I was incredibility excited to be having Christmas dinner with a real family, adding to my enthusiasm of course was the fact I would be in a true wizarding household. Dinner was amazing, loads of food, tons of talk… just what I always wanted to be apart of. After dinner Mr. Weasley had us clean-up the table (I do wonder why he didn't just use magic, but I decided not to say anything). It was after this clean-up that Ron and I noticed a strange smell, I thought at first it was chocolate, no maybe vanilla, that's when Ron pointed out how it can't smell like chocolate and vanilla at the same time. Laughing together we ignored the smell and went on to play a little wizard chess.

After about an hour later Charlie and Bill were packing there things up and prepared to leave. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were chatting good-byes just as Ron was moving his knight to take my bishop (or rather destroy my bishop) when a white, almost light pink colored fog rolled up the left wall that was facing me and vanished before I could even tell Ron. All I could think about was that this is a wizarding house, I'm sure strange things like this happen all the time, it is normal... right? So I lost five games in a row which did seem to make Ron happy but I couldn't stop thinking about the smells, and the fog, but still chose not to say anything, I didn't want to seem like I was unfamiliar with the new world around me. Just then I heard an odd sound playing in my ear. At first I couldn't make out the noise.

It sounded light-hearted, but kind of slow and steady at the same time. I asked Ron if he was hearing any unusual sounds which of course he was not, however, he was looking at me like I was growing an extra arm, or leg. All I could think about was it was a good thing I did not ask him about the fog… he really would have thought I had lost it. Of course I am starting to feel like I'm losing something just not sure what. I decided to change the subject quickly to something else... quidditch. "So, um Ron can you hear the sounds of the huge crowd that will cheer for us once we go to professional quidditch."

"Yeah sure Harry all the time, hey we could go practice now!" This idea was great so I told Ron I would meet him as soon as I got my jacket, Mrs. Weasley had sewn a large H on the back, I figured I should wear it. As soon as I had walked one step out of the door a large green shadow came to light not five paces in front of me. I couldn't make out a face, but I could tell that it was a man coming to form and reaching out to grab my jacket. He had closed his fist around bottom edge when Ron came running out of nowhere and literally tackled me forcing me and him to fall back into the burrow.

I was able to kick the door over with my foot, but could not close it while Ron was screaming for Mr. Weasley. Mrs. Weasley came running in first only to find Ron laying on top of me shouting and the door slightly opened. The figure that had grabbed me vanished. Mr. Weasley quickly called for Dumbledore who appeared not 30 seconds later. As Ron and I recounted what had happened, Dumbledore had only nodded and began asking questions of any other usual events that may have happened. I felt a strong sense to tell him about the strange smell, the rolling fog, and the mysterious sounds I had encountered just early in the evening.

Mrs. Weasley gasped and cried out "Oh Harry, why didn't you say something, oh my, oh my" "Calm down, I'm sure Harry is fine" Dumbledore said, he continued with "No harm will come to Harry in this Burrow I am assured now more then ever." What was he thinking, no harm, I was attacked only one foot outside the door. Dumbledore finished by saying "You see Harry, I suspect you had been doused with the heartless curse…. Which of course would take your ability to love, therefore leaving you open to attacks of a most hateful nature forcing you to be heartless yourself while also taking a defense mechanism away, that is why you smelled sweet smells, saw light fog, and could hear a tender tone... It was love leaving you... Harry.

"But Professor what can I do now, how do I get it back." "Harry, you must understand that it indeed did not leave you... not completely, you see you are very much loved in this house although you may not see it now, the Weasley truly do love you... otherwise whatever was after you would have been able to come in." After much more discussion I finally understood even if I was not related by blood, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley still considered me a son. I only wish he would have given me a better explanation of who would have played such a cruel prank... It had to be a prank... right?

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#1Rose Hanson's AvatarRose Hanson (rated this 8)

I like it! Although there were a few run-on sentences, and there should be a question-mark instead of a period in some places. Also remember to break a new line everyime someone new talks(dialogue). Your spelling was fantastic.

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This is a excellant story and I enjoyed it a lot.

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This was a very good short story, but there were a few spelling mistakes and grammar errors. Overall, a very well-written piece! ;)

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very creative story I like it. (:

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Wow.. it's really nice. The whole idea of losing love, that is just so sweet. I really like the whole story and act. But, anyway, I think you still need to fix some punctuations back there. ^^ But, great job!

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When I read this story I felt like I was in it.

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Interesting start to a full fic. I wish I could make Dumbledore appear that fast anytime I got into scary situations, alas, I'm not Harry.

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#17Prof. Tambaqui Balthazar's AvatarProf. Tambaqui Balthazar (rated this 7)

Its ok, but the end part of the story seems rushed.

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Not too sure about the whole heartless curse angle, but quite well written, so credit for that.

#19Meara OBannon's AvatarMeara OBannon (rated this 6)

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I thought this story was quite good. Very nice transition from a normal dinner to chaos. I also liked the open ended ending....I love a story that makes me wonder what could/might have happened.

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I thought it was really good. I like the plot a lot and I'm also glad that Harry knows that people really care about him.

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Very good and I think it truly was a strange happening!

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Fantastic!!! Look out JKR!!!

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Very creative idea.I really enjoyed it :D

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I really did enjoy your story. The ending was a complete surprise that I never saw coming. Great Job!

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Excellent idea's but I think it could have done with a little bit more of an explantion. Nice Cliff hanger though :)

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hehehe Dumbledore, not bad!

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I love it. It is a very interesting concept and a brillant idea. Keep up the good work.

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wow....very interesting. It is very unique and i would actualli like to know what happens next. Perhaps you should turn it into a fanfic. It really is cool. A bit strange i'll admit....but......

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