The Excuse

Professor I do not have my homework prepared, but as you will see that is due to things beyond my control....

Friday Evening I headed for the great HOL library for a bit of research. I was hoping to find a book describing the uses of Mimbulus Mimbletonia. Instead I found a giant leather grimoire labeled: The Gulping Gulch. I couldn't resist since it was bound in buttery soft leather and had a beautiful painting of what looked like a grand canyon. Yes it was in the restrict...

Sample Story by Castora Grimsby (Gryffindor).

The Burglar

Auror Coldgate studied the empty hourglass without a word. It was unclear if he heard the Head office representative or not, for he made no indication of listening to his explanation. He left it to auror Fisher to write the words down, to ask the questions they asked at any crime-scene. When did this happen? What have you seen, do you know anything that has done this, was there anything out of the ordinary?

The answers the man gave where not very hel...

Sample Story by Ronja Liek (Gryffindor).

True Colours
When I see scarlet and gold, well, first, I do think of Gryffindor, but then I think of the meaning and power behind the colors. Reds, to me, represents a commanding power and blood. What? No, I didn't just say that...While gold portrays brightness and a certain ethereal quality. The fact that it's heavy, thus making it good for smacking people with totally does not sway my opinion what-so-ever!

Colors, all simple, yet, awesome elaborate forms of expression. I believe colors and ...

Sample Story by Zenix James (Gryffindor).

The Letter
To the ScuzPile Heap of Dung once known as the Dark Lord or Lord Voldemort

Much to my dismay and chagrin, I'll be dead before you read this. I'd love to see your face when you realize one of your precious horcruxes has been destroyed by someone that you found so negligible. One down and I hope others find the other ones so that when you die, you are completely and utterly dead for all time. Yes, I discovered your secret; I discovered what you've been doing since you were younger...

Sample Story by Tarma Black (Hufflepuff).

The Penguinators
The Penguinators!

On the 2nd of June 2007, the FBI realised that humans were not the only mischief makers in the world.
Do you love penguins? Aren't they really cute when they walk with their little feet?
Well, after the global warming starting to effect them, they didn't think much of us. They wanted to show us what it felt like, to have the whole world around us melt away until our own race would become extinct. So, they sent their most fiersome peng...

Sample Story by Cam Yousefpour (Slytherin).

A Twisted Fairy Tale
Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Golden locks of hair were tied back in a pony tail with a camo-patterned ribbon. The young lady they belonged to was crouched on the grass and leaf litter of the forest floor, hiding behind a collection of shrubs on a small rise overlooking a clearing.

She took a moment to look around and check there were no nearby dangers amongst the trees before bringing up her binoculars to study the cottage on the other side of the clearing.

Sample Story by Vladmic Clwyd (Slytherin).