Q: Can you start classes now? Or will I have to wait for the beginning again?
A: The Autumn term starts in September. The Spring term starts in February. Many classes have lessons and assignments posted already before the start of term, but you are not supposed to submit homework before then. Sure, you can work on them if you are confirmed for the class, but since the class has not even started before these dates, and professors are on deserved vacation, please wait with submitting homework until the term has started.

Q: How do I choose which classes to take?
A: This depends on what you are interested in, and how much time you can/want to invest in HOL classes. All classes have websites and outlines posted before the actual sign-up starts, so read these carefully and pick those you are most interested in.

Q: What type of classes are there?
A: HOL Classes can run over one term or both terms. Full-term Classes run from September to June and typically have at least 8 monthly lessons and a final exam. You have to pass the final exam to pass a full-term class. One-term classes have fewer monthly lessons but still have their own final exam.

Q: Do we have to get on the Internet on a certain day or time to attend classes?
A: No! Most classes have lessons and assignments posted, and a time-frame within you have to do your homework, which you will either send by email or post in a class forum. Certain classes have special requirements, though - these will be posted on the class website. Very few classes hold live lessons on IRC, but this will also be posted on the class website.

Q: If I don't sign up for classes before the end of September, do I get expelled?
A: No - but you can check the HOL Office for any classes in which sign-ups are still open, and sign up for those.

last changed: December 28, 2006 by pr_dyb