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Sign-Up for HOL 2018: This is the student registration form for HOL. This is not the Sorting Hat, but you will have to submit this form first, in order to take the entry exam and take part in the Sorting. The data you enter here is used for your student file in the HOL Office, where your classes, house points, results and everything else will be stored in.

Please Note: All HOL'lers from last year do not have to sign-up again. Your HOL-name must be firstname - lastname (eg. John Doe), not some one-word nicks or some nonsense as Hermione43 or OhMyMalfoy - it must be a name. Offensive names are not allowed. All Harry Potter character names are not allowed in HOL - no Oliver Wood or Ron Weasley. Invalid names for HOL are also: any impersonation of a celebrity (Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, Barack Obama, Katie Couric), a name of a well-known fictional character (Artemis Fowl, John Locke, Rory Gilmore, Bruce Wayne). Please give yourself a HOL identity that is unique. Invalid names will be deleted, and you will not be notified.

Warning: You should not use your real name for HOL.

If you are born 2005 or later, your parents need to agree and confirm that you can join HOL!

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 If you are born 2005 or later, your parents need to agree that you can join HOL!
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