"STUPEFY!" Becca yelled. "EXPELLIARMUS!" The monster rage of flickering orange-red flames defiantly snarled back from the jet black coals, Becca's spells doing nothing to extinguish them.
"Rebecca," Her muggle studies professor sighed, "please quiet down. Just a tad. This isn't DADA, practise your spells elsewhere."
"B-b-but...this large beast," She gestured to the ever-burning fire through glaring squinted eyes, "Is charring my amazing cooking!"
"It's called fire, dear, and that's what allows you to cook the muggle way," The professor sighed. "Aguamenti," the grey-haired professor said, waving her wand with an almost lazy swish. She closed her eyes in exasperation, looking back from the terrified Becca, an extravagant first year who was a drama-queen, and to the extinguished fire which exhaled a sputtering breath and left behind a trailed wisp of smoke.
As the professor walked away, Becca angrily scolded the "dead beast" with a long cascading flames of hot furious orange. Her classmates stared at her with half of an expression that felt bad for her, and half that was more of disgust and shame.
"Let's try this again," Becca directed herself again, repeating the instructions from her Muggle cooking book, muttering to herself. "A pinch of salt," she continued to read, dumping in a whole bag of sugar. "One kilogram of flour....is it this powdery stuff?" Becca shrugged, and grabbed a Sneezewort and put that into her pan instead. "Simmer for 2 minutes with low heat on fire." She looked at the lighter and tried again, jumping back when the ravenous beast came.
"AHHH!" She screamed in a high pitched voice, as the tentacles of the strange "fire" grabbed her fingers. "Professor, professor! That THING....it just BIT me!" She gave another dramatic howl of pain and fell to the ground, clutching her finger in pathetic agony.
Her Muggle Studies teacher just glared at her again with a scowl and turned back to her desk. Some classmates looked at Rebecca with an annoyed expression, open mouths, and went back to work.
"Doesn't anyone CARE that the FIRE thingy just BIT me?" She screeched, sweeping all the ingredients on her desk into the pan. "How DARE you ignore me! I'll show you that I'm better at Muggle cooking than all of you!" She raged, starting up the fire again with only a flinch of fear. Rebecca then stirred the...well, whatever it was, mix, with her ladle, with a permanent pout on her face.
When the class ended, Rebecca stormed out of the room, leaving her dis-formed batter of who-knows-what on the desk, still screeching about how she was the best cook. The class filed out silently, completely ignoring her, carrying out their perfectly shaped sugar biscuits with pride and dignity. The only "cookie", if you could call it that, remained on the single desk in the Muggle Studies room.
The room was silent when Headmaster Ulol walked in. The Muggle Studies Professor had gone to the washroom, then took a well-deserved break from Rebecca. Ulol grinned evilly (as always, but more evil than usual...well, you get what I mean), and picked up the little first year's cookie-looking-thing with great interest.
"Is that a COOKIE?" He exclaimed loudly, bringing it up to his mouth with an envious grin and twinkling eyes.
When the Professor came back to her classroom to clean up, Ulol was lying on the ground, either passed out or dead (you choose), with cookie crumbs dribbling down his cheek.

(: THE END ^_^

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Ratings and Comments

#1Katie Tate's AvatarKatie Tate (rated this 8)

Ulol must REALLY like cookies... I've seen it mentioned so often! Nice work

#2Lisette Westerveldt's AvatarLisette Westerveldt (rated this 9)

Great story with lots of humor! I especially liked the ending, with the "(you choose)" bit. The only suggestion I have to make is to format the text by spacing it out--it makes reading A TON easier. But otherwise, fantastic work!

#3Katniss Weasley's AvatarKatniss Weasley (rated this 7)

Love it! Sounds like me in the kitchen. The failing part not the yelling spells at food part. XD

#4Charlie Reilly's AvatarCharlie Reilly (rated this 9)

Nice! But it's sad that he died. I love how Rebecca kept failing at the cooking!

#5Nina Messersmith's AvatarNina Messersmith (rated this 9)

Hahaha! I love it! Ha... Ulol. Mmmm Cookies :)