“Or perhaps in Slytherin, you’ll make your real friends, those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends”.


Head of House
Prof. Ashlee Sully

Deputy Head of House
Prof. Daphne Marin-Booth

Prof. Lorelei Lovegood-Snape
Prof. Saeir Darr

Head Prefects
Daphne M. Marin

Aidan Argent
Alaia Logan
Ariel Kingston
Justine Provencal
Sirithre Leylnn

Promising Students
Promising Students (PS) are “Prefects in Training” who have shown potential in the House, and have the possibility of one day becoming a Prefect. PS are hand-picked by the Slytherin staff based on their activeness, helpfulness and progress in the house.

Students are invited to apply for a position every year in September, with selections taking place in January. Students must be a member of HOL and Slytherin for one term before they can apply.

PS is an internal position only, and you must be a PS before you can become a Prefect.

The Slytherin Common Room, aka the Dungeons (http://dungeons.org.uk/forum)
The Dungeons is our main ‘stomping’ ground and here you can find plenty of things to keep you occupied including: summer workshops, a welcoming committee, a book club, photography club and our biggest attraction, the arcade which is full of fun games for you to play. Students should check the Dungeons regularly for announcements and new activities.

The Slytherin IRC Channel
Our official IRC channel is #slytherin. If you need assistance setting up access to IRC please visit the Dungeons and locate our “IRC Workshop” or contact one of your friendly Slytherin Prefects.

We also have a dedicated quidditch channel #slythquid for those interested in playing.

The IRC channel is a highly recommended form of communication in HOL where you can chat with your fellow housemates. Drop by when you have the chance!

Scales – aka Slytherin Activity Points
As we can’t award HOL points for inner-house activities, we have developed our own points system called “scales”. Scales can be awarded for a huge number of things and the person with the most scales receives an award for their HOL profiles. You can find more information on scales, and see who is winning here (link: http://dungeons.org.uk/scales.html).

The SerpenTimes (http://serpentimes.org)
The SerpenTimes is the House newspaper which features reviews, interviews, riddles, puzzles, short stories and much more! You don’t have to be an ST staff member to submit articles – in fact, any student or Professor in HOL can write for us. For more information on the SerpenTimes please visit the website or contact the current Editor, Megaera Selwyn.

Slythmas is the most exciting time in Slytherin and is our official month of celebrations in HOL. During the month of December the common room will be transformed into a winter wonderland with loads of activities including Secret Snake, Tree Decorations, colouring-in and much more! It’s a great month so be sure to participate in the activities we bring to you in December (you’ll even receive scales for doing so!).

Adopt a Hatchling
Our Adopt a Hatchling program has been re-introduced this year to help new students in Slytherin find their feet. If you’re new to the House, or would just like some guidance, please contact Kent Avery who will assign you a mentor. Older students who are interesting in being mentors can also contact Kent.

This is just a very brief overview of what HOL Slytherin has to offer you. Be sure to explore the common room as much as you can, you’ll find heaps of helpful information here and make some great friends.

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