The HOL Challenge 2007 is scheduled for October to December 2007.
More details later on this page. Your team has to have two members (you can't play on your own) and you have to complete at least six tasks to stay in the competition.

What is the HOL Challenge?

Any two HOL Members can form a team and compete against many other teams in 10 exciting tasks. You can win Challenge Points in these tasks and the team with the most points at the end of the HOL Challenge will be Champion 2007.

Who can Participate?

Anyone with a HOL-ID, no matter if active or passive, if staff or student, even Guest Professors or Guest Students can participate as long as they have a HOL-ID. Expelled students and old accounts (promoted to staff) can not join the challenge. Every HOL Member can join one team only.

What are the Tasks like?

There will be ten very different tasks, details won't be announced in advance so everyone has an even chance to do well. But to give you an idea... currently there is planned: 2 Quests or Games, 2 Art Tasks (Drawing, Graphics), 2 Writing Tasks, 2 Photography Tasks (one member of your team must have access to a digital camera), 2 Misc Tasks (can be audio, video, animation, design, programming etc.).

What Equipment do I need?

If the audio/video part shocked you, don't worry, if we do a multimedia task you will have the choice of format so everyone can participate. What you must have (one team member at least) is access to a digital camera, that is all. No wait... and fun and creativity, but that is not equipment.

What are Challenge Points?

Every Task will run for two weeks from the day it has been announced. That means you have exactly two weeks to submit your entry. It does not mean two weeks and two seconds, because the tasks will be automatically closed when the time is up and late entries will not be accepted (that is the only fair thing to do, sorry if your internet broke down or your grandpa would not let you on the computer). There will be a new task announced every week, so you can work on two tasks at a time. Every team with a valid submission will earn 10 Challenge Points.

After the deadline, a jury will review all submissions and pick the 20 best ones. Those go in two rounds of voting (semifinals and finals), each round gives the team another 10 Challenge Points. Every HOL Member can vote (secret vote) in both rounds. The five best-voted submissions will win additional points for this task (70, 50, 30, 20 and 10).

Challenge Points are NOT House Points.


Yes! Have a look at some of the winners from the HOL Challenge 2003