Located on the west side of Hogwarts, Ravenclaw Tower holds the Ravenclaw common room and dormitories. Otherwise known as The Roost, HOL’s Ravenclaw Common Room is a place for all Eagles to relax and enjoy themselves.

While anyone in HOL can register an account on the Roost, it is important that all Ravenclaw students do so. The Roost is a source for information about happenings in Ravenclaw, contests that are for Eagles only, a place to role-play, play games, or have discussions and debates about numerous topics. To register an account you must be a member of HOL and you must use your full HOL name. The Roost administrators (Prof. Rhiannon Llewellyn, Prof. Cassandra Lobiesk, Prof. Mark Mandrake, Prof. Scarlet Leslie, Prof. Ulol Kimil or Kyrie Adderholt) will verify your account, and then you are free to roam the Roost! The Roost is divided into different sections in order to facilitate easy use, learning and navigation.

The Roost
This is the area for up-to-date information on the happenings in Ravenclaw. Important announcements and messages can be found in The Perch; the Ravenclaw Blog is updated monthly by Prefects and Reserves with everything you need to know about Ravenclaw’s news and HOL news; if you’re new you can check out Ravenclaw Orientation and Adopt-an-Eaglet to help you find your way around; there are also places for discussion, birthdays, classes, student notices and activities for Eagles.

On The Branches
This area of the Roost is divided into four nests and students are put into a nest depending on the first letter of their first name. We have:

- Terra (led by Silmarien SzilagyiRyan Granger) for A-D

- Aer (led by Matilde Rayne and Arielle Lemoyne) for E-K

- Ignis (led by Kyrie Adderholt) and Amy Lupin for M-R.

- Aqua (led by Edmund Smethwyck and Scarlet Irisa for S-Z.

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