All Quidditch Points are awarded as 'Team Points', which means that the house multiplier is not used to adjust these points.

Game Points

The final score of every match will be added as house points for both teams. For example: In the first match of HOL 2002/03 Hufflepuff beat Gryffindor 160-150. Hufflepuff got 160 points, Gryffindor got 150 points. These points were awarded as TEAM POINTS for each house, so they were not added to a particular student's account.

MVP Award

The Quidditch MVP Award is worth 25 House Points and will be added to the winners' personal accounts as Team Points. It can be awarded to one or more players involved in the match.

The MVP award (Most Valuable Player) goes to a player who has particularly impressed the judges in each match. The decision is made purely on a subjective basis - the judges decide who they think in particular deserves that distinction on that day. Judges are not under any circumstances to be called to account for their votes.

The award is discussed in a private channel. The log of this private conversation to anyone may not be disclosed to anyone. For the MVP discussion, people not involved in the MVP decision will be asked to leave the channel.

The following judges decide the MVP: the present members of the HOL Quidditch Board and the two referees from that match. In the event that one or more of the Quidditch Board cannot be present to help chose, match neutral students or staff (ie., members of the two houses not involved in the match) may be asked to stand in.

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