- reviewing all submissions (accepting or rejecting them)
- pre-selecting the 20 best submissions for each task (where eligible)
- disqualifying teams who break the game rules (cheating, unfair advantage)

For each task the following Challenge Points can be won. The team with the highest total after Task 10 is the winner of the HOL Challenge 2007. Challenge Points are not House Points.

10 Points: Valid, accepted submission (completed the task)
20 Points: 11th to 20th place (semi-finals)
30 Points: 6th to 10th place
40 Points: 5th place
50 Points: 4th place
60 Points: 3rd place
70 Points: 2nd place
100 Points: First place (task winner)

A team that is caught cheating will be penalized 50 Challenge Points. If there is repeated cheating (second offense) the team is disqualified from the HOL Challenge. Cheating is defined as creating an unfair advantage, usually in one's own interest, and often at the expense of others. For the HOL Challenge this would be stealing other people's work (i.e. images you found on the internet) and submitting them as your own, hacking, using scripts, and revealing game secrets to others for them to gain an advantage (quest and quiz tasks). Do not cheat and do not spoil the fun for others!