General Limit

The general limit (maximum) for any individual points award (also negative points) is 100 points. No single award should go beyond that limit, also not artificially split up into two or more awards. Monthly limits are not affected by this rule.

Class Work, Assigments, Exams

No single submission of anything class-related should go beyond 30 Points. Or in other words, the maximum points you can award to a student for one homework, exam or extra work project is 30 Points. If a class does not provide enough assignments or points opportunities to reach the term limit of 300 Points per student, then this rule is still in effect. There are no exceptions.

Term Limits

There is a limit of 300 Points per term and student for class work related house points. The sum of all points awarded to a single student in one class during a term can not go beyond that. Points submissions that would go beyond the term limit are automatically reduced or rejected.

Class Assistant Points

A class assistant can earn a maximum of 50 points per term for helping a professor with administrative work. A class assistant does not have to be a member of this class and these assistant points do not count to the term limit if they are a class member.

Student Teachers

Student teachers can earn up to 100 points per term per class taught.

last changed: December 28, 2006 by pr_dyb