The Gryffindor Common Room is the heart and soul of the house. This is where Gryffindors get to know each other, participate in activities, relax in the Haiku Zen Garden and help plot pranks against the Professors. We hope that all Gryffindors will join us.

When you first arrive at the Common Room, you will need to register for your account with your full HOL name (IE: Rob Black - not Rob or RobBlack or Rob-Black). Your information will be verified against HOL records (HOL student name and email address) before it will be validated, so make sure you use a valid, up-to-date email when you register. Please be patient as it can take a few days for validation to occur.

The Gryffindor Website contains information about our House (FAQs, meeting logs, awards cabinet, etc), and we encourage all Gryffindors (and other houses) to check it out. It is maintained by Prof. Dario Sehovic.


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