter, fall from empty sky

Bah. This began as jest but now it stabs
Reminding me of failed attempts before
These “New Year’s Resolutions” strike like jabs
At my self-worth, my confidence, my core

But shy from the attempt? That way’s not mine,
For now that I’ve begun I’ll run this race
Until I fall, or cross this finish line:
I’ll walk beneath the sun with smiling face.

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Ratings and Comments

#1Rhiannon Pfeifle's AvatarRhiannon Pfeifle (rated this 10)

I absolutely loved the beginning introduction to the prompt! I liked how there was a lot of thought in it and your rhymes! I'm a sucker for rhymes! :) Very well done!

#2Shoshana Chalfin's AvatarShoshana Chalfin (rated this 10)

This was amazing! I liked how it was funny, but also thoughtful. Also, the rhymes seemed natural and effortless. Like the 10 says, this is a brilliant poem!

#3Daphne Coady's AvatarDaphne Coady (rated this 8)

I liked the poem, it flowed really nicely, the rhymes were good and it was easy to understand :)

#4Anneliese Lee's AvatarAnneliese Lee (rated this 10)

This is brilliant! A job well done!

#5Elle Xander's AvatarElle Xander (rated this 10)

This is fantastic! I like the flow and it's funny. :)

#6Evevalla Nicola's AvatarEvevalla Nicola (rated this 10)

I loved it ! you diserve those points all the way! :-)

#7Lisette Westerveldt's AvatarLisette Westerveldt (rated this 10)

This is a great poem. It flows well and the rhyming is absolutely brilliant! Good work :)

#8Charlotte Athena's AvatarCharlotte Athena (rated this 9)

This was very nice. It flowed well, and your rhymes made sense, instead of just being there to rhyme. This was deep and thoughtful, and funny on some levels. Very good.

#9Eve Roarke's AvatarEve Roarke (rated this 8)

I enjoyed this poem. It makes you think.

#10Ariella McManus's AvatarAriella McManus (rated this 10)

The wording and depth of feeling in the poem left me speechless..brilliant work!

#11Ashley Clearwater's AvatarAshley Clearwater (rated this 10)

Your poem has a really good flow. I love it. I am speechless on what to say. It was that good.

#12Opal Curare's AvatarOpal Curare (rated this 9)

"But can I make them? Do I dare to take
A solemn vow to try myself to change?
And run the risk of failing, shallow, fake,
Unable my poor self to rearrange?"

What a clever stanza. Nice work!

#13Kaiwa Alexandra's AvatarKaiwa Alexandra (rated this 10)

This is a BRILIANT poem!
Great thought. Lovely rhyme.
Love it!

#14Ariel Short's AvatarAriel Short (rated this 9)

Look at that! What great structure you have. And how universal your poem. Who doesn't wonder over past failings and think if it's worth it to create new goals to try to reach?

#15Barbara Phoenix's AvatarBarbara Phoenix (rated this 10)

I've always loved iambic pentameter, and you have executed it so well. Beautifully written, witty, yet deep.

And "aye".

I approve.

Or aye approve.


Anyway, well done.

#16Ronja Liek's AvatarRonja Liek (rated this 10)

You go from joking to serious philosopic thoughts in lovely rhyme and meter, of course it is brilliant.