The HOL school year is divided into 2 terms : Autumn and Spring. Each school year begins on September 1st and ends on June 30th. House points can be earned (and lost) during the entire school year. The HOL House Cup is awarded after the end of the Spring term, usually in early July. The House Points table is closed during the summer months (July and August), when no points can be won or lost, and no classes are held. During this time there are still activities held, such as the Summer Quidditch League, but points aren’t awarded. However, under certain circumstances (summer projects, rules violations), points can be recorded over the summer and will be awarded after September 1st for the net school year.

Terms and Holidays:

Autumn Term: September - January
Spring Term: February - June
Summer Holiday: July 1st - August 31st


Quills are awarded at the end of each term for the successful completion of a class. The professor for each class sets the guidelines for earning a quill in that class. Please read the requirements for each of your classes before signing-up because this can influence your ability to earn quills. In order to move to the next year, students are required to earn at least 2 quills per year (September - June). Students will be moved to the next year after the school year ends. It is to be noted that even if you earn more than the minimum 2 quills, you can only advance one level per year. This means that even if you earn 10 quills during your first year, you will still only be a second year the following September.

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