House Administration
Prof. Anya Chutney (Head of House)
Prof. Felicia Hartwick (Deputy Head of House)
Prof. Cosmo B. Mott (Deputy Head of House)

House Professors
Prof. Anne Damhsoir
Prof. Danya Amaritu
Prof. Esmerelda Knotwise
Prof. Opal Dragonfly
Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

Former House Professors
Prof. Angelus Darklost
Prof. Ceit Uiseag
Prof. Dom Gaidan
Prof. Gaius Scycis
Prof. Manda Noodle
Prof. Oliva Rictusempra
Prof. Sollarna Fumbleknot
Prof. Wastl Hanfstaengl

Current Prefects:
Katelin Ross
Kath Snape
Neville Prongs
Rorey Padfoot
Zoki Phantom

Post Graduates
Askeron Kyle
Belle Black
Cosmo Brown (promoted to staff, changed name to Prof. Cosmo B. Mott)
Emma Pacifica
Felicia Hartwick (promoted to staff)
Marie Alexander
Tarma Black (promoted to staff, changed name to Prof. Tarma Amelia Black)

House Cup Winners for SIX years

House Areas:
Hufflepuff Common Room
The Hufflepuff Common Room, known as the Sett (as this is the term Badgers call their home), is the area for all of the House students. There are areas where HOL members of other Houses are welcome to visit, too. Come play the games in The Fireside, role-play in Once Upon a Time, or work on the monthly challenges in Department of Huffle Games and Sports sections.

The Hufflepuff Website
The Hufflepuff website is currently under construction, but does include some (very) basic information on it.

The Hufflepuff Library
Like the website, the Hufflepuff Library is in the middle of restructuring right now. Once it is complete it will constantly added with new material and as well as contain the archives as well. The library orignially opened in October of 2005; the new Alektaia Khalikiope Memorial Library opened in honor of her dedication and service to HOL.

History of Hufflepuff
HOL Hufflepuff began with Professor Elrond as its Head in June, 2001.

In November 2002, Professor Alicia Stirringstone (or Stirry) replaced Professor Elrond.

May 2003, saw Professor Solarna Fumbleknot (Fumbly) as the new Head of Hufflepuff House. Fumbly added her own wonderful brand of delicious silliness until August of 2004 when she was called away for personal reasons.

Professor Olivia Rictusempra was then appointed as the new shiny Head of House. She received the Rake of Pain and Bossy Muffin from Fumbly and used them justly, when needed. (She also rode one of the fastest brooms on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team and scored many Badger points.)

The lovely and talented Professor Anya Chutney worked hard as Hufflepuff's Deputy Head of House until Professor Olivia Rictusempra was called away to do work outside of HOL.

Professor Anya Chutney is currently Hufflepuff Head of House. She keeps in touch with Professor Olivia Rictusempra for pointers on using the Bossy Muffin and Rake of Pain. Anya can be found at all hours in the Kitchens, baking up goodies for the staff and students.

Together with a dozen amazing Professors and superb Prefects, Hufflepuff House is a wonderful and excitingly fun-filled place to gather.

Hufflepuff Magazine
The Wizarding Times is the Hufflepuff magazine. We try to publish at least every other month.

ALL HOL students are welcome to participate! We give points for articles, fiction, poetry, graphics, and columns.

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