HOL Art Department

The HOL Art Department is the area where students can participate in creative projects throughout the year. Students can create projects by using a photo-editing program, creating a drawing, or still photography. There is a full year project, “Trading Cards”, where you create a trading card that represents your personality and there are shorter projects posted monthly. Participation in any of these projects will help you earn points for your House. All members are encouraged to participate and you are asked that all submissions be original creations and not copied from another source and then claimed as your own.

Trading Card (10 points)

This project runs all year long and gives the student an opportunity to show off their personality. To create a trading card, click on the “HOL Trading Cards” link in the Art Department and download the correct house template (you download by right clicking the image and saving it to your computer). Next, using an image-editing program, you can add a picture and text to the template. All cards need to include the student’s name, HOL ID, and HOL join date in order to be considered complete. You only receive points for the first time you submit an approved trading card, however you may edit it and change it throughout your time at HOL. To update your trading card you simply need to upload a new submission in the Art Department.

Other projects (10-30 points)

The Art Department tends to offer two projects a month. One project is worth 10 points and takes less effort -- it is often a picture regarding the topic given. The 20-point project requires a bit more work and consists of creating something regarding the topic given. During special occasions, there will be one 30-point project given and it will tend to run for a longer amount of time. For example, this summer we had “Show Your Support.” To participate in a project you need to click on the title of the project, which will open in a new window with the instructions to the project.

Read the project instructions carefully and follow the size requirements. All submissions are reviewed first by the Art Department staff before going on display for voting. If your submission does not meet requirements, the staff will delete the submission. You are able to resubmit the project once you have corrected the error(s). Size requirements are the main reason projects are rejected, so it is advisable to look there first for an error.

Once your submission has been accepted, you will receive a log entry stating it has been added to the project for voting.


Voting on other people's projects is optional. Your options of rating, on your vote, are 1 - 10. If you chose to vote, remember the higher the number, the more you like the project. If you vote, you must leave a comment. Keep in mind all comments must be a minimum of eight words in length and cannot be rude towards the project creator. Students who submit to the projects are at different levels in skill, so we ask that you try to find something positive to say as to not hurt anyone’s feelings.

The staff will delete votes that do not contain comments or meet the requirements. If you rated a submission “0”, that rating will be deleted because “0” means the project is invalid and since staff has previously reviewed all submissions, a rating of “0” is not needed.

EXTRA NOTE: Please keep in mind that HOL caters to a wide range of ages and a wide array of nationalities. Not all of us are painters or digital designers or art aficionados, and goodness knows that this is all in a way subjective (people could be rating on content alone, not format or design, and that's fine). Do not assume that we are professionals in that respect. Ratings and comments are all well and good, and constructive criticism works just fine. But please don't tell people that they have little to no talent in their work. That isn't just unconstructive; that's also just plain rude.

Current projects and their length of time may be viewed by clicking on the Art Department link on the HOL Main Entrance.

Important note: The HOL Art Department staff reserves the right to flag any entry as invalid at any point:

* Flag submission as invalid

- removes submission, no Points given or taken

* Flag submission as inappropriate and take 5 Points

- removes submission, 5 Points penalty for the student for breaking the HOL rules

Head – Prof. Rorey Padfoot

Deputy Head – Kyrie Adderholt

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