Class Sign-Ups refers to that period of time when you can register/sign-up for new classes. This usually happens 1-2 weeks before the beginning of a term (Autumn – September 1st, Spring – February 1st). The exact date sign-ups begin isn’t written in stone and can/does vary a bit from year to year. This is often because staff sometimes need a bit of extra time to approve new classes and complete the previous term’s work.

You can sign up for a MAXIMUM of five classes at any given time. This means that you can sign-up for 5 classes during the autumn term, and another 5 classes for the winter term. These classes can be a mix of one-term and full-year classes, however keep in mind that a full-year class counts as a class during both terms. Except in a few circumstances where a class is specifically designated as being for “advanced” students, or where there is a specific pre-requisite for the class (ie: you must take Potable Potions I before taking Potable Potions II), you can sign-up for any class that tickles your fancy. Keep in mind however that every professor has full control over when they accept new students into their class, when sign-up closes, or if they accept students during a term. This means that you might not become a confirmed member of a class until AFTER the beginning of term, or a class’ sign-up period may be shorter than the official period if the professor decides to limit the number of students in his class.

In order to sign up for classes, you need a valid login for HOL. When you registered for HOL, you were automatically assigned a HOL ID and asked to sign up for the office. Once logged in, you will see “HOL Classes” under the Quick Links on the right of the screen. After clicking on that, you will see a list of available classes. The name of the class, the professor’s name, and the type of class (one-term, full-year) will be indicated. You only have ONE CHANCE to choose classes, meaning that once a class is chosen it becomes much harder to change your mind and take another class. This is because you can’t undo the classes you’ve chosen. Once a class is chosen, the professor will either confirm or delete your choice. If you decide to drop out of a class during term, or if the professor has to remove you from his/her list, you will be able to sign-up for another class if you wish (and if there are classes still accepting students).

Please read the following carefully as they all relate to class sign-ups.

1- Without a HOL Office login with your HOL-ID and password, you will not be able to sign-up for ANY classes.

2- Most, if not all, classes will be oversubscribed. The professors, and only the professors, decide who will be accepted into their class at their own discretion. Some may go for an even mix of houses, others may want specific years, or some may only want people with an 'x' in their HOL-Name. If you are accepted in the class you have signed up for, you will find "Class Member" next to it in your student file. If confirmation is pending it will say "unconfirmed"; if you are not accepted it will say "Dropped Out" for too many sign-ups.

3- No one has a RIGHT to be in a particular class. Professors get to pick and choose.

4- We will try to ensure that everyone is accepted in at least one class.

5- Make sure you visit the classroom sites before you sign up for a class. Read their course outlines and make sure the subject matter interests you. Also, some classes have special requirements - it would be bad if you can't participate in a class later because you can't meet the requirements.

6- Some classes are advanced classes that might be available for second or third years only. Please be aware of any such requirements.

7- Do NOT email or PM the professor, asking to join their class. This will MOST LIKELY result in annoying the professor who will NOT confirm you in his or her class. SPAM emails can be super-irritating for the professors.

8- Sign-up for almost all classes will be open for at least two weeks. It does NOT matter who signs up first; the day of your sign-up is not visible to anyone, and the profs get the sign-ups in alphabetical order.

9- Make sure you have read the pinned topics in the Announcement board and in this Handbook.

10- If you have more questions regarding sign-ups not answered in the Handbook, check the Ask A Prefect board. You may post questions there or ask one of your house prefects. Do NOT ask the Headmaster or random professors

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