The Excuse

She paced continuously up and down in front of the low green lights. A noise was heard from a crossed the Slytherin common-room. She continued to pace back and forth as though deep in thought.

“Vienna, what’s wrong” asked a student. “Anything we can do.”

She looked up and noticed two members of the sneer-squad, Marguerite and Valentine standing not that far off to her left. “No, I just have double potions with Snape and I haven’t done m...

Sample Story by Marguerite Davenport (Slytherin).

The Burglar
She was sitting in the common room writing a letter when the commotion started. Cries of "Thief" echoed through the hallways as students ran about. Some to let their friends know what had happened and others to see what the noise was all about.

Sighing she put her pen in her writing book to mark her page and carefully stowed it out of sight in her bag. Then she stood up to go and join in the ruckus.

Barbara Phoenix the den leader was trying to get everyones attentio...

Sample Story by Ardeliah Longbottom (Gryffindor).

True Colours
Colours, for each person they, like feelings, hold different meanings for each of us. Like no two people share the exact same perspective on how they feel. No two people share the exact same perspective on how they perceive each colour that we see. What is blue? What is red? Or green for that matter. Maybe the green you see is more of a lime, but what I see is more of a sage.
I’ll be honest when I see colour sets together like red and gold I think of either Narnia or Gryffindor. When I se...

Sample Story by Marguerite Davenport (Slytherin).

The Letter
Tom Riddle,
I have decided to write you this letter explaining to you how I discovered your plan and what I have done, in my own small way, to thwart it.
A few months ago after a convening of Death Eaters I onerheard Lestrange and Avery discussing Horcruxes and how you had once asked Professor Slughorn about them at your time at Hogwarts. You may recall that they were in his office just prior to you requesting information about Horcruxes. What you were not aware of at the time aws ...

Sample Story by Kiri Galdor (Ravenclaw).

The Penguinators
The sun dawned on the horizon as I looked out of my window. It had been a very long night indeed. Yesterday I had discovered that the penguins were planning to conquer the world! I had always been interested in joining the Ministry of Magic when I was older and I loved to read storys about all the baddies they had caught. However I had never imagined that this would lead me to what happened last night. It was just an ordinary day as I walked out of the common room and headed to the library, I ha...

Sample Story by Jinxy Jo (Gryffindor).

A Twisted Fairy Tale
They had banned her from the palace decades ago, away from the eyes of polite society. She was labeled a witch, but what once was an honor was now her mark of scorn. Her magic was once used to heal the ill sea folk and to entertain at the grand parties. What was her sin you might ask? She failed to save the queen. The sea king has never been known to be forgiving to creatures on land or beneath the sea. So now in exile she is spoke of in quiet whispers and once in awhile a brave merboy or ...

Sample Story by Ariel Kingston (Slytherin).