The HOL Library is a department within HOL itself, located here:

The HOL Library is the area where written projects run all year long. It is an opportunity for HOLers to show their creativity and writing skills. There are projects that are always open for submissions like “Getting into Harry Potter”, where you can tell us how you got hooked in the Potterverse, and shorter projects about several themes, usually only open for submissions in a certain timeframe. If you participate in any of these projects you will gain points for you and your house. The projects are open for all members - you must be logged in to participate.

Submitting For Projects

Getting into Harry Potter (10 points) Link:

We want to know how you were introduced in the Harry Potter world, so you can write a story about it. This project runs all year long. To send your story you can click on the “Getting into Harry Potter” link, click on Post Your Submission, and then write it. Entries must be at least 100 words long and be valid to give you points (following HOL guidelines and relevant to the topic). You only can submit this once but you can edit your entry by clicking on the “Edit or Change your story link at the top of your entry in the blue area. You will get a log entry.

Other projects (10-30 points)

Every project has a start date, a deadline, and a category from 0 - 3 (depending on the amount of work involved and the maximum points you can earn; the absolute maximum is 30 points). To see what projects are currently open, simply go to the library’s main page and look under Current Projects. There you will find the information about the project’s start date and deadline as well as how many points it’s worth.

Click on the name of the project you want to participate in, then read carefully the minimum word requirements as well as explanations about the theme or what you have to include in your submission. This is important because you can’t edit your submission after it’s sent, and if you don’t follow the guidelines your story will likely be marked as invalid and you won’t get any points for your work. Once you’re sure you have understood all the requirements, in the project’s page click on Post Your Submission and write your text/story and press submit. It’s recommended that you type your work somewhere else like Microsoft Word so you can run it through spell and grammar check. Your name and house will not be revealed in your work until after it’s closed for new comments and ratings in order to ensure impartiality.

Reading, Commenting, and Rating Stories

Aside from submitting your own work, you can also read, comment, and rate other people’s submissions in the library. To read their stories, click on View All Submissions in any project’s page. Keep in mind that commenting and rating also has a deadline—you can only comment on projects that are still open for rating (listed under “Read and Review” in the main library page). You can always read all the projects’ submissions any time of the year, though. When you click on View All Submissions, you will see the first submission for that project. You can read it and then rate it from the drop-down menu below the story.

All entries can be rated from 0 (invalid/off-topic) to 10. Please don’t give 0 unless the story really is invalid (not according to guidelines) or off-topic. If a zero rating has been mistakenly given, the Head of the Library department will delete your rating and comment. The ratings are automatically tallied by the system and will determine how many points the writer gets after the rating/commenting period is closed. This means that the higher your story’s overall rating is, the more points will be awarded to you.

Also, commenting is mandatory in all projects. This means that all ratings without comments will also be deleted. Please make your comments as polite and tasteful as possible; constructive criticism is welcomed, just saying that the story is ‘not good enough’ without providing a reason is not. Try to write something that will be helpful to the writer and remember that you’d want others to comment on your story in the same way too.

EXTRA NOTE: Please keep in mind that HOL caters to a wide range of ages and a wide array of nationalities. Not all of us are writers (beginning or professional, at that), and not all of us speak English as our first language. Do not assume that we are professionals in that respect. Ratings and comments are all well and good, and constructive criticism works just fine. But please don't tell people they need to learn how to write. That isn't just unconstructive; that's also just plain rude.

To read the next entries just click on the numbered area at the bottom of the project’s page. After the rating period is over, which is usually 2 weeks after the submission’s deadline, every library visitor will see the project writer’s name and house, their overall rating and the points awarded for the story.

Important note: HOL Library administration can flag an entry as invalid at any point:

Flag submission as invalid

- removes submission, no Points given or taken

Flag submission as inappropriate and take 5 Points

- removes submission, 5 Points penalty for the student for breaking the HOL rules

Flag this submission as inappropriate, take 30 Points and ban user from the Library

- removes submission, 30 Points penalty for the student for breaking the HOL rules, and ban them from using the Library.

Book Writing Project

The book writing project is located here: It’s a collaborative project that’s open to all HOL members to write the contents of the books listed on the main page. You can read the details of the project in the Rules section. To claim a chapter to write in one of the books, simply click on Claim Chapter beside the book’s title. Not all books will be open for chapter claims; as you can see some will have the word Locked on them, this means someone’s already working on its newest chapter. Note that you can only claim 3 chapters at most at a time. From then on you can start writing each chapter, preferably sooner rather than later because if you claim a chapter too long and never submit it, your claim will be taken away and the chapter will be open for claims again.

Once you’re ready to submit your chapter, just click on Submit, choose the right book title, and then submit the chapter. Your submission will then be reviewed by the Editors and if it’s approved will appear within the book. Once one chapter of yours has been approved, you can claim another one. The Book Writing Project is open all-year round so you can always submit chapters at any time (during summer, however, HOL points cannot be awarded so they will be given to you once the new term starts). To read the books that have been completed, find them under the Completed tab in the main page. To read any of the books that are still open for chapter submissions, just click on its title.

HOL Library Administration:
Head: Prof. Ulol Kimil (pr_esc)
Deputy Head: Prof. Cassandra Lobiesk (pr_lob)

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