Each student has an HOL Profile that can be accessed after logging into the HOL Office. Some main components in the profile are:

Welcome to My Profile: This has general information about you in a format that is automatically generated. The first part includes your HOL name, House, year, and any positions you hold on HOL such as Prefect, Quidditch Captain, Quidditch Referee, Head Student, Quidditch Board, etc. Below that it has the date you joined, how many classes you are taking and the number of points and Quills you have earned that year. The second part has the number of awards you’ve won, ways for people to contact you, and the nicknames you use on IRC if applicable. The third part has your status on HOL. If you have earned points in the past 60 days, it will be active. If you have not earned points in 60 days, it will be passive. The final part has the number of beans you have earned.

About Me: This is found below the Welcome to My Profile section. Here is where you write about yourself. To write this part, go to My Settings on the right hand side of your profile. Then click on Edit Profile.

There are three things you can do in Edit Profile. You can change your email setting to suit your personal preference, edit the colours of your Profile and write a bit about yourself.

My HOL Friends: At the bottom of your profile, there is a list of people you have added as a friend. To add someone as a friend, visit their profile and at the bottom select Add Me as your HOL Friend.

If you have quite a few HOL friends, and you click on the View all my HOL friends link, you will see not only the complete list of your HOL friends, but also a collection of those who have added you as their friend.

If you need to remove a friend, go to your profile, click View All Friends then at the bottom of the list you will see Remove Some Friends.

House Points: On the right side of your profile, you can view how many points you have earned for the current year.

Classes: Here you can see what classes you are taking as well as how many points you have earned in each one. You can also see which classes you have completed in the current school year and how many Quills you have earned so far.

Fact Sheet: A list of how many points you have earned every year on HOL, as well as classes you have taken, Quills you have been awarded, awards received, and your teaching history.

My Treasures: You can view all images of all the awards you have received. You can also see items you have collected such as chocolate frogs, silver Quills, and gold Quills.

Pets: A list of all the pets you own on HOL. You can feed them beans, pet them, or view logs of their activity.

Dueling: This is where you can view your wand and its strengths. You can also read the Dueling Skills FAQ. Dueling is under construction.

Wizard Cards: A list of all the Famous Witches and Wizards Cards in your collection.

My HOL Trading Card: Your trading card which can be created in the HOL Arts Department.

Personals: You can list your IRC nicknames, MSN id, AIM id, and Yahoo id. You can also list links to your blog and facebook pages. To access go to My Settings and then Change Personals.

How I Got Into Harry Potter: Your story about getting into Harry Potter as submitted through the HOL Library.

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